My little brother

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I was only thirteen when I first noticed that my eight year old brother masturbating. At that time I was not yet sufficiently developed girl. Thin dark pubic curls just begun to break, sex lips just started to lose its baby roundness and swelling, turning into the mature body of love and pleasure. My breasts were the size of a child's palm, and slightly pink nipples ache. But I, as I thought, a lot of knew at the time of sex, from the stories of my classmate Natasha, of the night sighs, sometimes handing out of the parents' bedroom, from secretly circulated among classmates samizdat reprints depraved tales of Tolstoy. She knew, but had not been able to verify in practice all these impressions.
In 1976 he was not yet Vidic, "Emmanuel" and other sex products, however, and what was in there, was enough to arouse the curiosity of the maiden. Strict Pioneer and Komsomol education is absolutely forbidden any thoughts and fantasies about love and sex, and the more teen sex itself, but nature took his.
I liked to be alone in the bathroom and masturbate with a shower. I usually took off his head, made more powerful water jet and direct it to the clitoris and vagina depth, sitting comfortably on the floor bath, legs apart and lifting the pelvis. Hot water power pleasantly caressed me inside and out. So my play the virgin remained intact, despite the fact that I could easily get their portion of the forbidden pleasure. At this moment I imagined different men: the biology teacher, school principal, then our high school students. I was a whore in the inner thoughts and a nun in the external behavior. But I never thought, even in the most otvyaznyh raspalžnnyh and fantasies about his little brother, until then, until I realized that he is familiar with the art of masturbation.
It happened at night, when I was almost asleep. I disturbed sleep bratishkina fuss and suspicious creaking of his bed, which stood in one bedroom with mine. I thought he was struggling with the mosquitoes, but these sounds are repeated the next night. They repeated over and over again and makes me not just an annoyance and curiosity, but those fantasies are not allowed to sleep, and strongly called into the bathroom to shower and energetic jet of hot water. I decided to talk to the little brother on the subject at a suitable opportunity, and enrich it and their ideas about the relationship between men and women. Fortunately, every day we stayed in the apartment alone, because their parents went to work.
Once we are together molded plasticine men. Then I attach one of them, something like a woman's breast, and the other - the similarity of the male member. Cousin saw my creation and blushed. "Why are you blushing? What is confusing you? Have you had seen naked women? "" Yes, I saw my dad's in the pantry box with photos. I will show you now. And I peeped behind our aunt Lisa, when we were with her at a party, but there I did not see anything, because she began to ask what I'm doing. "And brother got into the pantry for Dad's cache. These were a few of the ancient black-and-white photographic cards and a page from some foreign newspapers with photographs of naked beauties.
"And I also have these!" - I said, and showed his brother clippings about the movie magazines with explicit scenes, which, on the big secret, gave me my girlfriend Natasha. "Look, what tits! And the hair on the pussy! "- I chuckled. "When I grow up, I too would like that! Our cousin Lena same. And yet she had red hair on the pussy, I saw when we went together to the bath. Did you see this naked women, except Aunt Lisa? "" Nah ... "" Do you want to see? Let me show you, and you show me? "" Oyžy! I've seen a hundred thousand times! "" Where? When? "" Even in kindergarten I saw under the panties have devchenok! But I like to look at the ass - she is round, beautiful! One boy in the kindergarten showed me his ass many times when we went to bed after dinner. And he taught me to play the guitar. "" How's that? "" Well, you take it in the palm pussy and start to play his palm up and down. "" I do not understand. Will you show? "A moment's silence, brother thinks. "Here, look!" He takes off his shorts, pants, pulls out his children pisyulžk. A moment later, he starts to masturbate and pisyulžk rises and becomes solid. "This is called masturbation!" - I declare authoritatively. "I'm doing it, too, but in a different way. Look. "- And I lift her skirt, lower a little panties and begin to finger rub the clitoris. "Wow! And you already have hair "" Of course, I'm an adult, not like you! "- I say, pulling down her panties. "I am also an adult!" "What to prove? You know that adult uncles and aunties do together? "" Yes! I know! They ebayutsya! "" Ha ha ha, do not ebayutsya and fuck! If you're so grown-up, come on, do it with me! "
Brother again thinking perhaps the conscience tells him to fuck his sister is very bad, but the desire to prove their adulthood eventually takes over with shame and fear. Brother undress. What it is small and funny. "You're doing fine, not scared! But I think we should not do this, because you're my brother. What would our parents, if you tell them? "" Do not tell! Show me again, my pussy! "I was swept over a wave of excitement and somewhere in the abdomen pleasantly tickled. "Well, look. See how beautiful slits? Do you like? Do you want to touch it? "Brother clumsily grabs my pizdžnochku and stretches her fingers. "Wow, there's a hole?" "Of course, silly! If there were no holes, where would you think the man thrust his dick? "" And you have said many times thrust? "" Not yet, because there I have such plyonochku called virgin, and if this plyonochku not torn, it means that the girl had never fucked. I'm saving this plyonochku to Mom and Dad do not zarugalis me. But I learned how to make it a jet of water, it is so nice! What do you feel when you play on your guitar? What's it like? "" I do not know, it's unlike anything. This is nice, and somehow hurt at the same time. No, it does not hurt, but somehow it is not clear, in general is great! "" You want to play on your guitar? "_ I ask and take in hand bratishkin pisyulžk.
I'm starting to stroke it and then wraps her fingers in a tight circle and move back and forth, slowly. "Come quickly!" "No, but then you quickly ran out!" "I can do this many times in a row without stopping!" - Boasted brother. "And you've got tits?" - He asks. I leave his question unanswered. Why talk when you can show? So I take off my sundress and come before brother in all its pristine and unspoiled beauty. I have beautiful long legs, round elastic ass, a little pubic hair and a fresh young breasts with small pink nipples. "Do you like? Do you want to kiss my nipples? "" So do only little kids! "" Stupid! So do all men when fuck their women, because women like it. I like even more than when they put their dick in pussy. "
Brother kissing my little chest, and I take his hand and a box to your waist. Then I spend down the buttocks and rub and stroke them with his hand. Second hand I omit to pubis, to put under his caresses groin, perineum and pussy itself. He rubs it clumsily, but I do not even excite his childishly naive affection. Maybe try it? And suddenly he'll tell my mother? "You want to try for real?" "Yes!" "Just do not tell anyone then because you will blame!" I lie down naked on the floor and pushes the legs, opening towards your brother innocent bud. He looks at the beauty of not knowing what to do with it and blushes. "Come on! Be a man! Insert your dick in my hole, and then move your ass up and down. "I take his penis and start to drive head on my lips sex, crotch, on the clitoris. Excitation is enhanced ... and I already want to let him in, but the pain stops me. Little it is small, but because the hymen will tear! Now, if you could shove his cock side of the hymen! But, come what may!
I almost do not feel its weight on myself, but I like to think that he now can become my first male. "Why did you stop and do not you let me? You lied to me? Probably uncles and aunties do not do? Maybe they just rub against each other and nothing will not tuck? "" No, I just hurt and I'm afraid that goes the blood. "" I do not want to hurt you! I love you! "" I know, dear, but it is necessary. Wait a little, I am spirit. "I close my eyes and start to imagine that on me is not my little brother, and Sergei Zverev of the senior class, it excites me again, and I'm almost ready for his first sex life. "Stroke me here, please!" - I substitute I was little brother clitoris. "Yes! Like this! Whew! "I think I've already started up in earnest. Act, brother!
I take his penis and sent to a narrow, but mokrenkuyu schelochku. Short pain - and it is in me. Wow! It is much nicer than the stream of water from the shower! Brother and snorting in a hurry, he absolutely can not dispense with women and soon ends. But he was not lying when he said he could do it a few times in a row without a break because pouhav few seconds of pleasure is taken to smack me again.
This time I decided to train in the art of podmahivaniya. I heard that a woman during sex move basin to meet the male member, but of course never did. Excitation increases and it seems just about me will cover this soft and warm wave of pleasure, which is familiar to me in the shower fun, but my brother scribbling like a rabbit, too fast. I have to put my hands on his ass and control its speed and frequency. But later, he again zauhal. Pancake! Good thing he does not need to restore sperm reserves, because he do not. So I can reach his orgasm, if I continue to move his ass. By itself, by itself, to itself, by itself, more, more, more! Here it is! I am publishing a deep groan, mixed with a sigh of relief and pleasure.
Of course, the strength and duration of the orgasm concede that I have ever experience in the bathroom, but it is real! From this man, even though it's only eight little brother. A start. You can tell Natasha and let it teach me, and maybe little brother how to make it more complete fun and enjoyable. Fortunately now I have someone to train and develop their pizdžnochku!