In the middle of the day when on the pre-turmoil, I had completely forgotten that tomorrow is a holiday, there was your call, I'll tell you honestly - I was not ready. Eilat ...
I never thought that you could ever go with me. Well, it sounds like a joke - they say - go to Eilat - cliche local Lovelace. It reminded me how once heard in Yerevan ekskalatore standing on the subway a man turned to the leggy blonde: "The girls! Come, I'll show you MORE!"
Which Eilat. What kind of holiday - here it is necessary to hand over the project. All all urgently, and, if possible, yesterday. And then there's a new list of defects and bugs ... Well, of course, on the last day. I hope I do not offend you by asking to call back, citing people tolpyaschiysya in the room. Not that I had someone bothered, just this time the reaction is let me down. So many times I dreamed of - you and me ... and the sea ...

They say the sea in Eilat is not, as here, it is similar to our Black Sea, transparent, deep and calm. Eilat. How? What? We had to ask once. Oh, no - nonsense - especially because I will not let anyone from work, my God - it's stupid what kind of work - the company is closed and it is the holidays. And then ask, so I'm waiting for this! Ahead of the holidays, but I thought I would spend them alone. All people go on holidays to relax, buy gifts, laughing. Is this feast of and for me to be "as people". It is interesting, we will portray a married couple .. Or is it does not matter - how and with whom you shoot Hotels - enough tact not to ask ..

Heart pounding. And it seems to have not had this call. Come call me .. I'm waiting. I wonder why I'm blushing ... Because no one knows what we are talking about you. Fortunately among programmers do not have to understand the Russian language.
Phone ... Yes ... Of course ... And you want all the time available? Where? In what time? Yes, I will. Yes, today I realized that not only bring holiday enjoyment, but also the preparation for it. I was putting things into a suitcase and represented, as I wear this dress translucent dark night, when we go down to the restaurant. Swimwear - where they are not needed since last year, I'm in them probably do not fit, and just like the cool water felt all over. Do not forget goggles (suddenly we get to the sea, or at least to the pool), a cap, although what is now Cap - I'm all sostrigla. Bathrobe, some take - white or pink? Yes, it looks like I was going on for ages - we'll stay there only holidays, but because the car driven by ...

At night, I could not sleep all imagine how you escaped - you once said that will never have that chance - to be alone, but still not for a couple of hours ... I do not want to know what you come up with - these are my feasts. Already well past midnight, but all is not a dream - all think - as it will be, and whether you like it to me. And if I can meet your expectations and fulfill your desires. Well I'm such a fool, if I'll sit there until morning then just fall asleep on the way.

Long live cool cloudless spring sky in Israel. There is probably no ugoglka on the globe where there were always a cloudless sky. As it is great - all the time to see the sun. Yes, it seems we were lucky with the weather ... After the summer in Eilat, just a roaster. Not yet, and seven in the morning - and I was sweating, no it is not the heat - it's just anxiety. Sunglasses are not forgotten, underwear ... he's probably notice that everything is new - but was so happy to buy it. Probably towels - it's too much - it was not necessary to take - it is not in the car, we will live.

You, as always, was precise. Thank you that you so carefully watch the road and do not pay attention to my embarrassment. And only your hand in approval lies on my knee. It really happened. You - I - and your car is rushing along the highway towards utreneemu ... and what we race to the meeting?

Now and Ayalon. How quickly is almost no cars - really all asleep - poor - and do not see this wonderful morning. I'm ready to sing out loud!
Ice cream! As it is right that at the pump restaurants opened so early. And I never thought that you love the same as I have ice cream, ice cream flavor is probably from childhood - butter - the very thing that is for 48 cents - ice cream. Only here and even in chocolate with nuts. Look in the mirror - ice cream chewing, face smeared muzzle contented - where you leap ... you would think that you seventeen. No, we will hide up posleprazdnikov enough to think - ed and enjoy, what, why and how - then there will be plenty of time for reflection.
But you also worry ... just noticed. Interestingly, we're going as fast as soon as possible to lock yourself in the room - not if that is all that you need, not what it was to invite me so far. Ask or not - how did you ... No - if you want, you tell yourself. On the glass photo little son - healthy smiling baby. And I look like Dad. In my opinion, I envy you. Where had happened to my language - well, maybe not the same silent and fly like crazy - we still have a lot of hours to go ....
As there was at Carnegie - nothing lapping so hearing how the sound of their own name ... And here you rasskazvaesh of himself as he studied how to meet that unique as decided to come here and immediately fortunate to work as you have decided to give birth to a son ! Interestingly, you knew from the start that you will have a son .. Like all - fun ulpanovskogo period. Like all it's not like my life. I do not even notice how the conversation turned to me. Why you all the time, all interesting. Why did you manage zalest in such corners of my soul and my memories that I have no idea? Lulu - black glasses - for them it is possible to hide a little .... We Syutkina was a song.
And I like to tell you about myself, as if I was one - and it's just memories. Even your strange questions, I'm happy to answer them, chsm I prefer to protect themselves, I love watching a man undressing, do I like to give gifts. Often I went somewhere with my girlfriend? Somehow remembered the nude beach in Simeiz ... this is from that life. It was like a cloudless day. And there, in the Crimea, we were with a friend Irinka - she was an artist. And somehow came early in the morning to the sea, I lay soaking up the sun, and she misses ... What is it that day drew, this is not stored in memory. A beach there with a rolling pin and chat with them, you can jump into the sea. And naked sunbathing - great. And people can not see. I must say that Irina never liked that someone spying, she writes. She never showed me his work, as long as they've never been finished .... And here comes out of the sea ... well, because here everything is not prohibited to swim ... the guy gets out on the rocks, and so politely asked
- Would not it be so nice ... show your picture.
And suddenly my eyes was an amazing transformation. This slender sweet girl suddenly changed countenance, and not paying attention to hanging under the nose of the subject, nor the fact that she herself ... lightly dressed, the brutal voice shouts:
- Noooo! will not be!
It turns out I was right, that he had never looked into her arm. Later, when the painting is finished - she always showed me ... Maybe it is remembered because ... what was then a similar day - calm and sunny.

It's getting hot, do not want to close windows and turn on air conditioning. And here is the isolation of Ashdod - hence inland to Arad, there is a beautiful descent to the Dead Sea, and then in a straight line directly to the south. Why are you so fast time flies ...
- You know, we need to buy food for lunch.
So - this is something new - I have it on the hood of the car will fry eggs? What you can not stop at a roadside restaurant and eat. I do not think it was a sudden idea for saving money ....

- Why are you such a countenance squirmed, I do not suggest you a picnic in the middle of the field, all the better - just you and I dwell in Arad, my friend gave me the keys. And he will never do not have anything in the fridge, even when he is at home.
What friend? You never told me, but in fact, that I know about you ... So it seems we are stuck, it is interesting, and we are really going to Eilat, and here we will spend all the holidays. And yet I would like to see the Red Sea ... I wonder what each of you in Arad, and you explained to him .. what do you need keys. Well, it's a detective I've been divorced. What she never left the keys to his apartment. And even then for "just in case" I called in its own door. And Arad. I love this city. Wide streets, and there, at the end of the city viewing platform, which offers the Dead Sea. All the time, the feeling of space and dimensions - it's not you Netanya, where I was every night looking for parking near his home, and in the morning I can not leave.

We must pay tribute to you - you're not in a hurry, because in front of us ... oh, scary.
We went to the observation deck, when I was here last time - there was a downpour and nothing around it was not possible to discern. And today - a clear sky. So it seems that now run and ... vzlechu!
It's great that I previously did not start to panic! At you a sorry sight. I did not expect that you're upset that your friend has changed the plans, and he stayed on holidays at home! Well, what else did not you climbed with his key to unlock ... But your mind does not seem to be, that you are very happy to see his old friend Lesco photographer. For that, I was really happy to meet with him. I understand that it is not a fairy tale, we will tell each other the whole trip, but I was pleased the opportunity ... to somehow push it. And here we sit at Leschi on the balcony overlooking the hills, sipping a Coke with ice and consider your school pictures. It is evident that even if he was interested in photography. A funny you were, and bears no resemblance to present-day man. And Leszek changed and the style of his pictures much simpler - before it had a soul, and now - Raboet in hotels - photographs of tourists - the lady in hat lady without a hat, the child in the water, happy Moroccan faces for once to break vacation, mnogodetnoe family circle ... And a lot of water. But the work is not interesting. For that, according to your friend - money excellent. Yes .. But I was wrong, I was pleasantly surprised when he got the works ..... That it for the soul .... What krasotischa - trees in the water .... chamomile field and a couple of randomly wandered cactus . And what's interesting is that on purpose ... to say no because I saw somewhere on the streets Irushalaima - thrown out on the street leaning against the piano against the wall ... But a series of retired cars ... How like those old cars to their owners . Great! I like a nice job. Leszek noticed my interest and happy to talk about his work as he is on the bike has traveled all Israel with the camera! Why bike to slowly have time to see what you will not see out the car window, and on the bike and the roads can be, and in the hills ...

But it's time to go! Thank you for this interesting introduction - Leszek came to see us, photographed goodbye - I wonder when these pictures - some see? I wish us a cool vacation.
And here we are again flying down the road. Descent to the Dead Sea, you're cool car akkurtno fitting into the turns, and may feel emboldened, because I never went here ... Give me, please, only from the sea .... steer. It is surprising how readily you agreed. Well, now hangs on my responsibility not to fly with these turns. Why, when you're around, I'm so worried. And now, as if for the first time behind the wheel of the village. So, now understand the car, well, it is not automatic, it would be ashamed to admit that I do not know how to drive a car with an automatic transmission. Let's go! Hooray! How many times I wanted to make the most of this descent. That's the mark .... sea level - it is necessary to cover the window. Less ... minus two hundred and four hundred ... and now in full open sea, we went to the most southern part of it. Then you yourself ...
Already more than one hour on the way, I'm hungry, Well Well, let's do a halt?
- Come on, but you are still frayed.
And we prodlozhaem fly in a straight line ... Well, finally, you brake. No it's not just dinner, I did not know that these small building next to the ingredients, there Hotels ...
Wow, after so many hours of driving to be under a cool shower.
- Can I come to you?
How have you changed today, always so timid and indecisive today, decided, apparently, that's enough ... All in the foam, you decided to pour out on me all the shampoo. We do not seem to extricate ourselves from the shower, fooling around like children, as long as the desire did not find us straight in the shower. Water evaporates from our heated bodies, you leans me against the wall, shower poured straight on your head, you take my legs and lift me to be comfortable. Yes ... that's what I wanted, and I saw that you already can not help it! And so sweet and fast ... no, I still run away from you in the room, not to see your embarrassment, so I do not blame, it's just too long, we went ...

Wow, I even fell asleep and had forgotten that we actually stopped for lunch. And you can bring right here ... Oh what class of Moroccan cuisine, the smell of soup with unfamiliar spices, delicious. Rice with vegetables .. So after this dinner, I'm not moving anywhere.
- And we do not want to hurry ... we can not go on at all ...
That's what I was raised. No - I want to swim in the sea, and not tomorrow, but today! Let the night, but Today. I put a dish with fruit on the bed ... And we are still nowhere in the afternoon did not go. How do you gentle with me. One of your prikosnovaniya enough ... You quietly slipped down to my feet and asked if I remember where you stopped ....
- You do not remember, well, then we'll start again ...
Somewhere I have heard this phrase.
The sun began to set, we have decided to continue their journey.
And Eilat ... We went immediately to the sea, and bathed, the water was still cool, very clear and the sea, as if the light.
- Do not think we do not give pleasure to the audience watching us in the sand, let's go look for shelter.
I will always love that our hotel room. It's very simple: a large bed, TV, bath lined with black tiles, but the views stunning - right on the sea, it seems to run up and jump. The sun completely gone until we got to the ... Eilat, and ahead of us was a whole night. No need to hurry, and it chuvtsvo in your movement. You admire ... slowly, slowly, such as in family, or something, to get a bed, and turn on your television. Trying to set it up as if it is the only purpose for which we came here ... I brought the ice and made a pitcher of cold water. And he put wine that you brought with him rolled in in years.
The sea is not as salty as the Mediterranean. I took a shower and came calm. I settled down at your feet, so cozy, throwing on his robe, and covering her legs a sheet.
For some reason it seemed to me that you are now like a big cat, purring, fall asleep. What is our saturated the stop you, and riding, or can my trepotnya tired ...
No, I was wrong:
- Well, roll over, I'll poglazhu.
- No, come on, I better
I never looked at the your body. When you're relaxed he rolled onto his back, for some mgnovanie me ponazalos - unsigned man lies here beside me. But this is only for a moment. I brought the body cream thickly smeared their hands and is located on top. Neat movements began to stroke his back, smearing cream on it. Then the movement became stronger and stronger, I have to warm up your back and got herself a huge kick out of it, and then covered with a cream neck and hands, which yielded relaxed my hands. I love the palm - a circular motion, I rubbed the cream in them. These are the hands, sometimes sustained, sometimes affectionate. Hands are relaxed, the whole body is relaxed. Then I went down to the legs and began to rub the cream in the first soles of the feet, massaging them, resting in his shoulder, then thigh and only here, I feel that you are tensed. Do not get me finish my work, you slipped out of my hands and took the initiative ... Why, one for your touch enough to my desire jumped out, against my will. You could not make me a massage when you got up, my lips were near your hips, and I teasingly held them tongue, and saw you tensed and froze. Then I decided to continue and began to rise gently, caressing the hands of the exciting member. Your hands warmly massaged my shoulders, patted her hair, I hear your breath, and then I took his lips ... Holler, but I do not stop and take the whole thing in his mouth, gently placing your hands on your hips, you're their movement pushes I know you want my hands. Not stopping movements of the tongue, I take it, I have got stronger in their hands and, finally dare to raise your eyes. You groan, he closed his eyes and leaned back on the pillows. I caress, I'm afraid how it will end. Here you could not stand, roll over on my back and falls down, throwing my legs over his shoulders, and took the bottom of the hips, lips penetrate deep ... hot moisture spreads through the body. I already do not hesitate to move toward your lips and ask to take me. But you're not in a hurry, why? I am more and more quickly move you to a meeting, and you you enter your hand deep into me, and I repeat my movements. You decided to bring me to orgasm so, how do you know that this is my favorite way ... and now I can not hold back his cries, I cry - I open my eyes, you are excitedly looking at me, not at all have no barriers and you enter in me ... Oh, how I wanted it ... I'm trying to help you, clenching his muscles to the beat of your movements .. still .. and yet .. I feel like he is becoming more and more ... and hot jet bottled inside me, that's why you asked whether it is possible and I Safe, you know that I love the finished process.

Why are you embarrassed that this is, well, why do you think that I expect you to watch neprekrachayuschihsya caresses. After all, it's great that you're so hungry. After all, no holiday is not enough, we get enough of each other.

Now you're asking me to roll over on his stomach, and you pomassazhiruesh my body. Wait a second, I just rinse water Saving ..., I'm not very red, and in fact the embarrassment is still not passed. I think that all comes out so clumsily. Yes ... I did not come out of a professional ... but actually, I do not want!

- Why do you not wiped.
- I wipe.
- Oh wait, I wipe.

Again his hands. Lord - it's not well, but I want to again, but he did not notice, so relax! This is not a massage, you are massaging my back and began to kiss her, and kiss so much that I just flying in the base of the neck, just below, under the shoulder blade. No, my friend, so we do not rest. But you're hungry, I know you just want to enjoy my body ... Slowly, I started to calm down, and for a moment I probably fell asleep and woke me up the sound of running water, you were in dusche, and now it was my turn to be asked to you? But then we definitely will stay no dinner, and I took advantage of your absence and dressed for dinner, to tint the lips, dressed in high heels, but as it turned out, all in vain ... is not yet time for dinner ...

When we went down for dinner, it was already too late. We ordered bar-b-cue. Beautifully decorated restaurant, and the food is served on plates instead of tablets, and a swimming pool nearby, already empty, and you told us about your little son. As you once walked on the swing, and all the time he was bouncing with impatience: Well, where the swing? Well, where the swing? ..
- You know, son, what savlanut? (Patience - Hebrew) - you're talking to him.
- No, but you take me to handle, maybe I'll see him !?

Or about the cake - which collapses on its side:
- Well, the cake, well, do not fall! Will you fall, I will not eat you!

Gently so our conversation again turns into questions the answers you are interested in everything where I studied when I first experienced the man, as it were. And I'm telling you, because long ago it all was forgotten, faded, withered away in the corners of memory, but today has emerged again ...

Overnight in Eilat. You and I, in fact, a lot of walking as we are by the sea and lit gostinnits people. Noisy and want to return.
I wonder how much wine is in your bag, it seems we will fill ourselves with great, yet we drink it all! It was already quite far into the night when we lay down to sleep after talking plenty ...
I love to soak up the bed, and wake up late, unless there is a possibility, but it was not possible here. You just brought me a glass of juice with ice! And we went to sea!
I will never forget the face of the rescuer, who gave us a boat! As he said, they say, we are able to swim something, and I told him - NO! He is now, perhaps, and will run along the beach, until we return! And we firmly headed in the sea! Here we are going to sunbathe ...
Why you are surprised that I do not want to sunbathe naked. To be alone with you in gostinnichnom room - this one, and just like that, to give you an opportunity to look at me, no, I is not decisive. We threw the oars! Well, they took with them a drink. Class - you, too, love to dive, well, wait, I'm with you .. Do not touch me, I'm drown!
The sun began to bake, and we decided to go back .... Indeed, our lifeguard listlessly sat on the shore and watched as we approach. Reproachfully, so I'm supposedly sprvshival why you cheat, I was worried, and life jackets are not put - this is not according to the rules. We laugh with him back his gear and went to breakfast.
Breakfast in the hotel - a buffet - it's just not right! Well it is impossible to try all the same, because I then absolutely will not move anywhere! .. What? What kind of fish, no ... Wait, what he thinks, I again want to drag him into the room, well, fish, fish so just let take rest ... There should be less - look at yourself in the mirror. It's not you, it's me talking to myself. And we went swimming on the boat, which was bottom of the glass, and it was possible to observe fish. The ship sailed away from the city, and stopped - what only fish we have not seen - I've never seen anything like it. Small striped flashed flocks, great spotted importantly looked out the window. And what an interesting bottom. Maybe it's an aquarium, well, is not possible, that on such a small patch was such a variety of shapes and colors!
Tired and navpechatlyavshiesya we returned to the room. And I looked into your eyes. And there is a desire ... Wait-wait! Well, where are you in a hurry! Why so, well let anything off the throw. Come on ... What is there ... He stopped, only to shed the shorts, and lifted up my skirt, a long time did not stand on ceremony and took me back, snarling, unbuttoning his shirt and freeing my breasts from her bra!
You decided to quench our thirst for life ... not work. Still it has not had time yet passed any stiffness. Yet to come a time when the partners already know each other and know how to get the most fun you dream about when two like good dancers feel every movement of the partner and lead it as a dance.
I understood, dinner is canceled, then let me cook you the most. What we have in the fridge. How cool, imagine that this is our home, and I am his mistress, I present you dinner, there is no better breakfast in bed.
I do not remember the way home, because it was not his - at home - in your own, where you'll get your son and your wife, and I have mine, where you are I, alas, do not wait. So you're not rasskryt how you managed to give me such a wonderful holiday, and I did not want to ask, it is unpleasant to me, that such wonderful days obtained by lzhi, so let me about it and I do not know.
You were thoughtful and attentive, affectionate and talkative. Music has helped us to get home ... Thank you for these wonderful holidays - are you talking to me and I finished second to you - thank you for this wonderful holiday!
April 1999