Alex entered the elevator. In the wake behind it, the elevator went pretty woman 30-32 years, and asked what floor pressed the button.
Elevator car started to move. As soon as the door closed, Alex immediately caught the alluring and exciting smell not cheap
the spirits of his fellow traveler. The lady was dressed in a police uniform. Tunic with epaulets Mallorcan has been adjusted on a figure and was sitting
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glove. Pretty short skirt skintight slender hips, the back of which was even cut that any man could from one
view swoon and looking at it could be a long time for a long time to dream and fantasize.
Next to that turned his attention Alex were amazing legs companion, who clung to the solid nylon. He (nylon) and
high-heeled shoes, as an integral part of the wardrobe fellow traveler, just fascinated Alexis, who just could not have
keep themselves from the brazen and calling the act, namely the right to seize the stranger in the elevator cab.
While Alex was in the seventh heaven of such a successful combination of circumstances, fellow traveler at the time, did not submit any kind, and her facial expression and demeanor spoke of complete indifference to Alexei.
Brain Alexei penetrated one single idea - how to start, how to lead themselves, not to be in an awkward
position, not to run into a banal and murderous phrase that will mark a complete fiasco, and at the same time, a great desire to get acquainted with this special, did not allow the brain to stop searching and sorting, as a computer, various options for its initial operations.
In addition, Alexei Customized another circumstance, the time for which the lift rise to the 14th floor. The lift is now
for it was an ally and that prolonged the happy minute stay alone with a stranger stunned and opportunity
enjoy it at least visually, on the other hand, the enemy that clearly and inexorably counting the minute, which in
14th floor will end forever.
Somewhere between the 7th and 8th floors, Alexey was not difficult to calculate the time of raising the lift, because he lived in this house from the beginning of his
construction, our hero, as he seemed to find the right decision, for which he decided to just instantly. Alex pulled out his lighter and transparent to the fellow traveler threw it on the floor of the elevator. Having to face an innocent expression delinquent child asking for forgiveness for embarrassing act, Alex crouched behind a fallen cigarette lighter. At that moment,
his face was just a few centimeters away from an Unknown Woman legs in nylon, these attractive, involving and inviting.
Frozen in a ridiculous pose, Alex felt his heart pounding and the increasing desire to continue and not to stop there. Next action of Alexey, already down from the mind of such a gift of fate, developments and ingenuity, as it seemed, it was touching his face to the legs of the coveted companion. At the same moment Alex
I felt like his sex organ made itself felt. He was a huge, resilient and ready to work intended human
Touching the person to a cool nylon, Alexey has tried to kiss feet in nylon. Resistance on the part of a stranger he did not feel, and making sure that the other party does not resist, continued to cover his feet with kisses companion,
accompanying their strokes with both hands near her calf. Sitting on his haunches, Alex finally decided to raise its head
up. His hands froze at that moment already under her skirt on her hips in the gum area, holding the hose on a belt.
Their eyes met in the continuing silence. Alex saw the eyes of a stranger who told him that he was not resistance
meet and can continue the job. Alexis appeared confident and excite huge dick in his pants, not
long in coming. Hands Alexis lived and her skirt slowly began to climb up to the waist, exposing all the most
intimate and appealing.
When the skirt was at the waist, her lips Alexei dug through transparent triangle panties, covering the only cat in her
vagina. The stranger arched like a cat and moaned with pleasure, wider spread her legs. The next action of Alex freed his lady from her panties, then his eyes appeared in the best clean-shaven penis of his fellow traveler. Language Alexei, fascinated, slowly began to slide down her big, then small labia, causing the lady Cop uniform in utter sighs obsequious and sway to the beat movement Alexei language.
Firmly grabbed her ass and knelt, as Alex started working language of that a few seconds later his hot
tongue reached her clit. Biting and sucking it, Alex felt that he was the victim experiences the same pleasure as he did.
Accompanying this action in a moving elevator groans and sometimes cries, no one is confused and were quite appropriate organically fit into the overall picture component.
After a moment, Alex felt like her pussy vlazhneet that caused him to have an animal instinct level, Active
working language in her crotch. Suddenly the stranger start as it become soft, whine and Alex felt his lips,
language, as a lady start to finish. From her vagina began to flow warm, clear liquid that Alex licked his
language. Stranger start slightly twitch and shake is accompanied by the deaf, the sonorous moans flowing in
14th floor. The elevator stops and the doors open. If someone is standing at this moment on the landing of the 14th floor, the
It turned out to be an unwitting witness to the next picture. At the back wall of the elevator car is in a police major's uniform, with battened
waist-uniform skirt, no panties, stockings with elastic bands, with a bare wet vagina, from which small drops of sperm dripping on his feet, leaving visible traces on the bodily stockings. The lady is leaning on the rail and held it with both hands, spread wide their fabulous legs, and presenting their sexual organs on display. On the floor of the elevator car kneeling
man, one arm wrapped around one leg ladies and the other squeezes his penis, which is still a pretty decent
To be continued.