My first woman

I became a man through unwitting help of his father's, and Mrs. Jones, our neighbor. For his tireless in sex and huge cock, my irrepressible Daddy, who fucked half of our women Lousvillya, and as they say, reached the mayor's wife, he received a nickname "stallion Smith".
It was all the more strange to see him in the company of Mrs. Jones, who for their inaccessibility and indifference to male courtship, like my dad, had a nickname "touchy Jones".
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So, these are two completely different people, staggering, and supporting each other, burst into our house. Seeing her dad in the community, I was blown away. Yet no woman, who appeared to him in the house, did not escape his bed. Many of them even married for a long time could not forget it and often stealthily by night frequented it.
Daddy met her at a charity party at Stone, and brought her home. They kissed for a long time, then dad flunked Mary on the bed and pulled the dress on her lush hips. Peeping at them, I first saw the magnificent female body, praised its beauty and perfection.
Being very shy, I was afraid to speak to the girls, remained a virgin for eighteen years.
He's so cool load of whiskey that shaking a few times, fell asleep at Mrs. Jones. As she toyed with him, he did not wake up. Mrs. Jones probably also did not lag behind him in alcohol consumption, otherwise they would not behave like that. Piled off the body of my dad's snoring, she slipped from the bed rumpled and swaying on unsteady legs, went in search of satisfaction. Because in addition to our apartment was no one else, she immediately found me.
Trying to concentrate, she sighted eyes narrowed, but alcohol did not let her concentrate. Meanwhile, it is still determined that the creature standing in front of her, and it was me - a male. That for her was enough to rush into the offensive. I was in a stupor, because I was uncontrollably poured impending health, incredibly perfect female body, trembling in deeply. We fell on my low bed, and Mrs. Jones are covered me. Choking under her hot body, passionately kissing him, I felt a warm woman's fingers firmly and gently mauled my languishing member. I groaned with pleasure, once in her tightly squeezed glowing bosom.
She was a passionate and tireless. Forcing me to satiate herself, she finally fell asleep, holding me against his chest. I fell asleep, clutching her lips nipple breast delicious.
We woke up at the same time. At first, she woke up and pushed my head away from you, to learn from someone else who shares the bed. Hearing me, she was confused at first, but then in her eyes I noticed a funny lights.
- You like it baby? - She asked quietly, making no attempt to cover her naked body.
- Yes, Mrs. Jones.
- Joana. Just Joan, baby. After all, you and I have become close enough for this.
- I was very happy with you Joan - I obediently repeated.
- Sorry kid, I do not remember. Would you like to repeat that I remembered?
- Oh-oh-oh, of course.
- Hold me tight baby.
Repeat Geoana, very much, and she invited me to her. So, we became lovers, and I am the man.