Soft prisoner

She led me to a huge bed, which occupied most of the bedroom. The bed was covered with a soft fluffy blanket with a long nap. Over it lay countless all shapes and sizes of velvet cushions, and two huge pillows of thin brown fur dressing. The hostess took out a large wardrobe of women's trousers surprisingly soft and delicate tissue, and began to put them on me. When she pulled my leg trouser legs, I noticed that they were not simple. soft cushion in the form of a pocket was sewn inside the member's level. Hostess bared the head of my cock and gently put her entire term in the pocket of his trousers so that he found himself sandwiched between two pads. Delicate fabric gently hug the head and penis, leading me to a slight excitement. Just below the pads in the pants sticking thin pink ribbon. Hostess pulled for it. The fabric at the bottom of trousers began to collect in an accordion, forming something in the form of a bag. Before I knew it, my eggs were in captivity soft. Pulling up to the end on my trousers, my tormentor was satisfied.
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- Climb on the bed and lay down on one of the big pillows, - said the hostess, and she came to the door, someone called out.
Came into the room young girl good-looking. She was dressed, as well as the hostess in the thick long coat and a soft apricot color. On her feet she had soft white socks.
- This is my assistant, to call her today will be Lily - I introduced the hostess was incorporated Woman - and with it we hope porazvleksya with your help.
Lily put a second pillow fur just below the first, and the hostess told me to lie down on their face to the bottom, so that my head is located on the first and the second should be located and my thighs are in a soft captivity my balls and cock. I lay down, as I have indicated. Gentle fur embraced my face.
From pillows came a light smell of urine. I took a deep breath and felt that I had dizzy from the smell. Member began to fill with blood and grow. The trousers, or rather in the pocket, where the term was, it was crowded and hot. Soft tissue is denser hugged the head, enhancing pleasurable sensations.
Lily, who had already climbed on the bed, put her hands on my ass, wrapped in a thick, soft trousers, and began to press and release it. My hips were buried in the fur cushion, then went upstairs again. The term in the pants began to move and rub against the soft cushions. My head was spinning, his breathing deep and even. Lili, throw me through one leg, sat on my ass and started jumping up and down on it, as if she was sitting on a limb. The pressure on my dick, wedged between the cushions, intensified. Fluffy pillows and soft cloth trousers pleasantly tickled the whole body and genitals. I was on top of bliss.
After two minutes of racing, I felt that my rider a Busy. Then he rushed to the aid of the hostess. I climbed onto the bed, she threw off her robe. She wore the same trousers hedgehog, like me. After removing them, she lifted my head and put it on his trousers. Cushion trousers appeared in front of my nose and mouth. A strong smell of female genital hit me in the nose. Hostess tightly pressed trousers and began to carry her pillow wet with secretions from my face. After a minute I began to fuss finish.
Strong convulsions tie up my body. Legs tightened, and sperm became a powerful impetus released into the trousers. I finished a long and stormy. Pretty woman watching my orgasm. Finally, d¸rnuvshis, the last time I stood completely exhausted.
The hostess and Lily began to take off my pants. One head, one with an ass. Lily took the trousers, which I came, and began to twist them inside out so that the pads were drenched with sperm outside. The hostess put her head on Lily's thigh, and she began to smear sperm on girlfriend's face. Soft pads trousers, heavily soaked with my sperm, slid across the face of pretty woman. It was clear that the hostess was very agitated. She frantically clenched and unclenched hips, breathing heavily and unevenly, and uttered some incomprehensible words. I have regained consciousness, and sprawled on the soft blanket, watching the women. Lily, interrupting his occupation, looked at me, and smiled slyly, leaned over the face of the hostess. With lips Lily fell large drops of saliva and hit on the upper lip of the half-open mouth hostess. We see that she was trying to get into her mouth, but missed. Then, without thinking twice, Lily pad trousers held on the upper lip and sent them into the open mouth hostess, who moaned and pushes her hips even more. Lily's eyes pointed at the perineum and the hostess asked me to help her. I immediately understood everything and, legs apart, lowered his head between his thighs hostess. The crotch of a woman has been clean-shaven, swollen vagina lips, parted to the side, and between them could be seen the purple head of the clitoris. The vagina was all wet. I tip of his tongue touched the clitoris. Strong legs cramp gripped mistress so that my mouth went into the vagina, and began to rub the nose of the soft swollen lips. More hostess would not let go of my head until I had finished. Ends it is surprisingly quiet, just squeezed her hips, quiet and small tremors shook her body. The person my everything became wet with secretions from the vagina. When the owner set me free, I leaned back on the pillow, and trousers became mistress to wipe his face.
Soft fabric, glides across the face and the smell of the perineum, which is exuded my face again aroused me. Member stiffened again and stuck like a wooden one.
After a short break, during which the hostess said she always wanted to have children. But it was impossible, and offered to play the daughters and mothers. Daughter, of course, chose me and Lily's mother. I was again wearing trousers but this time Rented. Women spread a soft blanket, which was covered with a bed, and laid me on it, wrapped like a baby breast-tightly tied colored ribbons. Blanket, except that it was very soft, it was still very warm. This I felt as soon as the woman tied to me. Attempt to release at least a hand was unsuccessful. I found myself in a soft captivity, and then everything will depend on my mistresses.