Bachna Ae Haseeno

This story took place four years ago. Almost all as set out below - the truth, except for names and a few details. Until now, anger boils up in me when I think about what happened.
So, in July, my wife, Natasha, went for an anniversary to parents of one of his closest friends. As expected, we had great fun and a few drinks. It was the fact that I drank and subsequently played an important role. Actually, I do sports seriously and almost never drink - all get-togethers ever breed friends home. But there was such a style company, that all happened as if by itself. My car was left parked outside the restaurant. And when the time came to part, I naturally called a taxi. His wife and friends / acquaintances at that time good "I had fun" cognac. About Natasha need special mention. She and "in young age" tightly chained views of men, which has managed to be close to her, but in his 27 years, she blossomed. Elegant young woman - she has often been the cause of my fights with the overly zealous stallions. Fortunately my professional training in boxing, kickboxing and wrestling gave me a decisive advantage. And the impressive dimensions beat off any desire to risk from the uninitiated. Flies, and certainly to me, but the wife was in safe hands and not once I got "thanks" a crazy sex after another brawl: Yes, I strayed from the story of his wife! Growth 190, 4 size breasts, a narrow waist, long neck, slender and very proportionate figure, flat tummy, curvy ass. "Dap Dap on to lope" - I will not say when a child (19 years old) stamped on the podium was 90h60h90, and now you can not measure, and understand that all wrong! From the feet, when Dress dress with a short skirt or less even, I went crazy. Goddess! Face - regular features, blue slightly almond-shaped eyes, a small nose "Greek". Hair - dark blond and long - up to the shoulder blades. And Natasha always tanned. Though the winter, even in the summer. Tanning and resorts do not give get sunburn and she always "unearthly" view. Especially because we live not in the south and almost all white as the dead. On the day Natasha was dressed in a beautiful white-and-red dress with a neckline, which highlights her gorgeous breasts and ass, tight-fitting shape. Hem Dress style "sikos-nakos" I began just above the knee and ended on the thigh just below the waist. On the legs - "silver" heeled sandals with laces at the ankle. Hands were open at the neck and wrists bracelets of inexpensive but beautiful jewelry. That's such a beauty I unloaded from the restaurant and maintaining the waist led to the waiting taxi. The legs of his wife gently braided from drunk and I did not seek to call a taxi and sat down in the near future - the benefit of the restaurant stood a dozen machines. Burknuv cage address I hugged my wife and decided to close his eyes - to go far.
I opened my eyes on what is unpleasant wife poked me in the ribs with his elbow. The car was standing. Lights did not shine, but sidelights subtly snatched from the darkness of the front something dark. I drove through the window ajar with someone talking quietly. Wife suddenly clung tightly to me. Before I was able to understand what is talked about and where we opened the door and my wife just pulled in different directions. Maybe because I had closed my eyes during the trip, and can have a professional (attack?! - Full concentration) I once saw in the darkness the two guys dragged me kicking and a guy pulling Natasha. Instantly assessing the situation at the time, I was glad. The confrontation did not promise any problems. Hook right, I dumped the boy left. Hook was a success - the coach would be pleased! The boy got the right foot in the ribs and fell with a howl. I almost celebrating victory and wondered how to execute the dude encroach on the sacred - my woman: then kick back and I seemed just pulled out of the socket ...
I woke up on the ground in pain. Someone kicked me hard handles. The body and head hurt badly. I thought that I had broken a rib and leg. Nose swollen right eye is flooded with blood. When they stopped beating someone sat on my back, he poked the tip of my neck and lifted my head by the hair. From what I saw, I cried ...
I lay near the left front wing taxi. Lights were turned on and flashed a brick wall. In this wall there were three strong guys completely naked and my Natasha. From clothes to her were only sandals and a bracelet around his neck. Two bull held her, and the third man standing in front of something quietly told her. Natasha cried aloud, and nodding occasionally. From her beautiful nose stretched thin trickle of blood. Chest convulsively shaking with sobs. Hair disheveled and leaves. Scraps of her clothes were lying on the ground. Beauty among the predators!
Continuing to talk the man put his hand on his chest, and the second-farming started between the legs of his wife. Natasha was bucked, but immediately received a punch in the stomach. It is as if there was a signal to those who held it. They put her on her knees and slapped her man began to unbutton his pants. Natasha never liked blowjobs - preferring to start dancing, but there was no choice. She grabbed her plump little plump lips of his penis and began to suck. View beautiful tanned girl sucking dick in some whitish scumbags it was unreal. On top of a man he grabbed her by the hair and began to just fuck her in the mouth. Two accomplices in this moment in the whole played with her breasts and pussy wife, feeling all the most secret corners of Natasha's body. Finally, the man grunting contentedly, Bay finished the entire face with his sperm. Sperm mixed with blood from the nose and left a bizarre marks on his face. Behind him through the lovely rotok it took another two members to keep her boys. Keep me bull nervously began to move and demanded their portion of pleasure. I tried to wriggle out, but felt a bit like a knife pierced his neck - bled.
- Do not rock the boat, - a voice was heard.
Along with that, he put me on his knees and turned to face the car. And I understand - why. Three guys with my wife approached the car. She put her back on the hood. There was a scream - a hot hood burned delicate female back. Swearing is one of the captors threw on the hood of his shirt and torn dresses. One boy hung on the open door of the bulb-carrying. A moment before my eyes at a distance of not more than one meter were scratched legs and shaved pussy native. Keep me bull gave way to one of the guys, and I realized that I was holding my guide and he was knocked out of me. I drove slowly approached the woman lying on the hood and started a conversation with her.
- Yes, which is only used? % # Do not come across! Classroom slut. Many dogs have passed through you?
Not waiting for an answer, he showed me:
- Work well - stay alive, and no two can cut like pigs.
And then I heard the broken voice of his wife:
- Come to me.
She did not cry more - apparently reconciled. I drove fairly chuckled. He ran his fingers through his wife's pussy, slipped inside, and apparently remained dissatisfied jabbed a finger at the guy:
- Prepare the machine.
One guy started to knead the chest and the other began to caress Natasha sat down language between divorced feet. From the first touch Nate flinched and fell to the hood, if the guy threw her leg on his shoulder. Right before my eyes the stranger orally aroused my beloved - he caressed her clitoris, fingering sponge finger. Natasha always very sensitive to oral sex. Of course, so long could not continue - I heard a groan, at first faint, I saw ... how waist beginning to flex chest tightened and swollen nipples. Sexual lips swollen and slightly open, rapist lured excited clitoris. My beloved wife podmahivat start to caress her boyfriend, excitation wave passed through the body. Assessing the outcome of the carrier re-moved and removed all. Turning to me he said:
- Ask the bitch to fuck me!
I was silent Natasha answered instead of me. She stood up on her elbows and I heard:
- Fuck me. Do not pull. Sorry.
The latter is clearly meant to me. Before me opened a beautiful dark-skinned beauty with breast standing with a strained staring slightly to the side nipples, shapely legs spread apart, the excited pussy opened by opening two wet pink petals. Her eyes were in shadow, but I'm sure they were excited. He drove unbuttoned his pants and I was stunned. Huische in this figure was 1.5 times more than I have ever seen. I saw how slowly pushing the sponge he introduced his penis. And he had not even moved apart - he dent inward. He apparently enjoyed - he fucked the princess and the princess herself asked him about it and ran. Natasha gasped and jerked back - member buried in the uterus. But the carrier gripped her hips. A narrow arrow from his short hairs on the pubis as if pointing the way stud, they say, here! At arm's length some bull pleased rigidly spoil my wife. He threw her legs on his elbows and drives the member of the most eggs. I've seen only as swaying in time with the beats her chest tight and shapely legs, shod in "silver" sharp heels sandals that looked a little taller than me, like a healthy white ass fucker went between slim hips swarthy beautiful females as beating the eggs on her elastic ass. Natasha is very mad with such a fucked she thrashed, screaming, mothers and even managed to seriously scratch žbarya. According to a long-drawn screams sketchy and that it weakened periodically orgasms she had received no less than three. He drove it also continued to pump and do not forget to peck one hand kneading her breast, the other holding the heels of both her exhausted legs. Finally, the growl he parted her legs and fell on Natasha and long finished inside. When he pulled his dick pink pussy of my well-groomed woman looked like a healthy bright red funnel filled with secretions of both lovers. My wife slipped on the hood and fell to the ground - it has not been kept. Next was her first minetchik. By putting the collective farm wife with cancer and put it down, exhausted, on the hood of a breast with a flourish, he drove his cock in the ass. Natasha screamed and thrashed wildly - her ass was a virgin. She would not let me have never had anal sex, flirting, saying, saying that otherwise would have nothing to admire. Shouting does not have any effect on the stud he wrapped his fist in the girl's hair and went about my work is not finished inside. According to his wife's feet sperm flowing the previous one. How fucked her remaining two, as well as her fucked together and tried to fuck threesome wife told me only later. I did not see it. Since the bastards apparently tired of my presence, and attempts to escape several times. I cut down again. When I woke up the car and was not involved in the dawn. Beside me unconscious lying naked Natasha. Her legs were still separated from all holes oozing blood and semen. She did the whole was covered with sperm.
Calling a reliable friend I got to the house. Wife treated for almost a year. She said she was immediately offered a choice or they fuck her or me. She sacrificed herself. I also made her a gift: Cop statements about the violent death of two of its four rapists ... Take care of your beauty ...