Christine (continued)

Condition I frankly was worse than ever. The physical suffering caused by a hangover, added dark memories of last night and this idiotic argument, iz-za which I had now come to the institute to re-sit in a dress, a prostitute on the panel will not put (virtually naked).

I lit a cigarette and began to think what to do. Going in that way to college, I naturally did not intend. I'm sure the girl without complexes, but that does not mean I'm stupid. In the end, my girlfriend Ksenia, and will not expose me to ridicule before the whole institution. It makes fun of course, but nothing terrible will happen - I calmed myself. I would do it so ... I guess.
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While I led myself up, took a shower, painted nails, apply makeup, in general made of candy itself, the usual cheerful mood came back to me and, together with the remnants of a hangover, left and sad thoughts.

So I went to college a beautiful and cheerful. I was dressed as usual (jeans and topic). Dress with a picked up, but only to show that it is impossible to walk. Ksenia was already there. She was given a hangover seem heavier. Haggard face, which is not hidden even cosmetics and hoarse voice, clearly pointed out that she had just somewhere else adds. Her scowl and sad eyes did not bode easy to solve the problem.

We went to the toilet to smoke. It turned out, girlfriend really lit all night, and now she was probably even worse than me in the morning.
- Why not put on a dress?
- It is the village - I said, pulling out of the bag and turning the parcel.
- Come try on.
- Yes, I say a little - I put the dress to her shoulders.
- Try talking - but the mood at Ksenia clearly was not.

I decided not to anger her and taking off top and jeans with difficulty got on the dress. Panties peeking out from under five centimeters dresses.
- You see now? I told the village.

Ksenia delayed and thought. She clearly did not want to forgive me just like that.
- That's what a friend. As you wish, but to shine in it without panties in front of the teacher you have. You will not argue over drunk, and maybe learn to drink.

Judging by the slain Ksyuhinomu mind last wish, it refers more to himself.

Hike it will be hard to convince. You can of course refuse bluntly, but who knows what to expect in this state of it. Take yes and send my pictures somewhere with psycho.

I of course had to get out of a sticky situation, so to speak sacrificing maiden honor. Hee hee. Recall at least as I sucked two cops to not brought the case. (That's another story). But what were the cops that I have been deeply poh..y and I was a little worried about what they think about me. Then me the main thing was to hush up the matter, and I hesitated.

There were all different. The teacher, which we had to retake offset named Evgeny. He was about forty. It would be easier once again to turn the whole evening bare ass in front of a full cafe, than to come to him as such in the audience. And it's not that he could write a memo, and I vyprut from the Institute for immoral behavior, or start yelling and not take credit. On the contrary, he seemed to me somehow too decent and defenseless, that is.

He was always very nice and somehow childlike embarrassed when some particularly lively mare began to openly flirt and flirt with them, based on the exchange rate, or a freebie to pass a test. I even think that he did not fuck any student, although his work and of "diligent" female students like us, you can do it almost every day. Others teach, by the way, and arrive, fully using his official position.

Learn from him was easy. He did not felled. Pass a test was it too easy. Only such raspizdyayki as we Ksenia and even a couple of our classmates, managed naprogulivat so that play to retake. But the most important thing that bothered me is the way he looked at me during my rare visits to his studies. If looked at me like my boyfriend, I would probably even no one else was awake. Sometimes, during a lecture, I felt like it stopped at my eyes and then seemed to forget about what we should talk, repeating the same thing several times. When I lifted my eyes and stared at him, he was terribly embarrassed and looked away. It was so funny that I sometimes entertained the whole pair. So he told me was cute, and I would not have refused to meet him closer. But to appear before them in idiotic outfit with the words "Good morning. Here I am - a star, and that's my -. ... "I could not.

We had to think of something ...

And I came up with.
- Well, a reset sim card, when all of our surrender and disperse - I said Ksenia. She left, and I stayed to smoke in the toilet and think I have matured a plan. Due to the fact that I would find someone in the microplate, is not even cover your shorts, I'm not worried. I repeat, I have no complexes ...

.... I teach at the institute recently. A year ago, I worked in the Research Institute and did not even think about teaching. But fate would have it, now I teach students ... and students. The work is not boring, and often there are some interesting stories about one of them want to talk.

One summer evening I took retake offset in either group. The institute was practically empty, since the session was over. Students were few, and I took an hour all the tests, especially since almost all took the path of least resistance, investing in the record book for 50 bucks. There was one girl who decided, apparently, pass a test own knowledge. There I respect. Or maybe she really tight with money. Do not come only one student, for which dates were probably more important than the threat of being excluded from the Institute.

I have already begun to slowly collect the papers from the table, when suddenly hear a noise in the hallway heels. And someone obviously escaped. The door burst open and in the audience rushed to the death terrified girl. I recognized her as a student. I think her name was Christine. She was on the verge of hysteria. In the eyes of tears, mascara smeared, trembling all over. Dress (or rather what's left of it) was torn in half. She frantically tried to somehow smell to it, but in spite of her efforts was evident that nothing else underneath.
- Mmmenya ... like ... rape ... in the toilet - I heard through the sobs.

With that, she leaned against the door and slid to the floor, where the village, clasping her beautiful round her knees. I was once again convinced that there is no panties on. In spite of the extreme situation of my masculinity could not not appreciate the beauty and sexuality of a young girl's body. But to dwell on their feelings had no time. I went out into the corridor, reached the litter, but there was nobody.

When I returned to the classroom. Christina was sitting at his desk. The student, who had stayed in the audience sat next and how comforting her friend could.
- It is necessary to call the police - I said, reaching for the phone.
- N ... no need - said the girl through her tears - they do not have time. I do not want to talk.

It can be understood. To our cops Only Hit - disgrace to the whole institution, and then another, and the guilty will. So, I did not argue. I poured her some water and while she drank quietly studied her. It was the student, which I had noticed in the lectures. True discipline she had not, and I saw it in their classes do not often. But even those rare visits I remember. She was beautiful. Short dark hair, a straight nose, sensual mouth, expressive brown eyes, which, frankly, not just embarrassed me in class when I happened to come across her eyes. Then she seemed so beautiful and defiantly inaccessible. Now she sat in front of me so helpless and unhappy, in need of help, I wanted to be on the site of her neighbor, hugged her and comfort her.

About the details of the attack could not ask. Everything was clear about it. Scoundrels attacked her in the bathroom, torn dress, apparently even tearing the hem (too short it was), tore her panties. Poor girl fought back as best she could. Thank God, I was able to break free and run away, or do not know what they could do with it. I had the nasty picture of how brazen greasy hands probe the soft smooth skin, crawling between his legs, roughly grabbed by charming a breast. I could feel the rage rising in me in relation to this to bastards.

But soon my thoughts flowed in a different way. The reason for this was the kind that opened me to my desktop. Girls sitting diagonally across from me on the front row, and I was out of his seat could clearly see the bare legs and thighs Christina. If none bag lying on my knees, I could see in front of him completely naked female bottom. Of course, I would have to look away or change seats, but was unable to bring himself to. I am a student spied a woman using her desperate situation. I understood that doing dishonorable, but could not stop. As a gentleman, I had to offer her his jacket to hide the nakedness, as in the movies. But it was summer, the jacket I had not, and somewhere I was glad at heart.
- As I go home now? - A little calmer, said Christine - Oksana, I can bring some things?

The second student stared at her.
- What about credit? And the money for a taxi I do not have, and the subway will take about three hours.
- I'll take a taxi - I suggested - and for the credit do not worry, let's record book.

Christina put the bag on the desk, taking record book, and I'm a huge effort of will forced himself not to look down ...

... When the door is closed Ksenia, we were left alone with Evgeny Nikolaevich (although I was tempted to call him Eugene) - so childishly naive he was. What cost only his shy glances at my feet. Of course, I could get away so that he could hardly see. But I liked it, with what delight he saw them. I deliberately put the bag on the desk, taking record book, even though it could get and so. You should have seen how difficult it is given not to look down.

Ksenia went clearly not satisfied. Not only that, I lost the exchange rate, so now still have to shove through Moscow on things, although pereodezhka lies in my bag. Nothing, let say thank you because of me credit on the ball passed - to save fifty bucks. However, it is of little interest to me now. All my thoughts are occupied Eugene (Eugene N. - if you want).

I could not miss this opportunity to get to know him better. And it's not that he will teach us a year and a positive assessment provided me (I'm not like commercialism, although it was also a plus). Just I was pleased to its delicate, naive and romantic to do with me, not at all typical of the forty years of hogs, with whom I sometimes had to spend time. Yes, to be honest and my peers do not bother, and especially not stand on ceremony in the relationship.

I was absolutely sure in their abilities, and their sexuality. Therefore, the only problem was not to frighten Genia that he, God forbid, not scared. Hee hee. Painfully, he was shy.
- I need to wash my face - I said in a low voice.

Type I had a really terrible. Ink flowed across the face, lipstick smeared. Monsters and only. What to do - the art requires sacrifice. About to go out in this way in the corridor could be no question.
- Let me you salt from the carafe over a bucket.

I got up from the desk. Jack looked away. I sang all inside. Graceful gait, shyly hiding behind the remains of the dress, I strode to the bucket and sexy arched bent over the bucket. The main thing is not to beat, I thought about myself. Holding the card with one hand, I start to wash off makeup. It turned out bad, and I began to wash both hands. Dress naturally fully opened and I appeared completely naked in front of his teacher. He pretended to be turned away, but I felt that he treats me eagerly. This is confirmed by the bump in his pants, I raised my eyes. Jack quickly reached into his pocket and changed position. This amused me very much. After giving him a good admire your body, I finished wash and raised her head. We had something to dry off, but nothing but dirty rags on the board was not in the audience.

There was a slight confusion. I stood in front of him with eyes closed and raised with wet hands. The dress hung on my shoulders, revealing all my young slim sexy body. Finally he realized that I had something to dry off and did not find anything around, Jack took off his shirt. I put my face to his shirt, inhaled the smell of a man's body, which was quite enjoyable and exciting (I did not expect this from a man of forty) and realized that he was now going to be my in that that was no more.

Actually, I was waiting for Jack, as a normal man, standing bare-chested in front of a naked woman, always try to hug her and hugged her. But Evgeny proved a unique frame. He stood and waited patiently while I wipe, removing the head to the side, trying not to look at me. "Yes, Jack, I will have with you a lot of work" - with a smile, I thought to myself.

I handed him the shirt.
- Naquin is on, a little prikroesh.

I did not want to hide behind in front of him, but I wore it.

Then he offered me tea from his thermos. I sat next to him in his shirt, breathing in the smell of his body, and we talked peacefully. He asked me about my life, school, hobbies. I'm pretty honest answer him, concealing the truth, what I know him as a potential lover (in which I have no doubt) is not necessary. I'm no joke was well with him. And I'm even a little upset when Ksenia came and brought me things.

She of course agreed that between us all has happened with envy and resentment looked at me. To hell with it.

I asked Eugene N. to accompany me to the house, saying that I was afraid to go alone after the incident. He happily agreed. Then he was invited for a cup of coffee. Then, and so, I think everything is clear.

I can only say that in bed Jack was not so shy, even on the contrary, what really pleased me.

... Now, despite the fact that already more than a year and it does not teach us, we sometimes meet with him and have a good time, often recalling that summer evening (though each in its own way).