Katin bladder and his exploits

Tell a funny story below. Some details here are fictitious, but the story itself is based on real events, but rather on a real event :)

It happened about 5 years ago, I was studying at the institute in the second year, and was a friend of my freshman, which we just talked at first, and later met several times, and good time together. Kate was only 17 years old and it ran a lot of guys, a girl she was attractive, both in terms of appearance and sweet fellowship. I would not call it too cheeky or brash, it was a pretty low-key girl, but not boring, and with a good sense of humor.

Growth Katia was about 165 cm. Tolstoy, it can not be named, say that it was rather chubby. The legs she had a long and slender, I liked it. Cute, yet little baby face, in short, you guessed it, on her many looked with lust.

In the future, our life paths diverged with her, which is a pity. In other matters, we proceed directly to our stories.

Katya was from a happy family is not and never was fond of tight alcohol, but in his youth is all ... On that day, we strolled leisurely in a Moscow park, sipping a gin and tonic. As with the first portions was done, I bought something else, I do not remember, but Kate also asked some cocktail.

Soon people in the park became too much, and we decided to sit somewhere in a cozy place, where not so noisy and there to sit and socialize. Everything was very nice and touching. We Katya was not a serious relationship, but sex once was, and I say this to the fact that the relations between us are quite trustworthy. We sat and recalled some past incident, as well as some events from the life of the Institute, the yard was the end of October, before the session was a little more than a month, but there will not be about sad. :) When we were finishing their second cocktail on the bank, I said to myself that Kate already noticeably drunk, but within reasonable limits.

I told her some funny bike on one of our mutual friend, and then the conversation moved on to something else ... Katia quite loudly laughed and acted relaxed, alcohol helped her relax, I like it too. Meanwhile, I began to notice that Katyunya slightly once began to go to, if it's a concern, but it does not dare to say this ... More 5 minutes later, I noticed that from time to time she just cringes and fidgets as if she was cold.

But I immediately suspected that it was a drunk starts to put pressure on the valve, especially when you consider that Katya in our entire trip has never pee and find a deserted place and pee on the street that day was problematic, t. To. It was Sunday and it was too crowded in the park. Kate was not one of those girls who just sits so watered soil in a poorly hidden place, risking to be seen by someone's lustful eyes, however, a problem with the toilet had to occur sooner or later.

I must say that I myself shortly before his same problem prudently decided and I still almost did not want to, but Katherine has become increasingly drop out of the conversation and change posture: that one foot will throw on the other, it will spread back to the heels that -That taps on the pavement and on all parties to look back ... In other matters, it lasted long. As far as I remember, Katie did not have any serious complexes about natural needs, and if she had to take a leak, it is always a little embarrassed, but surely said something like: "I was in the toilet at the moment the race ... ". Nuance was the fact that there is within sight of anything resembling civilian toilet was not observed. I thought that sound logic, Kate would cost now is not to wait until the problem will acquire critical, and even ask me if I know where you can find a toilet, soon the way it happened.

After waiting another pause in the conversation, Katya half-whisper said, you do not know, there are normal toilets? I said that about the toilets do not know, but you can move to my home, that is not to far away -.. 6 stops on the subway and then another 10 minutes on foot, besides on the street began to drizzle nasty autumn rain. Kate agreed, but somehow not very confident, perhaps she would have wanted to ease sooner rather than suffer the whole way, but it may be too shy to seem a little impatient girl and agreed.

As we walked to the subway, Kate was perfectly calm, betrayed it except a few tense facial expression as if focused on something in the way, I understand the reasons, and I must honestly admit, I was wildly excited. As long as we crawled down the escalator, I pretended that I type a message on your phone, but the corner of his eye closely followed my girlfriend. She stood almost quietly, but from time to time like a little cringe hips and frowned.

She did it and barely noticeable from the outside it is not evident, however, I had a suspicion that the girl wants to have decent toilet and forced to hold back. Perhaps while we were in the park, Katyunya lightly attaches no importance to weak urges, which could occur even after the first banks, relying that the toilet somehow he shall find and doterpela until the moment when the discomfort is already prevents thinking about something other than toilet.

Previously, we had a couple of instances where we walked, and Kate had to take a leak, but in those times the toilet was near once quickly, and now I had the opportunity to observe the brooks girl and I have a factory. The people in the subway was a little, and we immediately took Katya vacancies at the end of the car. I began to talk about various trifles Kate, but she, in my opinion, not very attentively listened to, she sat, legs crossed, and from time to time continued to somehow shake a little and pinched as if she tickles or cold.

I realized that after alcohol increases the desire to piss in a short period of time and now two large cocktail drunk Katya quickly processed in her body, moving into the bladder, and brought the girl a lot of discomfort. Perhaps the reader will say that I am a pervert and sadist, that it was necessary to help the girl find a toilet and relieve her from the torment, but I can say in my defense that I am not forced to endure her, she agreed to go to my house. All the time while we were driving, Katyunya though and sat tensely and huddled up, but on the whole, kept himself in hand, but when we got off the train and started to get out into the street, the liquid apparently was the already unbearable pressure on the bladder, which is reflected on Katina walk .

She was small, mincing gait, as if she badly hurt something in the crotch or she was afraid to let go her hips, she always frowned and somehow offended pursed lips, as if blaming everyone around you that due to them at that moment she should suffer. "Bliin, the toilet like Kick! mmozhzhet, come here look for something?" - Suddenly shyly murmured Katerina slightly slurred, when we went out. Kate blushed, apparently it is a decent girl, not really smiled to urinate in public places, but the mess oneself on the street seemed outlook even worse when you consider that Kate was wearing a short skirt and tights, and hide your shame from others had no chance .

I began to look around from side to side, looking after some possibilities for such emergency in this moment for my girlfriend wet affairs. Kate stood in a pose poluskryuchennoy nervously stamped his right foot as a restless child, which make learning boring lesson. I must say that the street was not warm, and dressed Kate was almost summery and casual passers-by, he saw Kate, you might think she just froze and madly trying to keep warm. Finally, looking around, I decided that for the nearest pharmacy can be offered shelter and Kate go out there, it is a joyful obedience hobbled after me, hoping that soon enough torment to an end.

But it turned out that the location of the pharmacy is hardly secluded, nearby there were some construction work and always someone ran past. "Damn, when they already fall down!" - Kate whimpered pitifully, eagerly danced in place. I said to Kate, that the workers are busy with their chores, and if I do it'll cover, most likely, do not pay attention to us, but she still continued peretaptyvatsya hesitated, apparently had not had her defecate 10 meters from unfamiliar men who could at any time to see what they are not supposed to see. "Obossus have right now!" - Hissed irritably dancing Katyusha. I was surprised I had not heard from her these words, but now apparently drunk alcohol and languishing bladder did their job.

At some point, Katya suddenly stopped as if to something by listening, then crossed her legs and became, as it were, slowly squat ... I thought it should be possible at the end of deterrence and the first drops already seeping into cowards. Apparently I was right, because the next moment Katya hurriedly gave me her purse and umbrella, and asked me as best you can shut it from unwanted viewers. Then everything happened very quickly: convulsive movement exhaust skirt was Zadran and tights with shorts sd¸rnuty. At the same moment Katya sat deep and sonorous zazhurchal.

She was all red with shame, but at the same time on her lovely little face display the blissful smile. It seemed at that moment Kate has nothing to do with the outside world, even if it someone would have seen, it is unlikely she would find the strength to stop the flow of bliss. For finishing writing, rolling relief sighed and muttered something unintelligible, such as: "nearly died". When the girl had returned the clothes to their rightful places, a pool of impressive dimensions beneath it began to spread, and a thin trickle flowed somewhere to the side, where people hang out. We briskly fled the scene, and now Kate walked back light and sprightly gait drunkenly giggling with delight. Later, a couple of times I reminded Kate about this case, but she shyly smiled and tried to change the subject.