His method

Was in our kindergarten order to lay us (children) sleep during the day, no panties and T-shirts. Moreover, girls and boys together, standing next to the bed. We went, and under blankets shot panties hung them on the headboard. Sleeping during the day, I did not like, and I toiled. From this flour was no class, I began to touch his pisun clamp and twist it between his legs, having fun (as it turned out, it was a pleasure to orgasm, and occupation, is masturbation). So I discovered for myself that with my pussy, you can not only write, but also to have fun. I often saw a naked neighbor in bed, when, forgetting himself, or because of the inconvenience, she wore panties are not under the covers, introducing me to review their charms.
Once, we got sick teacher, and our naps, combined the two groups, I put one in the middle of the room. Out of boredom, I took hold of her favorite masturbation, so much so carried away that I was caught and punished with a tutor I lifted the blanket, I lay naked before the end of sleep, burning with shame. This is a mockery not passed unnoticed in my sogrupnikov and sogrupnits. The boys learned from me, what I was doing, asked to share the process technology. But Toli I badly explained Tolley they were young (then we were 5, 5.5 years), pleasure no one received. After this incident, I forgot about masturbation.
I resumed, 7 years old, lying in the bath, your suchil pisun finished and over and over again. I continue this high, up to 11 years before there was a pain in the bottom of the groin, in the most pleasant moment. A month later, I repeated, but this time, my pisun greatly increased, and out of it splashed some cloudy liquid, I was so frightened that threw this thing for a year.
In 12 years, I was once again out of boredom took hold of his penis and began to masturbate. With that, the appearance of semen, masturbation I become less fun to deliver and the only inconvenience because, after this procedure under the covers at night, we had to go wash.
Unlike my classmates, I was the size of my dignity, seemed too big, I'm ashamed of this, and went to the toilet during lessons. Once, when I was writing in the toilet, came the boy from a parallel class for 12 years, was the next, and so began to look at my cock, as if he wanted all that flows from it to drink. I asked; that staring, and he told me;
- beautiful it is you,
- Maybe you want to taste,
- Come on! I did not expect such a response, even stunned, but decided to give.
I began to back under the door, so no one went, unbuttoned his pants, and he bent down on his haunches, his hands took my cock. As soon as his lips touched my penis, he stood as never before stood Yarik as his name, gave a thrill. When I finished, he swallowed all my sperm, that I was not surprised. Yarik anyone asked me to talk about it, I gave "honest pioneer" word and walked away from the door. After school, I found it, and we continued our circle, "skillful hands" at his home.
At the beginning of our meeting, I was embarrassed, pisun take it into his mouth, but the enthusiasm of my new friend, inspired me.
It should be noted that after my acquaintance with Yarik I was left wondering: what is the taste of semen, and I decided to try to start his own. Finished in the palm, I sniffed it, and then tried on the tongue, and after all licked. Odor specific and taste weird, but exciting feeling.
And then one day I came to Yarik home. I asked you one? He said yes! I tutzhe pulled off his pants and took his pisun in the mouth, which grew in my mouth and the thought began to receive, to get such a buzz that when he began to cum in me, I, too, had finished his pants, he was with me, and I'm in my pants. All his sperm I swallowed, it tasted almost, such as me, only it was warm. I even climbed up to kiss, which for a never noticed. But we no buzz from these kisses and did not get on this first series ended.
I began to undress to dry and wash pants pants. But the sight of my white priests, probably initiated Jasko, and he suggested that the adult in the ass. I, without hesitation, has substituted his ass, but enter into me, he could not, in my attempt to enter his ass, too, failed. We decided to try it with vegetable oil. I greased his hole and his cock with oil. At this time I squeezed his body into his ass, my Yaroslavna squealed like a pig, he said that he was sick, but still decided to continue. I slowly began to pull his ass on his dick for the faster and faster, Yasko all squealing, I was about to finish, it seemed to me that my testicles and a member already swollen from the semen, and then I broke. Hooray! After a short break, it was my turn, I did not want to, but it would not be fair. I myself am more oiled my hole and massaged it a little finger, Yasko buried his cock in my anus, and pushed him back. The feeling is as if I were on a stake planted and removed, but I endured, not shrieking, only groaning, but I was already a couple of minutes like it, and I end podmahivat Yarik, and he poured his seed into me.
Soon must come from the work of his parents, I pulled his pants, stuck it in his pocket obkonchennye pants and ran home, but from my obmaslennoy and broken-ass, began to flow Yarik sperm. My pants were wet the back and front as if upisatsya.
And then I hit. When shot in the entrance, the stalknulsya nose to nose with my friends. They just came to me. Timka noticed that I had wet his pants, and Sergei saw sticking out of my pocket edge shorts. Toli Toli he jokingly guessed pulled over the edge and saw my obkonchennye cowards, they laughed for a long time, and said any nonsense. To my shame there was no limit. I grabbed my pants and tried to escape, but they said that this can someone find out who they had in mind, I did not understand, but it stopped me. We went into the pavilion.
Began questioning, I resisted for a long time, even the pants dry, in the end, they vowed that no one will say and will not outwork laugh. And I told him everything, except the name of my friend. Also shared the fact that I did not like in the ass, because it hurts and little buzz. After a pause, Serge proposed to take the same place in the forest plantation.
When we arrived, the first start no one dared. I told them what to hesitate, because when left alone at home, probably masturbate at all. And Timur said that he is never in my life did not masturbate and do not know how to do it, but only heard that it is bad. I said that you take in the palm pisun and pull the skin on the end of the up and down. Timka pulled off his pants and shorts, his bare pisunchik stood up, and then I first saw pisun without skins at the end. I asked him, where else? He said that he has always been so.
We stood and looked at the protruding member Timka but Serega said something about it heard, Toli Toli ritual is a tradition and it somehow called. Timka asked? and I pull up and down. I felt sorry for him, I thought it was so much buzz he loses, and that's why he did not masturbate until now. Here Serge remembered how my teacher in kindergarten left without a blanket, and then I showed you how to masturbate under a blanket. Timka I suggested my favorite way of masturbation. He put his hands on his head, took off his pants and told him to head member suchil between the legs every time a hand in helping to penetrate the head between his legs.
Tim came surprisingly skillfully, he had the one minute, and he finished first in his life. All hands and feet, not to mention the Member State were in the semen. Five minutes ... he was lying, enjoying the buzz remains. On Seregina pants appeared hump, I suggested that he try just masturbate, he said he does not want to make oneself dirty like Tim. He lowered his pants, his pepper even though he was much smaller than mine, but it stuck, be healthy. On my way, he did not masturbate, and drove his hand over his penis and a minute later he was squirted. Tim bathed in the sump, and we went home.
This was the case, I told them they were not told. And my Seregin Timur and the game became regular, and had another story that happened in the summer.