About him...

With Vlad we introduced a friend when we were in the ninth grade. He studied in the humanitarian class, and I, in the bio-chemical. As well contrived to study at the elite St. Petersburg gymnasium, doing any homework, dressed like the last whore, and behaving worse than punk, I still can not imagine. As for Vlad, he was a decent, good education mama's boy, from the series "I do not drink, do not smoke, do not swear". But when I saw him and heard his voice, I realized, for the sake of sex with him, I'm ready for anything.
I must say, I, despite the behavior and manner of dress, was still devstvinnitsoy. Moreover, even my lips were chaste. But none of this would not even know.
Such as I, Vlad could not tolerate. Yet, one day I decided that today he will surely be mine.
Waiting until Vlad out of school and go home, I followed him. There was quite a long time I did, he periodically glanced at me, but did not even think to speak.
Finally, coming to his home, I could not stand and broke our silence.
- Hi my name is Olya.
- And I John, glad to meet you. - He grunted in response.
- Hmm ... Bob and Vlad is slightly different names.
- Already it is impossible to make a joke ... Well, what are you?
- You know ... I like you. - My face nalilos paint. I do not know as I could squeeze out the words that are used to talking only handbags in the store. My heart is pounding. I looked down at the gray asphalt, and waited for an answer, which would decide my fate.
- Interesnenko ... - he drawled, - well, come and stand on the street somehow ...
We went into his entrance. As we walked up the stairs, we were silent. Passing the first floor we went to the apartment number eight. He opened the door with a key, and said coldly: "Come". Then, we pozdarovalis with his parents (fortunately, they did not rasprashivat who I am, and so on) and went to his room.
- You know ... - he said, trying to parody my recent speech - you I like you too.
Then he did something that I by no means expected. He pressed me against the wall and started kissing. I clumsily tried to repeat his motion.
- Olya, or whoever you are, but what about sex? You love me? - He whispered.
I nodded, dumbfounded. Without a doubt, I loved it even more disliked, and it wanted to. I do not care what will happen if we leave. I just wanted him here and now.
Vlad's hands slid down my back. My breathing became more frequent. I clung to him as close as possible. My hugs were so strong that I felt every cell of his body. His breath as mine, quickening with every passing second. Our tongues intertwined, my arms wrapped tightly around his body, and he has walked under my skirt.
Suddenly occurred to me not quite knocked svoevrennaya thought.
- Vlad ..? - I whispered hoarsely.
He gently nibbled my neck.
- Yes? - He whispered, continuing to kiss my neck.
- And ... your parents ... they ...
- Damn! - Vlad abruptly pulled away from me, and I enthusiastically continued to stand by the wall and hoarse moan - Ol, because you trust me? Tell me, do you really want this? You know, because for me it's just the first time ...
I have agreed to not let him. His caress intoxicating effect on me.
- Oh, I'm sorry ... I'm a little ... Well ... You're my first ...
Vlad looked at me dumbfounded.
- In terms of the first? You had not yet never with anybody did not do it?
- You're killing me with your seriousness! No, I'm not so proshmandovka what I schiatayut. I will say more, I have not even with anyone not met and bottle never once played. Oh, and I do not smoke. A drunk just before last New Year and that with my mother!
I immediately realized what nonsense breccia. While talking stupid things to me was peculiar, but this truth about myself I have never told anyone.
My love looked at me with wide eyes.
- But ... why did you build yourself some slut ?! You do know that I hate it!
- Now I know. - Calmly I said again hung from the beloved's neck.
- Come after me! - Vlad pulled me off the hand. I trailed behind him melancholy, not noticing anything, except his hands, so delicate and so strong.
We stopped. Again he pressed me against the wall, this time cold, and rough stone. In the nose sharply struck me swing a beer and a smoke, and I confess, loved the smells, and even "in the shit" I never get drunk, have a drink in the company of loved Gopnik classmates.
Then I realized one thing: fuck in some gate, I do not want to.
- Vlad, that we will be right there? - A little sober, I asked.
In response, he again grabbed my wrist and dragged him into the entrance. Vlad pushed the button on the intercom.
- Ale? - Said a voice from the intercom.
- Lech, open, I'm at. - Vlad said.
The door squeaked and opened. We were on the stairs.
- Well, here you want? Or is it better to Lehi's go?
I nodded. Fuck on the stairs was not in my plans, but fuck at home in Lehi Andropov, my classmate and best friend Vlad was even worse.
So we were standing somewhere about three minutes carefully looking at each other. Type I had one more. Hair priglazhannye morning utjuzhkom almost on end stood, heart pounding, or omitted from the excitement from the run felts, roofing felts of all at once, ink was smearing all over his face, skirt ridden up, stockings in a grid and completely slipped.
Vlad the view was not the best, but it still was great. When my face nalilos paint already to such an extent that withstand the sight of Vlad, I could not slide down my body, I sat wearily on, standing in the entrance of the battery and started to unlace his boots. When this business was finished, I looked at Vlad and stupid childish smile at him. He sat down beside him. So we sat. Just sat and did not even think about sex.
Then he kissed me. That's when everything was renewed. He started to pull off my clothes, and while he undressed. We already undressed, lay down on the floor.
It was like something shameful. My face changed color from pink to almost purpunogo. He lay on top of me. He kissed me, licked, touched my breasts soon, I already smirivshish with all this, just scored on the fact that I was lying on the dirt floor in the entrance, the latest slut, that I is the subject of my obazhany and sighs that behaves too rasskovano for fifteen virgin.
Resist I had no strength and I just closed my eyes and tried as much as possible, relax.
His hands touched my clitoris. I shuddered. The next moment in my vagina penetrated his finger. I'm coming, from what I felt even more ashamed. After a few seconds, he entered me. Sudden severe pain pierced every cell of my body. Vlad quickly clamped my mouth.
- Hush. You do not want to hear the whole staircase you yelling and ran here.
I do not naturally like. I bit my lip. I wanted to scream, but I held back. Tears flowed from my eyes. I grabbed his hands in the back of Vlad. He persevered, not paying any attention to my torment.
Then Vlad groaned and I felt that he had finished.
Breathing heavily, he rolled off me and turned over on its side.
- Ol? - He whispered.
- A? - I said hoarsely.
- Do you remember that tomorrow at school?
I laughed. And it's true, damn it. And then I remembered that I am now at Tipo Dashki, and from that I was even more fun.
- Ol, I'll still love you. - Cheerfully said Vlad.
We got up and dressed quickly. The clock was already seven in the morning. Half an hour later to start the lessons.
In school we came tired but eerily dovlno. Katya from "AT" class and Julia and Lena from "B" class just hang with envy when they see us together .... Questions classmates as I was able to hook up his I answered your company "And here!". So we were together. And they live happily ever after.