Misted glass

It happened during my trip. My wife Alina-thin blonde 23 years with small grudmi and ass-one stayed for a week. About what happened in one August evening, I learned upon returning home, with wild jealousy awakened in me an incredible thrill of her words. Here is how it was:
One warm evening Masha friend invited my beloved to his guests to unwind and get away from boring sitting at the TV. Without thinking she was dressed up in a hurry, an easy topic on the straps, skirt just above the knee and Sandal and ran outside. Dusk. Alina decided to walk to a friend and walked along the park enjoying the smell of summer. After a couple of minutes on the roadside stopped Lada 10kA and from the open window a young man of 25 invited to drive a beautiful girl. Standard situation.
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So I thought, and my wife and did not pay attention, however, the pressure, the sincerity of a smile and sense of humor of a young man completely lost its common sense and a little broken Alina jumped into the passenger seat. "Well, let the drive up so if you want it"-Think it. Man called Dima and told "let's get acquainted" he offered a little ride around the city. All passed with ease, wedding ring did not bother Dmitry, he asked where her husband, and jokingly suggested to fool around in his absence.
The cheerful conversation Alina did not pay attention to the fact that the car is close to the city border and leaves the ring. On the question of where do we go, Dima replied, in a suburban cafe. Despite the darkness of the street, my wife is nothing to worry, with such a gentleman nothing happens. Started forest belt, and then the car swerved off the road into the woods, drove 150 meters and drove in some nook, stopped. Dima killed the engine, and extinguished the lights snapped on the door panel. All this time Alina speechless silence, not knowing whether to cry, or to request release. It was completely dark and quiet. "Well, let's get acquainted closer"-Just a gentle and intelligent voice said companion. The heart of my wife beating like mad.
-Let's, uh, it was like a joke to translate the whole situation is.
-How about a blowjob?
-Mineta? I do not want to suck?
The question is not what Alina discouraged, she did not know what to do, under the ankle was already a sense of impending problems.
-I do not know, all I could come up with it.
-And I will teach. Married and do not know how! Husband Does not that suck dick? Come on! And he began unbuckling the belt.
-Please, can I go, I will not tell anyone, just release.
-Look, bitch, if you still do not understand where to hit, I can explain to you on the bad. Yes, do not worry, relax, I will not hurt you. Let's make each other nice, you want to do this.
-I do not want ... Alina already almost cried, but assessing the situation in the deep woods, knew that was left with no choice. Meanwhile, in the dark already flashed white shorts rapist, and judging by the shape, the penis and the eggs were already outside.
-Come cat, gently whisper said driver You work mouth. Alina brushed back her hair, and slightly leaning over the member decided, come what may. The rest of the way her head was done under the pressure of a strong hand. Involuntarily revealing her lips, she felt like a mouth filled with greasy smelly penis as his wet head opens and closes on her tongue. Breathing had his nose and the smell of urine and semen from the new owner called the gag reflex. Dima snorted softly to the beat Alininyh movements are increasingly forcing his dick in the throat. A minute later, he abruptly pulled the suction from her member head: "Undress come on!"
-But you promised ...
-Nothing anyone did not promise, take off your pants and shoes skirt, female, male rigidly said. Aline is nothing to do but to obey the order and covering her ass and pussy to climb at the request of the back seat. The rapist with his pants down perekorabkalsya followed her and immediately found himself body between her legs. The cigarette smell from the mouth and hot breath in his ear made my favorite close your eyes and turn away. She felt like a fat gob fell on her shaved pussy. Then saliva smeared on her pink lips and began to knead them much. On their lubrication was not out of the question, because the first attempts to poke failed, to spit pussy again five, drool running down her thighs and buttocks, Dima collected them on his fingers, and began comes up against the hole. A minute later, hard penis has already started to push the sexual gubochki my wife and abundantly lubricating secretions pink insides squeeze deeper. ABOUT
stably vegetation on the scrotum and pubis shekotala clinging to climb the penis into the vagina of my Alina, disgust oppressed sweaty body rapist. The car was filled with a heavy smell of male sweat and wet breathing fuck two persons. On glasses misted occasionally flashed the lights of passing cars on the highway. Alina started moaning from the sweet pain and humiliation to be torn strange hairy arms, which brazenly crushed ass Spreading Her half and played with the anus. He lifted himself and Aline shirts and tightly pressed to the hot wet nipples sisechki my wife. At this point his finger was in the anus and Alina began to wield it. The contents of her intestines gently propukalo him deeper. Ring from the anus as a wedding ring hugged his finger.
Dirty smelly fuss lasted five minutes. Drool dripped from his mouth rapist on the body and face of my Alina. Salon complemented smells his fingers after a visit to the ass of my girl. Her mangled alien phallus insides squished loudly and erupted smell of animal copulation, close on two swollen genitals. Roar out of the mouth rapist announced that my wife's womb is filled with someone else's seed, fragrant and sticky egg white, enveloping razdrakonenny clitoris and gluing delicate walls of the female's womb. Alina downcast eyes silently slumped in anticipation of the continuation. She had no idea what lay ahead of her ...
In case of positive evaluation, to be continued.