I am calling Andrew, I'm 35 years old (height 180), my wife - Oksana, her 33 years. She was not tall brunette (an increase of 165), with a good figure and beautiful breasts second size.
This story happened a few years ago. Once back on Saturday night with his wife to the beach and suddenly, not far from his house, by chance, I met my army friend of Oleg. He was with a friend, met, his name was Vadim. We Oleg had not seen for about 10 years, so it began to fill each other's questions. We decided somewhere to sit and remember the youth. I offered to come to visit us. Oleg and Vadim were not against my wife, too. Moreover, we sent her son on vacation to her parents, and tomorrow was a day off. Oksana went home, and the three of us went to the store. We purchase the necessary rations - Statement of vodka, the wife of a bottle of red wine, fruits, etc.
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While walking to the store, my wife managed to take a shower, change clothes (she was wearing shorts and a topic, which is perfectly emphasized her figure), fry the potatoes, making salad. In general, to our arrival it was almost ready. They sat down at the table, drank to the meeting of army friends. We mainly talked with Oleg, Oxana and Vadim listened, then his wife is a little tired, and she offered to Vadim a little dance. We Oleg shuttled between the bathroom and a balcony. After a while we ended alcohol pretty drunk, but decided to continue. Vadim volunteered to go to the store and continued our meal.
Army theme is over and we have to remember that as the walked through the arrival of the army, about mutual friends. And when they came to his personal life, Oleg a bit isolated, but then he told that the divorced wife. He added that all women are used ... and they have only one thing on his mind. I disagreed with him. For some time we stopped talking, then he suddenly asked:
Your ¬¬- do not change?
The question was unexpected and I was even confused. There was a silence, I looked through the glass window at his wife dancing with Vadim and somehow not confidently replied:
- No.
Then, after a pause, he added:
- Probably.
- I thought so too. But it turned out ...
I looked at Oksana and saw Vadim's arm began to fall from the waist of his wife on her ass. Oksana, something Vadim said, and then his hand back on the waist of the partner's hand. Vadim's hand moved down again. Oksana again it lifted into place. This went on for some time. Apparently, Oksana got sick, and she after a while ceased to pay attention to it. Vadim's hand was on the ass of my wife.
Oleg said that all women are, and my most likely no exception. I stared at Ksenia and did not say anything, I thought in my head all mixed up. Then he had said something. But I have not listened to him carefully and thought of only one thing - Oleg rights or not. And suddenly he asked:
- And how it can be learned?
- What are you talking about?
- About his wife. I can not believe that she was cheating on me.
- And do you want to know?
- Yes. But as?
Oleg followed my gaze and saw a hand, too Vadim, now it is not just lying, he had squeezed the buttocks Ksenia!
- Well I do not know. Maybe better not to know? Throw it out of my head. Let's go have a drink.
Sitting at the table, I was only thinking about one thing - how do you know? But any thoughts never occurred. The next time we were on the balcony with Oleg, I again began to talk about it.
- And it is after work is delayed?
- Sometimes. She works in a school. Teachers' meetings, classroom hours, checking notebooks, which are the meeting.
- You can try to trace. This will require a lot of time. I'll take a week at his own expense and following. But this can not provide anything.
- What can we do?
Looking at Oksana Vadim, he said:
- Well, you can try it now ... to strip unwind.
- AND…?
- Well ... if it is with her husband and with us undress ... then ...
I thought, and looked out the window. Oksana grabbed neck Vadim arms, her head on his shoulder, her eyes closed. Vadim something she whispered in his ear, his hands have done all that they wanted. One crumpling ass wife, and the other was already a topic.
- Well I do not know …
Looking again window, Oleg said:
- Come on a bet that if it is to part with clothes willingly, I won. If not, you are. At the same time new and something about his wife might know.
- And to argue that - once I asked.
- In the case of vodka. If you have something does not suit, you can stop at any time. But the dispute will be lost.
I wondered. And, perhaps, under the influence of alcohol consumed and the desire to learn, unexpectedly for himself said:
- Ok, I agree. But only underpants.
- As you say. But only one condition - do not bother us.
- What does not interfere?
- You do not have to take our steps with Vadim.
- And what do I do?
- Nothing, just sit and watch. You can take the camera and record everything that happens. What would have happened then disputes.