Short Stories: The Snow Maiden, As a woman made me a girl

I was walking a lady after a Christmas party. I was drunk, Strood stood on their feet, and not thinking. Not far from the house I was stopped by a man unknown to me. Before it melted pretty young boy who did not realize there is almost nothing bad knowing what they are doing with him. He took me and dragged. I did not even realize what was happening. Passers-by saw the man went to the young, handsome guy and dragged him somewhere. I vaguely remember a guy I started the apartment. There he me into the bedroom and started the column. I did not resist. Then he put me in the costume of the Snow Maiden, and laid on the bed and began vsuvat his penis in my mouth. I spit out, but he went on and after five minutes I involuntarily began to suck. I was very drunk, so just stupidly sucking his cock.
Then he pulled up the hem of my dress and Snow Maiden became dumb fuck me in the ass. Thus he just raped me, to make me a girl. In the morning I woke up and could not understand what was happening, where I am, and why I was in the women's Bele. I was approached by an unknown man, for years it was about my father. He gave me a hangover. - You're not a guy and a girl! - What ? Who are you? Fuck you. -Who am I ? I am the one who is the bad boy done good and docile "girl." Now you my dear Piedra. And that's what I'll tell you look at the court. And he turned on the telly, I was there, I was there as a whore fucked, I suck dick at this guy. Hops went head sobered up, although the hangover made itself felt, headache. -And What do you want? What do you want some of me? - That's what I wanted it for you, I have received, and you did not complain when I fucked you. - No, you raped me and you is not so easy to pass! - Yes ? And what you do girl? You claim that you raped a man? So go I will not hold. But where I actually go in the women's underwear, raped, and even the video compromising. He noticed that I was nervous and scared. Yes, I was afraid of everything so that no one knew the man was afraid, afraid of what he might do to me now. - Yes, you're right, my "girl" now you're in my hands. And if you do not budish obey me, then you know what can happen. Photos and videos will be on the internet at the institute where you study and where you live. So think better! He caught me and I could not do nothing.
He gave me another vodka hangover. His head began spinning again. He pushed me on the bed, I fell on my back. He lay down on me and began pulling up the hem of her dress. I instinctively as the girl walked down the hem. And then he got a slap. - You bitch, you will start again stubborn and I will do what he said, and changed not care, I'll find another whore pozgovorchivee. But how are you going to live on when everyone will know everything ??? And I stopped resisting. He put my legs on his shoulders and began to fuck me. Then he made him to suck and he finished in my mouth. I would vyplenut, but the man ordered me to swallow it. Now I completely became a girl. Then he gave me my things, said that his name is Igor Dmitreevich and that he would call me Snow Maiden. He took my phone number and let me go, knowing full well that I'm nowhere now is not going anywhere. And then I learned that the second day was recorded. And now I could not say that I'm drunk on video. On the new record to be seen because I have given myself to him.
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As a grown woman made me a girl
Knowing everything that happened to me "Aunt Ola" It was not hard to get me to continue to get used to the role of the girl. I had to call her tłtły Olły, and she called me Tanya. So I became her niece. She understood at once Dole would not tolerate any public objections. Aunt Olya bought for me a lot of things, but for the girls. - Forget that you were a boy, now you're a girl, get used to women's clothes. She bought me a wig and a bra lazhila foam. In the early days it just raped me neskulku hours a day. My ass was moaning in pain, I tried to fight a little bit, but it quickly when it whipped, and forced me to express itself in the feminine gender.
She taught me to cook, wash, clean and have grown my hair like a girl. Every night she fucked me, it is rare when I did not ebala. One day, Ole Aunt came to visit her friend from out of town. Looks like she was aware of me, "niece". -Poznakomsya Tanya, this Aunt Vera, I wrote a lot about you to her, and she came to meet you. I already knew why she had come, and what will happen next. And I was not mistaken. The apartment has two bedrooms and Aunt Vera was left in my room. I sat in the room getting ready for bed when Aunt Vera ordered to go to her and get on your knees. I obeyed and knelt down. She was unceremoniously lifted her dress themselves, where there were no cowards and ordered to lick her pussy. Then she told me to dress up in maid costume. Dressed currently strap, put me cancers pose and began to fuck. - And you're a really good girl.
She has one hand crumpling my eggs and a member, and the other was holding me by the hair. Then we went to bed together. On the morning of Aunt Olga told me that I was going because the food in the two weeks to Aunt Vera. - Things do not take it, sakzala Aunt Vera. We leave tomorrow morning. All evening Aunt Olya fucked me. In the morning we went to Aunt Vera to her in her car. We arrived late at night, drove to a private house and drove to the garage. We went to the house where I was stripped and I stayed in a nightgown, socks and apron. In the living room where we were with Aunt Vera came out a man. -Poznakomsya Is Uncle Edward! - Hello, Tanya! Come on, I want to talk to you. I obediently went with him into the room. Entering the room, he pulled the pants and told me that I took his penis in her mouth. Then he nachel fuck me in different poses. When he had finished, Aunt Vera came and took me to another room, where I was licking her pussy. Then she began to fuck me threesome in different poses. The next day I slept as much tired. But as soon as I got up I started the Uncle Edward to his room. Besides him there was another man. And here they are, two adult man began to fuck me a little "girl."
One fucked me in the ass other in the mouth, and then they changed, putting me in different poses. And all this time they were filming taking place in the video. Several times I was forced to dress in sexy costume, I was the maid, the little girl schoolgirl, the sex slave. In the evening came Aunt Vera with a friend, and I had to satisfy them. I was not the only "girl" but I made a sex slave. All two weeks I have had the full program. Then Aunt Vera took me back to Aunt Olga. I had grown accustomed to that I have a "girl." - Well, as Congress? How do you like sex lesson with Aunt Vera, she taught you nothing either novamu? - Yes aunt. - Then tell me who you are? - I am your "girl" sex slave, your sex toy, and you my lady, my "aunt." - Well done, I finally raised you. - Yes, my Lady, I am your humble slave, and you can do with me anything you want! Then Aunt Olga a couple of times gave me their friends friends. Who used me as a sex slave. It's been more than a year I lived with "Aunt Olga." I'm used to the role of women, and is now considered herself a girl, and looked like a girl. After my aunt began to invite guests to adult males who wanted to "girl." So soon I got used to have sex with men and to fulfill all their fantasies sex.