On the sea

We met by chance with you, as often happens in the south. I was walking after work and you spend the next day of its release, so similar to the previous - Sea, cafes, sea and again without end, and without serious adventure. Exchanged a pair of conventional phrases, means that each of us have absolutely nothing to do, we decided that an innocent stroll through the city, we will not hurt, especially since it is still light and the day was warm and the sea breeze and the rustling of palm trees and the sound of the surf and are asked not to think about anything serious, and walk slowly and talk about nonsense about how good the mountains are generally cool to live in the south. You took me by the arm, as the onset of twilight, when the air is cool and gentle, inspired you what is distant and vague memories of something good and warm, from a distant youth, when the romantic idea seems about to come true. I felt the warmth of your palm on your hand, and your romantic mood communicated itself to me.
We are not talking, but just went with the blue sea and a rare mood ,, when the feeling of tranquility turns into admiration all around, and the desire to share his warmth. Quickly came the southern night, and we were at the far end of the promenade, in a place where the sea flows into a stormy mountain river.
You went to the parapet and silently looking at the water. It seems to me that you are slightly chilled, and I embrace you from behind by the shoulders and I feel a slight trembling, you are waiting for this. I gently stroke your shoulders, pressing her face to your hair, and revel in their scent. You turn back the hands, and I feel your hands on my hips. Wow, now I can take your chest in the palm of my god - you without a bra, and I caress your nipples. We have long kiss his mouth full, indulging in tongues, who gets very excited, and so we try to hold on to the edge of the language of each other's lips, or simply weave language. My cock was ready to break my faded jeans, and you're playing, stroking him or cuddle him ass. I keep one hand to fondle your breasts and the other going down below the stomach, timidly at first, afraid that at the last moment you get scared, and all this madness will stop. So I felt the bump of your pubic area, under a thin dress and silk panties narrow palpated your hair, your hand is covering my, really all over. Second, the two and you dare. Your fingers guide my hand below, you poor thing, all is already wet. Tight-fitting pants are your pussy lips, I keep moving your finger back and forth easily touching the fabric, teasing you. You are wider and wider spreads her legs, going to meet my hand, and then, unable to stand, hoarse whisper ... "with them".
But I want to prolong this sweet little flour and only shifts the fabric to make the perineum. Now I caress your every crease in individual and, especially, the clitoris. I continue to kiss you, your eyes, your neck, your chest. You're already half-sitting on the warm stone slab, legs apart, and I kiss and caress you. Here are my fingers went into you, you flinched and pulled her knees up to her chest. Clever, and now I can easily release you from the panties. You've already sitting, holding his knees, legs spread apart, and the subject of my special desire disclosed like a flower. I go down on my knees, very strong desire to one`s lips in this treasure, and I can not deny myself in this udovol tion.
I lick you, revel in your musky scent, his tongue touch your lips and the inside of the thighs, descend below the vagina and ass, I take in my mouth every sponge while tickling her tongue. You batters, convulsively you lean back, gasping for air and then bite her lips not to cry. I press your face wet cheek and whisper ... "I want to caress the clitoris, help me". You answer a strangled whisper, with a hint of reproach ... "What are you doing with me?", Palm to wipe my face and dug into my lips a long kiss, then say ... "Do as you like".
I put you back on the parapet, I take your hand and put it on the pubis. You widely spreads her legs and fingers of the hand exposes the clitoris so that I can capture his lips. I suck and tickle his tongue, you suddenly bends and extends throughout the body shiver, then you into relaxation straightens bent knees and lie still, I kiss your eyes and neck, lips, I'm glad that it happened, you finished ...
The beginning is not bad. Here you open your eyes and, as if apologizing, saying ... "I have .. and you?" and sit down on his haunches in front of me, with his dress and knees wide apart. I will help you pull off my jeans, pain in the testicles and lower abdomen unbearable, but my comrade, being in your hands, immediately cheered. Here you have to play with him, touching his lips to the head and gently kiss, one hand massaging my swollen testicles. I was turned off and the plaintive whisper ... "Take him ". Here it is already in your mouth, and you gently and rhythmically suck his tongue touching the head. You discard the straps of her dress from her shoulders, and the dress slips down ,. exposing your chest, I can see how you start to harden nipples again. At this point, with the force of a jet of sperm splashed in you, you stopped, for a moment, swallowed, and then sucked every last drop, said joking ... " Not disappear as good ..". I raised you from his squatting position, my hand immediately turned out between your legs, I want you again, but a bit later. We have merged in a kiss, and sat there, arms around each other, coming to himself ten minutes. I whisper to you ... "I want you in the present, how are you?". "Let's try" - You said, and gently took hold of my cock and kissed the head, and then walked the tongue, from which he immediately jumped up as a pioneer. I gave up on the parapet shirt and sat you. Cool, your thighs fell just in front of my penis. You spread her legs and bent their knees, we hugged, cool your bare feet pressed against my thighs. Kissing you hand sent my dick in, but are not introduced immediately, and his head touches the labia and thighs, and so they played until wet again. Now you slowly began to enter my hard dick in itself, a hand holding the testicles that excited me even more, I crushed your chest, palms feeling your nipples. We move faster and faster, I put you on your back and arms spread your legs wide apart, now I'm all about you, and I feel like my testicles touch your anus and he reflexively shrinks with every movement. I am very OFDM take you in the ass.
Saliva moisten your ass, you understand everything " Just be careful ..." - You ask. I bend your legs and press them to your chest, then I breed apart. You're all in front of me, cunt wide open and exudes moisture that flows down to the ass. You're lying, eyes closed, expecting pain. No, it will not hurt. I gently kiss your feet, your hips, your pussy, penetrating tongue into the vagina and the anus. Now you are relaxed, you can begin. I offer a member of your face and touch your lips, you immediately take it in his mouth and swelling moistened with saliva. I cautiously, millimeter pushes his dick in you, you arched, you little scary, but you stand, my dear girl. Everyone I came in. I bend down to you, caress your chest, neck and hips. You relax again. I'm starting to move, at first gently, then harder and harder. You're not afraid, you are all to give me, we become whole, we overwhelmed rapture of love and affection for each other. I introduce to you fingers into the vagina, you do not remember yourself, only faintly you pronounce ... "Yes .... so .... do not stop ..., I'm all yours ... cute ...". I straightened, and in the moonlight I see you naked and sensual, wide-open for me ... Everything jet of sperm splashed in your ass, we both began to tremble. " Do not rush " - And ask you, squeeze your buttocks, ... squeeze the last drop of sperm from my relaxing member. ..........................

Buenos Aires