Strict Alice

I am 15 years old. And my name is Alice. I have brown hair and breasts second razmera. We live with his parents in a country cottage, and since our house is large, it once in three days, she comes clean 20 years. It earns us, as you know, the country is no work. Usually, it is removed in the absence of parents, while my father at work, and my mother goes somewhere with her friends in the cabins.
One day, as usual, I did my homework, until she heard a loud clang. I went out into the corridor and saw that Kate, as she was called, defeated the huge doroguschy vase, which my father brought back from Greece. She was confused and was in complete shock. Her slender fingers trying to pick up the pieces. Her lips begged not to tell their parents about it, because it never will pay for such a thing.
- Hmm, do you think they will not notice?
- Please do not tell.
Then my mind flashed a bold idea, which has slipped exciting lump in the abdomen.
- Well, I tell my parents that it was my mother's favorite vase broke Terrier playing, but in this case I myself will punish you: do you agree?
- How do you want to do this, she asked haltingly.
- Voporyu you baby. And from now on you must call me at "You".
- Do not, I beg you.
- And you have a choice?
Alternatives she really was, and Kate agreed sadly. In her eyes was fear and hatred that now the little girl will do, what not to do with Kate even her parents. I invited her to his room and forced to undress completely.
- But why is this?
- You want me to disobey? Then mom and dad know everything.
She quietly and obediently took off her blouse, skirt and bra. And do not dare to pull down her panties, covering her breasts with one hand.
- Take your hands away, I ordered an imperious tone. I was very involved in the role and now realized that it is completely in my power, and I can do whatever I want. So, I have fulfilled my long-cherished fantasy to my virgin pussy lick girl.
She pulled off her panties, and put her head down. She had a slender long legs and small breasts, but with large nipples. I told her to lie down on the bed, belly down. Tears already were coming to her eyes. I gave her a small pillow, so she planted her pussy on his own. So her ass was higher and it was better to see her charms. I pulled his leather belt. Besides the fact that it was wide enough, he was sharp crystals.
I waved and slapped. Her ass was a red mark and stains from rhinestones. They were sharp and literally dug into it. At first I smacked it slowly, letting the pain does go, but then became more and more frequent. She could not hold back the tears and crying. I smacked her ass as long as it does not become red, burning. Kate lay exhausted and swallowed tears. I'm not giving her time to recover, he tied her legs outstretched, on the edges of the bed. She realized what had happened and started screaming that I do, and if I mocked enough. I only silence hit her hand on her ass. She groaned and fell silent.
And I'm his fingers became especially rough caress her pussy that she has begun to flow.
- What are you, that is you do? Do not do it, Please.
- Come on, do this slut like you do not give me a fuck? And I abruptly entered two fingers into her.
She squirmed in shame, but I could not help it. I took a bottle of hairspray.
- If you do not now, groveling, begging to fuck you, as a last whore, I'm here in this vsazhu your ass untouched.
- Do not, do not.
I brought it to her anus, and was ready to shove, breaking her her round ass.
- Fuck me please, I'm a slut, whore fuck.
I stabbed her in the pussy, which was first torn from a large bottle, but she had nowhere to go, and I told her to go to meet him. For her little kitty it was too much, and it was very painful. But it was a penalty, so I did not regret Katya.
- And you're not touched ass, bitch?
- Yeah.
I took out the nail and abruptly put her ass finger without any lubricant. She screamed. Then I entered the second and third. She was writhing. And it is still red ass, so I excited. Then I took a marker from his desk and fuck it to them. Katherine did not resist, but the tears streaming down her face.
I untied her legs, and I said that I left the last and if it is done well, I'll let her. I told her to get up. I shamelessly once considered her figure and my hands themselves drawn to her small breasts, I strongly squeezed her, watching as her pain.
Then I grabbed her long hair and put on her knees, and she took off her shorts and panties and sat on the edge of the bed.
- And now you tell me polizhesh bitch, and do it properly. It is in your best interest.
Her eyes lit up hatred, and she wanted to get out and get away, but I held her firmly by the hair and forced her face pulled up to his current pussy and pressed it strongly.
She timidly kissed my clitoris and slowly timid movements tried to do something, but then realized that it would be released soon, we have to work diligently. And it has become perfectly cope with the task. I tried all the harder to press her face. Her tongue ran from the slits of my clitoris very quickly, and it was maddening. Very quickly I started shaking from orgasm.
I let her get dressed, Nona said goodbye, she would have to repeat it again to a broken vase nobody knew. And the next time Kate had to clean in a short skirt and no panties.
Here, Kate realized that fell into sexual slavery me a little horny girl.