- You know? who best knows how to make a blowjob?
- Who?
- Motherfuckers!
- Fu, shit! Well it's disgusting! Schaub mnu guy sucked. Beeee (((
- And you look at it in a different plane. Purely hypothetically. He, too, has the same authority, and he knows how he will be pleased and feels the death of the parish.
- Now what?
- I had a long conversation on the subject with one of Pindos and more for himself clarified.
- But people are also different?
- Of course! Do you know how many members have visited in his mouth?
- No...
- A little more than toys on your zadripanoy Christmas tree ...
- Well, then kanesh ... The conclusion to properly understand how to make high quality Cooney, you need to talk continuously lesbian?
- What for?!! Talk to me...
- One-sided conversation happens. Well you alone, and there are different.
- Do not be scared! I licked kunok as much as you morozhenok had never eaten))))
- When the theoretical lessons start?
- A chat right now! Why pull?


- Why did you tell me you do not want otlizat, even once?
- You're on your own and in contact graders everywhere just write that zadolbali Lizunov, slaves, and those like them ... I do not remember!
- Honey is another way! I want to get it from a loved one ?!
- Well, I was sitting? How this will carefully treat the lads? If you know? Che me for your whim of a "leaky" to go?
- What do you for a third time to get going? I'm shocked! Horror!
- The ways of God are inscrutable ... I am here today and gone tomorrow ...
- So we do or who do not say? Oh, please, dear! I want it very much!

He begins to lick. Like a dog varnish water, looking at the face of a friend. The picture is more like a soldier looking out of the parapet the time of the Second World War.

- Oh, dear! I do not like this! It should be more tender! my painful and unpleasant. And it is not, start from the top and dives. Turn around to see me sing.
The guy turns around and, guided by the wishes of the girl starts to do it the way she wanted, she encouraged her grunt and exclamations.

Feeling her delicate foot, gently strokes his ass, he suddenly feels her finger trying to get to where it should not.
- What are you doing? - He was indignant, - Is it possible? Are you sure you want me oparafinit?
- No, dear! I just want you to demagnetize, why did you stop? Go on! I am so pleased!
The guy starts to continue, not paying attention to the finger girlfriend, hosted in his ass. To my shame he has to admit that it was beginning to like him, also, oddly enough, finger lover, as if his actions synchronizes ...

They finished together ... ...


"Wow!" - Frantically looking unbridled maiden, involuntarily gave him a striptease, thought working. She hovered near the mirror this way and that, looking at his figure Okay. Touched her charms, she suddenly turned around. The boy had no choice as to give beauty a smile and waved. shame Painting, flooded his face is only later, when he picked up the cradle. Before him stood still long way Wives Mach her hand in response. A variety of dream visited him circling his head. But he was well aware that none of them are true ...


My wife went on vacation for the whole 21 days. By the end of the first week, Viktor realized that he wanted a woman to a pain in the eggs. He walked around the room, moving the chairs in a frenzy. After washing the dishes and all the accumulated all perestirav clothes by hand, he realized that this was not an option. Then taking out the cassette TC, which was a German porn, and include VCR, a man engaged in masturbation ...

Arrived wife, almost from the threshold, it set off a wave all the way back home the question:
- You cheated on me?
- Yes ... with bowed head, the husband replied.
- Who is she? - The wife upset.
Victor silently pulled TU cassette and handed his wife.
- Have you cheated on me? - I asked a question in turn the husband.
- Yes ... - with bowed head, said his wife, opened her purse, silently handed her husband a hefty dildo, somehow ves¸lenkogo pink ...


We are going to visit. She turns to the mirror for half an hour. I'm exhausted. Finally ready ... to cling to a taxi. Please hurry, but still late by 20 minutes Exit the elevator. Suddenly the door of friends, she said to me: "You know, my dear ... no panties ... I was not able to pick up the tone ...". "Crazy!". Pass hello ... I'm a die in her bathroom. Well, there are no forces to hold back! Someone is knocking, but we give a damn. We laugh and cry: "Busy! Wait 5 minutes... "

Linen is different - sex and ugly ...


I really wanted to make her a gift, and maybe himself, too, that some of the sexual underwear. Buy at random, of course I could not, and therefore proposed to drive in a boutique, but for her choice to pay. She gladly accepted. Seeing kombidres crimson and scarlet garniturchik (All are men on red, bulls peck), I asked her to try on. Grabbing a pile of different stuff, she disappeared into the dressing room. Slightly parted curtain, temptress beckoned me with a finger.

Nazerkalennuyu plunged in the little room, my eyes pictured seductive spectacle. My love, relish poverchivaya his popochkoy, I began to show, perhaps, their new acquisition. When she was exposed for the third time, I forget where I tried to pounce on it, like a snow leopard on its flycatcher, but there it was! Vigilant employee furiously zakhymgymkala and I went down there all. By purchasing a pair of veshchichek, we rushed home, where I skorenko its section and shod ...

It is a pity that we could not do it in the dressing room. I am sure! It would be so romantic!


- But let your nails namanikyurim, sponge painted, sum up the eyes, clothe dress, and you'll be the sexiest girl in the world.
- You are crazy! I'll be the sexiest blue in the World! I do not want it!
- Lord Nicholas, it's just a sexy erotic game! Well you should ?! Well, for me. Oh please!
I almost broken. Why not do for the sake of his beloved.
The three-day beard and shave instantly zapudrivaetsya slate. Eyes summed up sponge made up, pulled on shoe size 42, and I'm in a dress vkoryachivshis 50-gauge, to hire a friend, saunter along the promenade arm in arm with his girlfriend.

It suited us two young people met. I feel out of place, but talented decent sliver by the pope, continue ministering ... We are invited to the restaurant. Having tried a variety of dishes, we invite you to dance. Girlfriend chuckles mischievously. Man accidentally puts his hand on my ass. I angrily declare that he might in the face shlopotat. The boy grins and brazen paw me. No power, no longer tolerate, slapped him heartily. We quickly retreated from the restaurant, prodinamila their cavaliers. At home, I pounced on it. She shouts: "Oh, you're a lesbian" - a long time to turn aside from me. Finally, holding the corner, I am pleased to rape her. Most of these erotic experiments, we did not ...