Samira The penalty for treason

Kate was a student and she was the mistress Samira Japanese who studied with her. But once she Samir changed with another girl. Kate decided to punish her. When, after uchoby Samir came to her that Kate dragged her into the bedroom. Samira thought that now it would be nice kakzhe she was wrong. Kate began to undress Samir when her panties were odi Katya told her to lie on krovar legs apart and hands and close your eyes, she did just that. Katya tutzhe strapped her arms and legs to the legs of the bed with handcuffs.

Samir immediately frightened and why it Cratchit. Katya response is then inappropriately INTO change and now I will punish you zhistoka. Samira became platakt and just lovely Katya inappropriately pozhalusta nebudu I'm more, I'm sorry. Kanechno nebudesh and punishment will still be. Kate Snell off his socks and stuffed in her mouth roaring eposhke and covered her mouth Skoch. Now start Katya said.

She began to knead the chest Samiri, it is strongly squeezed the soft flesh with your fingers and nails on Katori were red marks. It is strongly pinched the skin from which Samir squealed through the gag. Ktya wriggle krupnvye nipples Samira she szhimalyaih nails and povochivala 360 degrees and tenula to the top from which nails prorizali skin and oozing blood, Samir pain lowed through the gag and twitched as she was allowed to handcuff her face was bathed in tears. Kate laughed and kept saying you will know how to change.

After playing tits Samira Katia became spuskatsa below it pinched her stomach and twisted the skin. Kate got up and vzela metal pegs she wore one on her right breast sasok Samira. Delicate skin isterzanuyu already squeezed metal clips clothespins Samir choked with tears, she was horrified kagda thought of INTO will happen next. Kate wore a clothespin on the other nipple and again sudaroga potresla eponki body. Katya turned Samir and chained her again, she unresisting.

Katya vzela belt prinelas smack crucified on Kovata Samir, she beat her legs and ass belt ostovlyaet red marks. Samir writhing in pain from the voice streams of tears flowed and from zakleinogo mouth vyryalis moans. Katya flogged mercilessly feet and Japca girl covered Bogrov and blue scars, dark blue ass, leather nevyderzhivaya torn and blood appeared.

After 20 minutes, spanking girls ass was zakonchina Bogrov became blood. Katya has not calmed down, she decided to deprive Samir anal virginity. Katya prenesla huge dildos and abruptly drove it into the anus girls Samir screamed through the gag and shook all bodies of her anus was bleeding rolling back and took out a member of the sharp movement to drive it inside Samira poor every time break through the cramp. So it was just 200 and then Katya vunula cock and anal Samira left alone.

Kate Snell with mamipy gag she begged to stop Katya said well if you drink my urine exhausted Samir cried and nodded rolling pee in a bottle and began to pour into the mouth that swallowed Samira through the power of this disgusting liquid. In this torture over more than once, Samir has not changed Katya this torture she remembered for a lifetime!