Violence for the benefit !?

This is the real story took it in '90. My parents and I were going to relocate to Canada. In those days of May we decided to spend with friends, parents with their friends in the country, I and my apartment. Combining my 18 summer goodbye and I was invited to her friends. The party was a success, we had a good rest at last. Since it was the middle of the week, all went quite early, I had a long farewell to all at the entrance, many have promised to take me to the airport. Naplakal and heard plenty of promises about the correspondence, I hurried home, there were still two. Light neighbor girl 14 years old and Jura each yard for games vozrasta.V my half-empty apartment is quiet music playing, no light, no Jura in the living room was not, "probably gone home" I decided. I turned off the tape recorder, and only heard a strange noise in my room. I went to the door, he stood and silently opened. What I saw was not real to so many strange and terrible that I was stunned. On my old bed lay Light, she wore only unbuttoned blouse and socks, her hands were tied to the headboard of the bed my silk scarf, pants and short skirt lying on the floor. Above the small body of a teenager sitting Yuri, I must say that the Jura only one of my friends were from dysfunctional, a bully, like his father, who was sitting again. Jura roughly crushed girlish small breasts, and a fumbling badly in the crotch Amy. Girl muffled mumbling through the gag made resourceful Yura from something that came to him by the arm. Hearing, as I entered, Jura raised his head. I once used it so could not see his face was a beast vorozhenie and lust. Sveta, too, turned to me with tears wet lichiko.- came. - Said Yura, - We tut- Let her go - and could only mutter I. 'Why, we have only begun true beauty? - Girl in response huddled on the bed, and it amused Yuru.- Let her she's still a girl - Again hem voice I. I know that girl, but it's not nadolgo.- Jura Let her, her mother would look. - Do not let it slip I. This will be a fool, she told me that mother in the night today, so that none of her not hvatitsya.Ya some time stared at Yuri, and then turned and ran to the door, two Jura step overtook me and pushed back into the room you I did not do, but this night she zapomnitsya.- Jura is not necessary. - A broken voice I whispered. - Jura some time looking at me, and then skazal.- Well I come up with something more interesting on, I did not fuck her, and ty.Ya not believe my ears, my brain refused to digest what is happening. Jura pushed me to the bed writhing on devochke.- Come if you would not fuck her, I'll do what's worse? - Jura was right I was the lesser of two evils. And I went to the Light, my knees buckled, the whole body was trembling. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the light. Sveta looked less than his age, very pretty and refined, soft blond hair spread over the pillow. I looked around her body, small sharp breasts, reddened by caresses Jura, flat tummy, and sparse pubic guns. Light always walked behind me tail, resorted to me at recess, asked for advice and help, and now I had to harm the girl. Realizing that the source of danger, and now am I, Light hurts kicked me with his foot, vskochila.- I'll help you. - Said Yuri and began to rummage through my things, finding a nylon tights, he broke them, and they tied his feet to two girls bedposts. Now Light almost could not move. - Start. He pushed me.I sat down on the edge of the bed, and touching the hair devochki.- Quiet, calm down, I think I am better than him. - Light continued to squirm. - No, you hurt yourself. I began to stroke her hair, her face, wiped the tears from her cheeks. I leaned toward her face as close as she could, whispering soothing words. The girl stopped trying to get rid of the shackles. She was breathing heavily, and I decided to remove the Clever klyap.- now I pull out a gag, and you will not cry. - Light I nodded and took the gag out of her mouth. Light fulfilled its promise, and only sobbed convulsively, she was horrified glances at the man standing at the window Yuru.- Do not look back now only you and I calm down. - I put my hand on her chest. Then gently held by the neck to the belly, I tried to do everything in so gently, as far as she could. I stroked the belly, chest, down to the bottom of the hips and began to caress the legs and thighs, do not know if I woke up in what is instinct, but I just knew what to do. Very soon light I stopped crying, then she closed her eyes, then looked at me, I tried to catch her every breath, that to understand where it is pleasant to her. I tried not to look at Yuri and not think about how it satisfies itself, looking at us. I caressed her breasts melenko trying caresses soothe the pain that caused her Jura. Light stopped sobbing, now she often breathed, and tried to keep every moment of touching her body. I again went to the bottom, stroking the thighs from the inside, gently touching the most sensitive spot. I gently fingered every crease, caressed and stroked the little swollen bud devochki.Mne think we left off at the same time, not just me and the Light, and Jura. I sat down on the body of light, trying to regain his breath, and she was still trembling all over and moaning faintly. I did not notice that went Jura, only heard the front door slam. I forced myself to podnyatsya.- I'll lock the door. - When I came back the Light has come into sebya.- Now I untie you - But it was not easy, I ran to the kitchen for a knife, and freed her legs. Hands girls I untied myself. Once free, he curled into a ball of light. I covered her and sat on krovat.- Forgive me. - I squeeze out of yourself. I heard quiet sobbing of Light, I do not come to mind there is nothing better than laying down next to her and hug. Light has allowed me to do this, I took her hand. Thoughts were confused, I knew only one thing, I'm a Woman raped, not by choice, but if someone asked me, "Do you like it", I would have said, "YES" I soon fell asleep, hugging devochku.Utrom I got up early, it was still dark, I went to the kitchen to make coffee, light rose immediately after me, I heard she got up, the girl got dressed and left the bedroom. Seeing me, she ostanovilas.- I'm home. He said ona.- course. Just drink coffee with me. - Light for some time looked at me, then I sat ryadom.- Ya Do not. - Light interrupted me. - I understand. - We drank coffee in silence. Light got up and went to the door, I got up, too, in the doorway of Light ostanovilas.- You did everything right, you're better than he is, thank you - Her voice broke. She wanted to say something but just shook her head and ushla.Bolshe I did not see her, do not come to the airport or the light is not the Jura, later wrote to me that Yura planted what became Sveta and I did not recognize, some say, she soon married, others that she just left .... if she will forgive me actually, I do not know. As this event has changed my life. Changed I love women, I love femdominirovanie, I can not forget this case. I consoled himself that in this situation it was the only way out. Light remained a girl, the only injury that has been applied to it, it is a psychological, and whether she coped with νει[email protected]