As I drank the semen from my wife

She called me at work and asked the seventh floor ... I want to try now?
- What to try, I asked.
- What I'm offering.
I'm just speechless. I did not know ... she says seriously, or not.
But his wife, it seems, has been set up very seriously ...
- What are you silent, afraid of?
- Well no. Let's try.
- Good. Then wait for me at home today. And do not go to bed without me.
She hung up.
My wife had a lover. That is, she had a lover, and sometimes she made love even with his friends. We had a very complicated love polygon. There was me, my husband, who loved her and himself in his time which pushed her to ensure that she slept with another man. It was her current lover, Boris, the driver of her headmistress. With Boris, she met about a year. I knew about Boris. Boris knew about me. I mean he knew what I know about what he is fucking my wife. My wife first met him after work. Then he stayed the night at his house. But not recently took 2 days to at least she did not suck at Boris. As she told me, he could call her and invite to the garage. She descended from her department.
I climb into the car and took him into her mouth. Boris were friends. Igor and Andrew. At first Boris offer to try three times - and she met with a member of Igor. And on the Day of the birth of Boris she lay down under Andrew. But group sex they rarely happens. Boris was the owner and even insisted on the fact that in those days when she was sleeping with him, she has no right to have sex with me. Neither before nor after.
Basically, I was the weight of the plant. Although not entirely satisfied with. From the outset, engaged in the corruption of his wife, I dreamed that I would fuck her with other men. But in fact, the other fucked her with other men. But I was pinned sex and my wife was like before the wedding.
But back to this evening. One wife told me ...
- You know, I want to come home after I fuck all three of them, and that you swallowed all the sperm, which will be on me and in me ...
- Do you really want it?
- True. And you?
- Let's try, but somehow it's ...
- It's disgusting?
- Well I do not know....
- But I swallow their sperm. And your way, too. Try it. I want pochuvstovat this buzz. I am a whore for a few hours will fuck three men. Then they were going to take me home. And as we go, I'll take in the mouth of all three.
And at home - you. And you will swallow their sperm. Unless you do not plant?
- Factory, I said, and promised to try it sometime.
That time has come.
Frankly, in sober mind all that caused excitement when we lay naked in bed, is very different emotions. And sitting at home, I could hardly imagine Thu oya will do when he gets a wife. And it did not come.
In the first half of the night in our entrance signaled the machine. It was a signal. My wife always did. Now it will go. I froze.
My wife came into the room and commanded - lie down on the bed. I lay down, it came to me. Her face clearly showed signs of a blowjob. She knelt and kissed me passionately. I almost stashnogo. I felt the cum on her tongue. Sperm and was in her mouth. It did not disappoint. Apparently the last time it finished in the mouth a couple of minutes ago. When it seemed that the whole sperm is now in my mouth, she pulled away from me.
- Like?
- Yes, I barely squeezed out of himself.
- What I like, you have no idea.
And she unbuttoned coat. There was nothing under it. She sat on me and offered me his chest. It was dried semen.
- Lick, wife commanded. And I began to wet the first trickle of dried and then lick them.
When I finished, she smiled ... And now, the most delicious.
She stood over me and took off her panties. And I put them on my face. Shorts smelled sex. Rather smelled fuck my wife.
She fumbled them on my face and said ... Close your eyes and open your mouth, it will be easier.
I closed my eyes. Something happened. And I realized - that. She sat on my vagina on his face. The sharp smell hit my nose. But it was too late to retreat. I pulled the language and overcoming the gag reflex she shoved it into the vagina. There was semen. His wife began to moan ... then you tell me more vylizhesh ass, I have ended there, too ... and .....
After 15 minutes it was over. His wife lay beside completely satisfied and happy ... You know, that I lacked.
Now you'll always be changed to lick. You do not mind?
- No, I said quite sincerely. I was ashamed and very nice at the same time.
- Excellent. And yet ... my love, why do not I will not take as long as you have in your mouth, and then my lyubovnichka completely wear out my mouth. He is very tired. You're patient, love ...