Fatal Dnyuha

The day seemed frantic in the morning. So many things had to be done, and as an assistant to me there was only one friend. We have the whole day getting ready for the celebration because I ispolnilos17 .... In the evening we were very tired. but at the table to behave with vigor and fun ...
After "banquet" We walked in a disco in the bar, and then Anne offered me his help, such as clean up and wash the dishes ... Well mom I have just been in the country. In general, I thought about it and agreed, and that's great chat, and tomorrow everything will wash and tidy. In general, we came home. First we ate, and then decided to open a bottle of champagne .. For the birthday girl. We were sitting at the TV.
They drank and chatted shampusik .. Basically that is hard to find a kid, and so on. D. Anne is very pretty girl, we always carry with her time. And then we got to talking about sex and decided to watch porn. Yes, and kassetki I found nothing))) In general, first we laughed .. uncomfortable like somehow. And then silence. I sat quietly and thought that just explode. From champagne to the body went warm. And at the bottom was burning ....
- It would not hurt the boy is now, - he said I thought aloud.
Annie turned and said softly, with a smile:
- Yeah..
And then I have changed if I sat her on the couch. And I touched her hand. She only turned back to face me. I want it !!! What she could not take it anymore ... We have become wildly kissing. I was lying on her and she was bleeding too ...... like I'm a little scared .. You never this has not happened. I undressed almost completely, remaining only in shorts. But she was completely naked. I began to kiss her breasts. The nipples immediately became hard and out of her mouth pulled out a soft moan. I slowly began to descend. When I reached the stomach, then she started! But I reassured her by saying:
- You'll like it?
She lay quietly. And then I got to the innermost village. Her clit is already "standing" and all the pussy was wet. I quickly and eagerly began to lick her. She moaned at first, but then ..... Then she almost screaming start. From this I have absolutely blown away. I sat pussy on her face. She understood me and started licking my clit inexperienced. I just went crazy. Hands I'm crumpling his chest and moved to the beat of her tongue. Then she said:
- Can che a try?
And she went ...
...Came with a comb ... well this circular for a hair dryer (it has since then handle anything ..))) In general, she put it to me in pisyulku and began to move it back and forth. I almost immediately came. Then we changed. after all this we still lick a little bit from each other and I sat her pussy on her ... (She had all unshaven and the feeling of her hairs I do all burned more). I began to fidget on it and so we accelerate to a wild degree ... and then it was so good .. come clitoral orgasm. She got up and ran to the bathroom. But I wanted more. And I picked up the pillow. She sat on it and began to fidget as well. I felt good about 30 seconds after she came in and said she wanted more ..... So we had all night and eblis, and the next day, slept until the evening ....
Sorry, dishes ...)))