The first caress. Real story

I want to tell about what happened to me yesterday. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I decided to put everything on paper, it can help me a little rest.
I'll start with the fact that my name is Alena, I am 22 years old. I have a boyfriend, but for several years, not a day passed that I did not think about having sex with a woman. When I masturbate, then I imagine only sexy female body, as I caress their breasts, clitoris.
Several times I have left the ad on the Internet that I am looking for a girlfriend, but no one called, and I just keep dreaming.
Yesterday I started to work just fine left early boss instructed to go to a company and then said I could go home. Home I did not want my guy at work, at home alone bored, so I decided to go shopping.
He bought himself newcomers belongings (the benefit was yesterday the salary) I'm tired sat in the yard of a house on the bench and lit a cigarette.
Not far from the shops, where I was sitting I could see Dushku, who apparently could not get into a locked entrance. She looked at the clock, then at the windows of the house, then at me. I noticed her breasts big, perhaps a third the size of the nipples stood out from beneath the thin fabric of her white T-shirt. It was pretty cool, so they stuck out like little berries. Were visible even outlines halos papillae such big clubs, likely dark pink or brown. The crotch zasverbilo me, but I got used to this feeling, and already almost did not pay any attention to him because I was sure that my dream had not realized that everything happens because you want only in porn movies or stories. But in less than five minutes, I noticed that it goes towards me. Her breasts exciting swayed with each step, I noticed that they are quite soft, but the breast was beautifully shaped.
- You're not out of this door, by chance? she asked. I smiled, and said that unfortunately not. She sat down next to me, too, lit a cigarette. It turned out that she had come to his new girlfriend, whom he met a few days ago at a nightclub. And then a miracle! I realized that maybe I can hope for the continuation of the evening of her conversation, I realized that she liked girls. When the conversation began to falter, and we talked about everything, about what they can only talk that
got acquainted people, I realized that it was time to act.
- Can I go to the coffee pop¸m, I'll show you pictures? I said uncertainly.
- Of course! I thought you did not even offer! she exclaimed happily.
We took to the road, we got into the first taxi and went to me.
I was at the bar a bottle of Martini. We sat on the couch in the room with glasses. After drinking a couple of glasses, I felt a new wave of excitement, looking at her, but did not suppress it, as usual today was a completely different case and I understand that perfectly.
- Look, I always wanted to try a woman. Do you think that is? I asked, laughing.
- You decide, but if you want I can help you. She smiled coyly and held his hand over his chest.
- But I want to caress you first. I always wanted to touch his lips to the woman. Just lick and relax, okay? And if something is not as you say.
- Hmm excellent! I will lie down and just have fun! She smiled and lay down on the sofa, one leg thrown over the back.
I still do not know how I'm not finished yet in the first second of this and I could not imagine in my apartment is a girl, in full my disposal!
I put the glass on the table. She moved closer to her and kissed her passionately. She tried to hug me, but I unclasped her hands: - We agreed to just lie there and everything.
I did not completely remove it just lifted her shirt above her breasts, from which they began to hang around even sexier. Papillae it were hard as pebbles, and around the large dark pink and slightly swollen halos. Leaning over them, I began to kiss her breasts, but not touching the nipples. Crumpling their hands, stroking and kissing again. I decided to torment her a little bit and stretch the pleasure. After a few minutes, I decided to start already by the papillae. I took in the mouth left nipple and began to gently suck. She moaned, and I do too. God, what were they delicious! I sucked her nipple as she could into her mouth and began to drive language around him. With his free hand, I took her right nipple and squeezed it. Then she began to twist it by pulling gently. The nipple in my mouth became hard as marble, but I continued to suck and lick it. She moaned louder and louder, her eyes rolled back, and hips began to describe the characteristic circles, I realized that she was excited to the limit. But there was nowhere to hurry, I was tormented by it.
Here is the turn and the second breast. I squeezed her hand, causing the nipple began to seem even larger and more erotic.
And it sucked. She writhed on the couch and cried: - suck it, lick it, yes, yes, lick is now both at once, oh yeah! At this time I squeezed her breasts with both hands, so that the nipples touched and took them into his mouth.
By the time I reached her holes she was already at the limit. As soon as I took in the mouth of her clitoris and began to gently suck it, it just came. I also finished, so excited by all of this to the limit. Such a strong orgasm I have not experienced ever in my life! And then she went home. He hugged me good-bye and left. And I was left alone with a whirlwind of memories of everything that happened in my head.
P. S. We exchanged phone numbers. She called. Tomorrow, we agreed to meet her she said she came up with something very interesting. Maybe I'll write about it. Later.