Enema of the future

- Mike! Do not! I am better now! I do not want! Let's wait until my mother comes.
Maya dragged his brother's hand to a white door with a green cross. She knew that if my mother comes, she will not participate in the treatment of the sick, and so was in a hurry to do everything herself. Brother fought weakly, realizing that now sister received a coveted power over him, and it will be impossible to stop. He waited a shame.
White door opened and Alex was in the room hated. How many times he experienced here is a humiliation, but before watching this, his mother, sister and now .... She was in fact only 12, she was his older only 6 years old! She is a girl, wants to see him naked ... but nothing helped.
Maya has stripped his brother. Here she took his gum cowards ... they slowly slid to his knees and fell to the floor. Gently slapping his hand over his bare ass, Maya pushed his brother to a large object resembling a letter "H".
Alex, resigned from his position, went back to the letter and stood, legs apart and hands up. From translucent plastic put forward the clamps and firmly fixed the limbs and body of the child. In contrast of shimmering crystal screens popped cylinder chamber and manipulators. It began routine testing of Automatic Medic.
Maya is something typed on the keyboard and manipulators close to the belly boy. Palpate the abdomen on all sides, I turned AM panel, to which was attached Alex 180 degrees so that the boy was to Sina kamere.Plastikovye "arms" Alex pushed the buttocks and a small probe is easily slipped into his anus.
At this time, a woman's voice droned on: "Alex Vaskovits 2561 birth. 3. Card number found difficulty in bowel movement. The method of treatment: the complete intestinal lavage."
Alex Panel turned horizontally and slightly shifted. Now Alex was lying on his back, his knees were bent and ass peeking down from the crossbar sveshivayas letters "H". Again he felt the cold tire touches it "lower cheeks" and pushing them. Flexible thin tube inserted in his ass and began to penetrate deeper.
The tube is already inside Alex's swollen in two places so that the boy felt inside his intestines appeared a small ball, and at the same time broke his buttocks, disclosed in the same ball outside. Immediately after the tube flowed water.
Alex could not prevent this stream, he could not even push a lousy thing. He just lay there, groaning, and from time to time turned to the priest, as it allows you to compress the plastic.
Mike eagerly looked at how tormented her brother, looked at his peepka sticking up on the hole, from which protruded the hose.
When Alex already felt that it was about to burst, the water suddenly stopped flowing. But he could not poop. The tube still stuck in the ass and let the water out the door.
Alex lay on his back, suffering from the pressure in the gut with a faster fading hope for bowel movements.
A few minutes later the panel turned vertkalno, but the boy's legs and remained bent. He seemed to be sitting in the air. Under it was a substitute the reservoir of black plastic and the handset, suzivshis to normal size, finally came out of his ass. Alex, gleefully exhaling, relaxed, and from his zadik splashed water jet together with intestinal contents.
Maya looked at him to reveal any wider outside the anus, from which flowed the stream, and wondered how her little brother could fit so much water. Soon, however, the waterfall has dried up, but the pot did not disappear, but still hung under the booty Alex. The boy hung motionless a few seconds, then strained and poured black plastic portion of the second water. Then there was a loud "bunch" and Alex smiled blissfully.
Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Mike with glowing eyes watched the entire execution. The boy turned red as a tomato, imagining that he had just seen his sister, but then his agony again.
The panel then turned horizontally and the other handset has been put to the thicker his pink hole. Her tip was smooth and glistening with gel, which covered the whole tube. The machine ushers tube to the anus of Alex, and began to push it inside. It was a little frustrating, but the boy knew that resistance is useless - would be worse. The car is not a man, pity is not.
Inside his intestines inflated balloon again. Alex inwardly shrunk waiting pressurized water flow that will wash it for fifteen minutes. And indeed, he soon felt the familiar tickle in the guts, then the feeling of fullness, which gradually grew into an unbearable pressure.
At this time, the torture did not last long. The water stopped coming, then something clicked in the car, and the water went back through the tube. Alex pushed out of the warmth of the water, feeling the pleasure of feeling empty the bowel.
But he could feel the bliss, the water began to flow back into the intestine. At this time, the water was even greater, and it penetrated into every corner of the maze viscera Alex.
The boy groaned when the pressure reached a peak, he felt a pain in his stomach and nausea. Again, something shifted and intestines Alex began to empty.
With a groan of pleasure the boy squeezed out of himself remaining fluid. Ball inside the deflated, the tube came out of the burning of the anus, which shrank convulsively.
Alex Panel again stood upright, with his back to the car, and the last time "arms" AM Alex pushed the buttocks, slim the probe entered the small hole and the car said: "The condition is satisfactory. End of treatment".
Then the probe was released from AM ass and let the boy finally vprysnuv in his anus medication dose to calm reddened sphincter. And Alex parted jaws, red as a lobster, ran to wear pants ...