Country joy

My name is Victor. I am 21 years old. I work as an economist in the capital's university. All this happened a couple of years ago in a suburban cottage.
Summer Sunday morning began with a sweet sipping in the rumpled bed. We lay in the warm light blanket practically naked. Sergei hugged my butt, smooth and warm, awake trying to stroke him. Clinging closer to me, he gently kissed my neck. He was 30, led by medium-sized businesses. Magnificent torso, chest hair and liberally covered crotch. Horny dick 19 centimeters, not more, but great in thickness. He sticks two fingers into my hot hole priests. After yesterday's violent orgies they are easy and pleasant stroked inside my gut.
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- You woke up, Vityusha? - A kiss on the lips so sweet and astringent.
My hand found its member lifted. Such a pleasure to drive on his palm, looking forward to his marvelous sweeping motions in his ass. I felt the necessary hardness and non dick head straight to their yawning hole.
- Fuck me, darling. As the girl. I have half an hour I roll, I can not sleep. Come on, my love, push it. In-oh-oh-t. Mmm. I love your trunk. Hold hands hips, plant them on my count, Seryozhenka. Damn, head so deeply. - I hugged his neck and kissed.
The swollen trunk rhythmically moved in the day before in the sauna razebannoy my hole. Yes there hole. When Sergei took out his anus tightened edges slowly opening its pretty look dark hole.
- Kitten, this is my job. You are now a hole that is necessary.
Fuck me in this manner a quarter of an hour, Sergei wanted diversity. Namely my greedy red mouths and throats. I slid down to his hips and began to gently crush the testicles of my men. He stroked my hair and vzeroshival, drove down his cheeks, his diligent razrumyanennym ebley in zhopku. I started to drive on the trunk of his lips, wet from my burning grease priests, tongue drove round the head, hand nadrachivaya eldy entire length, as it is done in good dexterous whore porn. Then I drove the whole thing in his usual larynx. Already the tears from his eyes. But Sergei is granted unparalleled thrill.
- Come here, cutie. - He pulled me by the arm higher and firmly strangled in an embrace. Hands fell on my pink yagodnitsy of fun. Sergei parted and began to caress them and the object of his passion. - I love you thrust, Vitechka, sweet ass in my bed was not.
Nearby, on a flat bed wide awake Serezhkina wife Valentina. Yes. Yesterday, we fucked threesome in the sauna, or rather even four. With us was a friend of Sergei, Sasha. He had a great Balda that Valya just crazy. Valya was awakened the morning of our sweet fuss and a dream had already watched her husband smacks his sladkozhopogo boy right on her favorite satin underwear. When I began to suck his beloved, Valya sat up in the cushions and opened her lips beautiful meaty pussy, began groaning masturbate clitoris with your index finger scarlet manicure.
- Come on, dear, shove him how to throat. Plug his dick in the tonsils. This divine rascal licked me yesterday on the bench until you fucked Sasha. Blyayaya. - Her fingers sank into the goddamned hole, scooping grease again taken for its crimson clitoris. Valya was juicy woman, under forty, with high breasts and red hair to his shoulders. - Well, quite suck, let him fuck me.
She lay down on her side and put her back to Sergei seductive. He fell in behind and easily entered the potekshuyu pussy to eggs. I lifted her heavy hips and fingers opened his big mouth, enjoying the scent of voluptuous females. I licked her clit and wet well, feeling the tremors of my dearest lover. My husband fucked her well, but without the passion with which he got a hold of me is usually after a long separation. Then he usually poured me on the bed, took his pants my soft cotton pajamas to mid-thighs, relaxes me a sweet kiss and moistened the head, inserted my dick to wool. And fucked at least half an hour, changing pace and position, but from the comfort of my suffering ass. Sometimes, for a variety of debauchery he invited Cute bryunetika Sasha, charmer, with a lovely round ass and with fire in his eyes. Sergei fucked it with me, as I confessed to him that I am dragged by it. Usually at this time I was sitting on a velvet chair in Turkish and masturbate, eagerly watching my tireless Seryozhenka udelyvaet whining from passive enjoyment. He took his pleasure in his narrow ass and hot vypravazhival the door, after which we were lying with your beloved, make love, and relished the details of today's copulation.
And now he was short breath fuck her already overexposed wife until I whet its tongue strikes lust. Sergei literally raskurochival her pussy what she wanted and starastno.
(to be continued)