Olya sat on a seat in the shower cabin legs spread wide, and with force drive in your vagina big, solid, rubber vibrator, which is held with two hands. All this was accompanied by the sounds of squelching vagina and groans of the woman. Ole was thirty-seven years. But for his age, it seemed a good idea. On the belly is not one folds. Wrinkles on the face and on the body, no. Small breasts with brown nipples pert upright. Carefully manicured pubic, genital slit with large fleshy labia, slender legs. The last six months have every morning Oli began with the soul and the attached orgasms. A year Olya agony of abstinence, when the husband has left, and then began to masturbate in the morning, but it was not enough to help recently. After orgasm appeared repulsive feeling of wanting immediately after five minutes of bliss. Masturbation does not bring Ole nothing but suffering aching pussy. All day at work went with Olga soaked panties, and will not fall in the morning papillae, threatens to tear her blouse, the vagina was very unpleasant feeling of emptiness, my head was spinning. Wet panties when walking rubbed on the perineum, forcing all thoughts, again and again, to return to the sexual mainstream. But it will be then, and now with one hand while holding a vibrator, the other caressing the clitoris. Fast agile fingers puffy lips vtopili already inside, and their middle brother began to walk on the swollen clit and nearly fell out.
Olya pubis rubbing in a circular motion it made him shudder and send signals to the lustful expiring hole, which is now rhythmically drilled vibrator. In recent years it has become a dream. And fantasies were lesbian content. She was already mentally lifted the hem of his robe his sister Tanya, and now rubbed her face against the velvet feet. In my thoughts reaching the pubis Thani, Olga began to lick plump pubis sister. Her hands have earned faster Olya moaned with pleasure, and began to climb into the vibrator cunt even deeper. In the brain, its language has already walked the delicate lips sex his sister, but in reality a member tapped the plastic cockpit in tact masturbating movements.
Fantasia once again did not disappoint Olga. After a couple of minutes after the light image of the crotch-Thani was repeatedly licked from the navel to the anus, a vibrator has reached the most intimate part of the vagina, and Olga became violently down. The leg rests on the cabin wall, slightly bent at the knee, as if spitted Olya on dildo on which long ago flowed thick blond drops. The woman gritted her teeth and made a last lascivious gesture stuck the nail of the index finger right in the center of the clitoris. Accustomed, for six months, ending quietly, Olga moaned and breathing heavily, experiencing such long-awaited and necessary seconds of ecstasy. Finally, the last orgazmozaryazhenny proton ran through her body. Olya vibrator freed from its burrow, and then breathed deeply and slipped his back against the wall, being on his heels.
Arriving at work, she saw her sister Tanya, greeted her, and has already passed the office blushed for his recent thoughts. Closer to lunch dissatisfaction came back again ache vagina, and all sorts of thoughts flashed in my head. After lunch came Tanya and said that he would come to visit, since her husband went to booze with friends and is only at night. His head whirled Oli thought.
When I got home the first thing she took a bath. Then he took out a razor. Upcoming big job. Olga began to armpits, then moved to the legs and, finally, a sly smile to herself in the mirror, began to lather pubis. When the pubic and perineal no trace of hair, flushed skin lubricated Olga cosmetic milk. Completely naked Olga gracefully marched to the bedroom, and dumped on the bed the whole box of their intimate belongings and spent half an hour for their exciting collated. She picked up the clothes, putting on one thing after another, combining clothes and jewelry. Woman has rejected several combinations of different colors, finding them too old-fashioned. She stopped on the following subjects toilet: bra, stockings, a black belt and a beautiful, very high white stockings that reach up to the groin. Completed outfit favorite silk robe a pleasant shade of blue. Remembering the love Thani to champagne Olya going into the kitchen and opened the fridge took a bottle of champagne, vodka and a syringe using a syringe she poured a number of vodka in champagne.
Tanya came at seven o'clock, Olya by this time set the table, putting "charged" a bottle of champagne. Olga opened the champagne and poured herself and Tanya.
- Offer brotherhood!
Sisters drank and kissed on the lips, not giving time to recover Tanya, Olya poured a full wine glass.
- Repeat. And then a glass of sweet Tanya felt dizzy and weak. She was very sensitive to alcohol. Sister no signs of life, in addition to smooth deep breathing. Olga waited another half a minute. Then gently pulled her sister's elbow - Tanya did not react. Olga grew bolder, and lifting his sister's hand, let her go - no emotion. Tanya asleep, intoxicated ruthless solution lesbian-sister love. And then Olga relaxed!
She suddenly realized that all this time, her crotch was wildly excited. Olga tore off her robe and panties. Left completely naked, woman, still trying not to move very quickly, slid to the floor. Tearing clothes with Tanya Olya began to look at it, it is very accessible and seductive Tanya is now lying in front of her. Olga looked at his sister unable to tear his gaze from her coveted. It turned out that Olga not imagine where to start and do something. She was ready to kiss and zalaskat sister. All completely and every place separately. Olya quietly started, the hand stroking her left breast Thani. Oddly enough, alcohol is not dulled action erogenous zones, and the nipple has long stood brave soldier. - Come on! I know you will not take offense at me - whispered finally Olya and rushed to the mouth pink cranberries. O Lord! As I experienced Olga, when the nipple of her sister turned out to be completely on her tongue ?! She seemed to have gone mad! However, in so doing, it greatly helped the knee-Thani, who never straightened and now rests directly Ole pubis. But still! When Olga leaned forward, wanting to reach his lips to the nipple, Tatiana leg slipped into the space between the thighs namaslennoe sister. Just I kept my mouth busy woman from the monstrous moan of pleasure and sensuality. She immediately jumped at the opportunity, his legs crossed and firmly holding the knee-Thani, and she began to move her ass back and forth, rubbing on your skin glowing clit. Not for a second without stopping vydrachivat that way, Olga is not detached from the nipple sister, as if trying to get from breast milk. However, it all ended very quickly. Moreover, it ended quite banal - crushing orgasm. Catching his breath, Olga decided to translate their imagination into reality. Olga, the first time in his life, in reality taken in the mouth of a woman totally kompleksuya, and immediately began to suck frantically Tannins charms. Then she had to work hard, but it did not scare her. Lethargy alcohol Thani body quite so good respond to petting. Sister for a long time did not receive any response, but Olga did not upset. Besides, she always felt the taste of grease oozing from the vagina, and it acted upon it as a great catalyst. But even without that Olga would not stop their lewd activities. From the first seconds of her brain attached to it forever. She did not even realize that this is what drew her to this process.
Tolley corporate smell fresh washed caves, toli sour taste selections ... even that felts. Just Olya knew it - her fate, her God, her life! And I did not understand why, but just completely surrendered to the religious rite. It probably took about twenty minutes, and finally the body of Tanya could not resist. No one could know that the dream in this moment of it, and if anything at all to her dream. But the fact remains - the hip sister suddenly tensed, breathing quickened, and she is short and fairly quietly gasped. Then shiver ran over her body, and then fell silent again, Tanya, and her breathing was restored. So, she did everything that she wanted. She has carried out the dream, so suddenly changed his addiction. Pot, creating the illusion of purification, dripping with Oli naked body, and she began to think quietly. Having laid in bed Tanya, Olya went to take a shower, and then slid his sister under blanket. Alcohol weathered and Tanya woke up before Olya asleep.
-Ol, and what happened to me? You just went to sleep, you do not mind that I went with you? No. - Tan, let me lie to you, I can not sleep, and one sad. Tanya was very excited, then that Olga took to orgasm Tanya when she was sleeping was not that it did not have a few movements. And so Tanya to your own shame was terribly excited, but her husband she did not have any partners, but it is not all allowed, as shy. But at the moment it has been wound up, and a pair of alcohol killed all modesty, and not realizing what she was saying he said:
- Give me your hand. Touch! Olin hand slipped between the legs of the sisters. He ran his fingers without feeling any resistance.
It was slippery and hot disclosed. Tanya moaned. Still, Ol! And the elder sister became a finger to stroke the sponge, slightly immersing it in a moist supple depth. The body tensed and Tanya in tact Olin movements, as if it sought to meet a finger. - Ol, deeper - Tanya whispered.
Sharp nail sometimes slipping and scratching the clitoris that Tanya gave even more pleasure. sister's body shook. - Ol, enough! Now I'll throw in the wall. Olya tigress ran into the bedroom and brought out a vibrator. Grope vagina Thani, carefully introduced to the rubber cock and slowly began to move.
- Deeper, I asked Tanya. Vibrator is already more than half gone deeper and met slight resistance, Tanya screamed and leaned toward her sister, herself spitted on the shaker. Olga waited a little and started to fuck my sister, all increasing and increasing pace. Soon, Tanya did not even moaned and screamed. She took her hands supporting legs and rubbing her clit with both hands. "Yes ... yes ... A-ah, sister rodnenky ... Fuck me ... faster ... In ... ... please ... Fuck me ... Fuck me, that I pussy week sick ... a-ah". Tanya felt the approach of orgasm and began to quickly stick on your hard vibrator. She shivered and she came with a hoarse groan. View graduating sister did the trick. Olya jerk jumped on his leg and sisters with great speed began to rub her clit on his thigh Thani. Finally, the strongest orgasm of both scattered on the bed. Tanya and lay on her side, with protruding from the vagina vibrator. For a while silence reigned.
- Well, you and nasilnitsa, Ol! - He held Tatiana, finally opening his eyes. - I have long since even a husband ... Yes, it's in you woke up?
- I do not know! - Guiltily admitted Olga. However, despite the fatigue and emptiness, the sisters experienced unprecedented satisfaction.
-Let's go take a shower. After adjusting the water sister climbed together in the cab and began soaping each other.
-Tan you masturbate? Tatiana burst into crimson paint only when the husband does not satisfy! In the bathroom, I lock myself and masturbate. And I'll be two years only and masturbate, Olga said. Look, Ol! Honestly. You masturbate because you like or because the man can not find? Well, I do, of course, like. And the men? In fact, they should be looking for us. Come on! - Masturbate, Tanya offered. From all this, Tanya was excited by the new and slid his palm to the clitoris. I can lick you! - A little louder than usual, and even once solemnly said Tanya. Kneeling, she felt her nipples began to touch the thighs sisters, and this sensation Tanya immediately closed her eyes became moist. Even without seeing anything, slightly tilting her head, getting his nose in the groin Oli, and parted lips at the same time felt the first touch of the clitoris desired. Tanya took the last breath, leaving the hot sweat on nursing pubic hair and making a little movement of her hands brusquely, she planted her mouth Olya's treasure. At first, Tanya could not concentrate on the sensations. The first ten seconds of it on a whim just drove tongue for a very small portion of the pussy that was in her mouth. Then Tatiana began to understand something. She noted that if the clitoris to push hard button, it starts to break out and very nice slides on the tongue. And if at the same time with the clitoris we let the tip of the tongue down - on the lips, then Olga immediately shudders across the ass. In addition, Tania began to feel quite distinctly tart taste of something viscous, flowing from the holes and chin smeared lips. The whole experience is so complex grabbed Tanya, her movements became faster and more confident. Olya slightly podmahivala hips toward lichiku sister, and she buries itself deeper into the soft spout slightly tanned skin. The unusual situation excited Olya or slightly less than Tanya affection, and so her vagina broke down and two minutes. Pretty loud moan, Olga lost coordination and released her second orgasm right on the sister language. Oli Body trembling, and in this passionate vibration, and she slid to the floor, right in just suck her sister. She wanted to thank the sister, Tanya She sat on the seat and spread her knees. Beautiful black clitoris straightened joy, and when Olga began stroking her thighs Tanya, nodding rhythmically with her hips, as if inviting her to action. Tanya herself something out there muttering, but Olga did not understand - what it is. She herself has long been shaken. Olga put her face close to the vagina and tannin made out a very large drop of grease, which rested in her mouth. A drop held only small wrinkles around the entrance to the vagina, but Olga did not allow to accumulate and develop into this treasure. She licked the selection, and then strongly embraced hip sisters and greedily clung to the clitoris. Force it is clearly not calculated. The first movement made up language Tanya arched and scream, and the second - down - made her start violently and loudly down.
After drinking tea in the kitchen, they discussed the future life.
- Now I suggest you folly - Olya said in a whisper, but if you do not accept it, I'll understand.
- What nonsense? - Tatiana asked distractedly, looking at her sister.
- Stupidity? - Olya looked at Tanya, come and join my daughter and your husband in our company, imagine how cool four of us will be, and then we fuck like two silly rubber toys!
- Well try can- handed Tanya. Let's start with Dimka, they decided. The next day was Independence Day, have decided to turn right, make a table, bought brandy, wine. Tanya night warned her husband that they go to his sister on holiday.
To be continued...