The first time I saw the neighbors, when the longshoremen hauling things in the apartment. High hol¸naya brunette glancing contemptuously at me, walked past the elevator, accompanied by pretty girls 14-15 years old. I held her a thoughtful look. Hmm, but blonde seems to be hot in sex. And to train this mare is a thrill. Okay, let while galloping at liberty, she lives here, so take this time stervochki always will be. In the meantime, it is necessary to gently and tenderly take youngster ...
The second time I met a blonde only two weeks. Many businesses in bulk, but still had to hit the road abroad, whether they are wrong. I already knew the name of the blonde that she was married to a respectable businessman, a lover, a girl that her step-daughter, her husband's daughter from his first marriage. I knew their daily: when, where to go at what time. The guys from detective agency worked well. I went into the elevator with them and smiled. The girl smiled, and turned blond.
-Hi, - I said. - I'm your new neighbor. My name is Eugene, and you?
-I Natasha - she said - and she ...
-Natalia! - Icily blond said. - Well, how many times to say: well acquainted indecently. - Her eyes slid over my clothes, painted lips curled into a smile and she again turned away.
Natasha pulled a face at her stepmother in the back and pointed language. I winked at her and held out his hand:
-Let us know! - I kissed a little thin fingers. - Allow me to invite the young lady at the tea and cakes?
-I will be glad to accept your invitation! - Natasha lifted her mini-skirt and curtsied.
We laughed. Definitely this girl I like. Once again, I kissed her fingers:
-I will be happy happy to see you at seven o'clock. attire is free!
Then the elevator stopped on our floor. Blonde girl grabbed the collar of the jacket and pulled him:
-You're always in some kind of history merges, you fool!
Natasha waved my hand and the door shut behind them. I snorted and went to his apartment.
Exactly at seven o'clock the bell rang. I opened the door and entered Natasha. Now she wore a crimson top and green pants. We kissed on the cheek, and she announced:
-I am free to nine hours! Then water treatments and bed. With-Mode!
-Well then, we will not waste any time, honey. I beg!
-Wow! - Natasha gasped as she saw the table.
In the center of the vase with a bouquet of roses, two candles, three dishes and cakes, tea set and quiet slow music.
-Like a holiday or something, - she said.
-Why not? - I laughed. - Really feast: you and I met. Why not mark such an event?
And I added a serving of a bottle of wine and two glasses. Natasha regretfully refused:
-I can not bitch uchuet - such a scandal will roll! And you will get.
-Well, drop by drop, I think we can - I said, opening the bottle and poured on the bottom. - Come to our acquaintance!
We clinked glasses and drank. And we talked for the next two hours. Actually I am talking to one Natasha. I uz-Nala on her studies at school, on the girlfriends of the boys she liked and popular. Amusing creature! As if I was ten years ago. With one, the truth clarification: I liked and like girls, boys, I do not react.
Five to nine minutes, Natasha rang the phone in your pocket.
-Excuse me, please, I have to go! - The girl was really upset.
-What nonsense! - I smiled and hugged tightly, hot kiss on the lips. - Here's my phone call and you go, whenever you want.
Once again, I kissed a girl, and closed the door behind her, pleased to note that if Natasha froze in fright after the first kiss, then the second timidly replied. Since then, Natasha often dropped in to me to talk, consult, share, cry. And I'm willing to communicate with her. And every time I push back the face on a droplet on. At first there were just kissing, then I began to penetrate his tongue in her mouth, then added fondling hands.
At the same time I began to teach Natasha undress me. First persuaded to remove blouse, then her skirt, then persuaded to remove a bra, showing their breasts. I myself for a long time before it went naked. And you can not say that it did not like Natasha. Often I liked, but it is terribly shy and afraid of "do not appropriately".
And now, after a month of maneuvers and tricks, it was day of seduction. It was a holiday, such as Mr Tinsmith's Day, or maybe I invented it myself. Never mind. I set the table, put a bottle of wine semi-sweet wine, alcohol charged and waiting for his girl. She even had an hour earlier asked leave to go to school. I met her in a transparent robe that hid nothing, and stressed, and hot kiss while undressing her. At this time, I took off her panties.
It turned out the wine and do not want my little girl was very mokrenkaya. Right in the corridor, I began to kiss her and lick: neck, ears, breasts. I have not got to the tummy as Natasha covered first orgasm. The girl almost fell on the floor, I carried her into the bedroom.
The curtains were already zad¸rnuty, left to light scented candles, which I did. Natasha has regained consciousness:
-Genia, it was incredible!
-Wait - I smiled, throwing a dressing gown - it is only a prelude. The main front.
The bed I had a great, I did not lay down, I crawled, wriggling like a snake. And again he began to lick and kiss the body of Natasha stroke. In that clouded his eyes, breathing quickened, she held out her hand to his crotch, but I kept. Then she began to twist and twirl their nipples.
At last I reached the pussy. And she began to play with her clit, then sucking, licking it, the biting teeth. Not forgetting to explore the language and everything else. And when I entered the language in the cave, a new orgasm covered Natasha. But I did not even think to stop. Once again, starting the game with the tongue clitoris, I penetrated two fingers inside and began to fuck her. And one even more powerful orgasm blew girl. She started kissing my face, licking its juices.
-Genia, - she whispered between kisses, - Genia, I love you so much!
A little calmer, she could she asked me faithfully watching something repay me. I kissed her hard and said:
-Of course, the kitten! Start with the chest.
And Natochka start for the first time to please another woman. She did it clumsily, but invested his heart and soul and will take great pleasure. Gradually she came to my pussy. Stopped for a moment, she resolutely began to lick the crease to play with her clit. I moaned and crumpling his chest, twisted her nipples. Of course, I could of passion push her face into her vagina and fuck himself, but not now. Now I would like to Natashechka did it independently and voluntarily. Then me and Nate will do this often, but now everything has to be gently and beautifully. Natasha tried, I very roughly finished, she thrust her finger into my pussy. Then we lay, embracing and kissing.
-Oh! - Natasha glanced at her watch. - I gotta go home! The stepmother is waiting!
I helped her get dressed and we kissed goodbye. Natasha whispered in my ear:
-I love you, Genia! - And out the door.
Hell! I held his hand over his lips, then licked her palm. I think I also fell in love with her ...
I must have this on odnolyubka life. How much time had passed, and still continue to love Eugene and I will love until death. What then happened between us, forever joined us. Only much later I realized what love, patience and endurance required Wife to time and following times not do this to me rudely and harshly. I had occasion to make sure that it can be so.
We kept our relationship for the third month. I dropped in to Zhenechka every day. Sometimes, time enough only to kiss someone of us somewhere ... in a hurry, but more often we could spend hours caressing each other. Sometimes Jack went shopping and called me with him. Stepmother just snorted when I was in a hurry. On weekends we used to go out of town somewhere far away and having fun in nature.
Once Genia ran her hand over my chest and said:
-How do you blossomed, Natasha ... - I hatched at her eyes. - No, really. When we met, you were more than a girl, and now you have become a beautiful girl. - She kissed me. - And all shine like a small sun.
-Well, you say - I chuckled uncertainly.
-I'm serious, my love, - she took my face in his palms and looked me in the eye.
-Genia - I covered her handle her - if I shine, it is only for you. And it all.
We did not move for a long time, looking into each other's eyes, reading is just eternal love.
And so terrible happened to me. Two high school students - bastards, bastards! - After school they dragged me behind the garage and abused cruelly and cynically. I will not describe it. Though much time has passed, I do not want to remember. I pulled out the phone and called itself Zhenya. And who could understand and help? I do not know how, but it's five minutes was already there. I hugged and cried Eugene. With infinite tenderness she embraced me and took to himself. Helped washed, processed abrasions and bruises.
-Zhenya, - I said - you do not really disgusting to look after me?
-Nat - she said reproachfully, - you myself do not believe that! If you believed, you would not call me, do not ask for help. Because you know I am always there and will always help. So do not toil nonsense, sun! - She playfully flicked me on the nose.
I do not know what's invented Eugene to his father and the school, but she managed for a week to take me out of the city and all that time has stayed with me all the time, neglected all their affairs, surrounded by attention and affection. I was sometimes scared: how she loved me! And all this time she was talking about revenge.
-I will not go to the police! - I said, when Jack spoke about it for the first time.
-And here the police? - She asked.
At first I did not want to hear anything, but Genia still managed to convince me that rapists should be punished, so the next time they raped someone else. Still he managed to convince.
Late in the evening, I called the first of them, Paul, when he - a rare case! - was home:
-Come, please, have a conversation.
-What else do you want? - He guffawed. - Wait, now I will!
As soon as he came out of the door, as his path grew Eugene. It was lower in the shoulders, I doubted even whether it was worth anything at all to conceive. But further dispelled my fears. As she beat him! Paul flew like a tennis ball on her strokes. I looked at it, his mouth agape. He finished beating Paul Eugene dragged by the hair to the car, and bound, put her in the trunk.
-What for? - I squeaked.
-You want to sit next to that freak? - She asked me puzzled.
Jack arrived at the abandoned factory that was out of town. There she tied Paul to the concrete block, and I gave the camera to shoot. Then Jack grabbed Paul by the hair:
-How do you like a bastard?
-You answer me for it, bitch! - He croaked.
-My answer? - Jack laughed. - You're delusional, you freak. I will answer! I can not!
She pulled out a knife and began to cut the clothes, while Paul was completely naked. Only when Jack, throwing off his clothes, put them strappon, I realized that she conceived, and laughed. As she stood up so that Paul saw it, he understood and began to shout, asking for mercy. Only here who would hear at night on an abandoned for-water? Jack took his hair and said:
-You, bastard, no luck. You dare to rape a woman. You dare to rape a minor. You dare to rape my beloved. And my revenge will be terrible.
Spitting in his eyes, Jack went back and began to enter into Paul's ass. It was the huge cock, which I had just seen. If there are such in life, it is extremely rare. As he was yelling as screaming when Jack tore his ass. And she fucked his ass, ignoring his cries. I was filming what was happening, when suddenly Jack stopped and asked:
-Would you?
Of course, I agreed. Then Jack put me on another strappon, not round, but oval. Screams Paul became even more heart-rending, when I entered it. Three hours later we were working on his ass, forcing members to lick. Finally, Jack pulled out from the trunk of a baseball bat, and with all his strength struck between Paul's legs. Terrible cry, Paul went limp. Jack cut the rope, we got into the car and drove away.
The next day we were treated as second rapist Dimona. This turned out to be even more miserable than Paul. After the first blows began to beg for mercy. I was ready to spit at him and go, but Jack showed toughness, "He must pay for what he did!"
I was afraid that they will avenge us, when shall recover. But no, they were not able to u¸bki revenge. Bully defenseless - yes, but to communicate with those who can stand up for themselves - where all boldness disappears ?!
This story is great we pull together. We have become more affectionate towards each other. Jack knew that I suffered and tried to relieve tenderness and affection my pain. And I saw what Jack went for me and trying to warm his love of her heart was hardened.
And yet one output was my request to the beloved:
-Teach me how to fight like you!
-What for?! - Genia was amazed.
-You're not always there, - I replied. - I am afraid of repetition. I do not know all there is rape, but now I'm afraid of men, especially large and heavy casualties. And I want to be able to repel the rapists. It's good that you're with me, Genia! - I hugged her and began kissing.
-Well, sweetheart, - Eugene patted me on the head. - Will learn.
And since then, every morning and evening, we became engaged. At first I just Zhenya gymnastics forced to deal with. Then he went lifting. At the same time it showed a few simple techniques and made them all the time to repeat. I do not quite understand why this is necessary, but I believe my beloved, and no questions asked. A few months later I suddenly realized why Jack did it, I felt like a more flexible, more powerful. And when some type decided to pinch me in the corner, I have very successfully held the reception, who taught me so persistently Eugene. However, he later claimed that just wanted to meet you. But unless it starts with the valve to reach his chest and ass? Beaming with joy, I told my wife about it.
-Still, you were right, kitten, it was useful to you, - Zhenya hugged me and kissed me. - And I, to be honest, fool doubted. We will continue to study?
-Be sure!
And again we have merged in the arms.
Honestly, Carried away by love for Natasha, I completely forgot about his plans to the blonde. I do not need it was me and everything. But life in their own ordered, if the mountain will not come to Magomed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain. Looks like she was destined to this share.
We have loved each other a year, when the blonde finally, something smelled. And once, when we were with Natasha we loved each other, she rang the doorbell. Throwing robe, I discovered, not suspecting anything. And with a jolt in the chest flew back. Blonde whirlwind flew past me and rushed into the bedroom. And immediately there came the screams and the sound of fighting. I shut the door and hurried to the scene.
The picture was amazing. Clutching each other's hair, blonde Natasha and rolling on the bed, kicking each other's feet. Before the teeth did not come, but in the face each other already begun to spit. And while wild squeal. I stood aside and watched, smoking a cigarette. This is not often seen. Finally, the blonde straddled Natasha and began to thrash in the face, saying, "Get, blyadina!". Moreover, only that it seemed stuck. At this point, I consider it necessary to intervene.
Grabbing the blonde hair, I stole it from the girl ... and dropped to the floor. The blonde jumped up and lunged at me. Only Babskii fight me and did not have enough. Deftly bias, I had put a couple of strokes it and wrung his hands behind his back, he said to Natasha:
-Bag with toys!
She immediately dragged zdorovuschuyu bag, even a suitcase on wheels and pulled by my order leather cuffs. We put them on the hands and feet blonde clasped. No longer able to tolerate its abuse, I took the gag as a member, and shoved it in his mouth, buttoned straps at the back. Then Natasha and sat down on the bed and lit a cigarette.
-Jack, why did you not help me at once? - He chided me favorite.
-You know, baby, - I confessed, hugging the girl. - Such a spectacle rarely seen. Besides, you kind of are equal. And when you're lost, I immediately helped. Not really?
-So - recognized Natasha. - Only here what to do now?
-Seksrabynyu do, - I shrugged. - Do not kill her in the end of it all.
-But as? - Asked the interested girl looking at her stepmother.
-Duc, a very simple, - I smiled. - There are two options. First option. Dressiruem here at home. But the difficulty is that we can not keep it under control of the clock. Can it intervene your father, her friends and lovers. It is necessary to us?
This is so, - recognized Natka. - And second?
-There is one resort in the neighboring area, a pretty popular, called "Rose Garden" - I winked at Natasha, she laughed. - There really is a very beautiful avenue of roses that bloom from spring to autumn. But there is a special body for the education of lesbian slaves.
-Like this?! - Navajo amazed.
-Very often, the rich ladies want to have sex - with a smile I explained - but the wind is fraught lover, you can be left with nothing. And fuck you want. Then the rich lady hires a young sluzhanochku, and goes to rest and heal in this resort for a week. A week later she received a slave lesbian, ready to satisfy any whim of his mistress. It turns out, and you can fuck, and do not need a lover. In addition, many husbands are not jealous of this relationship. It costs dearly, but the ladies are willing to pay more.
-Great! - Natasha admired. - How do you know that?
-Somehow I hinted about it, but I felt that as long as this is not necessary to me - I smiled. - Firstly, I am not so rich, and secondly, I'm still young to find love. And as you see, I was right ...
I hugged and kissed Natasha, my tongue penetrated her mouth Natasha and began to play with her tongue. Flushed with a kiss, we began to caress each other, and only the lowing blonde forced us to stop. We looked at her with annoyance and even anger. Somehow the blonde made it clear that he wants to say something.
-Well, what do you want to tell us? - I said, freeing her mouth from a gag.
Her repertoire I knew exactly, and no mistake. Began pleading, tears, snot ...
-Valid on all ready? - I asked. - Now we check. Well, satisfactory stepdaughter tongue!
Natasha immediately sat down in front of her stepmother, outstretched legs. With hate looking at us, blonde hesitantly began to lick pussy stepdaughter. I pulled the whip from her bag and handed it to Natasha. That happy blonde slapped on the back:
-Come cheer, bitch!
Beats whip was good that the pain was sensitive and should not be left. Yelp, blonde earned the language faster. No, because it will not work, I decided. Here and now, she is ready to do anything to get out, and then it does, no one knows. And I am responsible for Natasha. Well, I could not risk it! I went into another room, firmly closing the door, picked up the phone and dialed a number:
-Camilla? Hello, this is Jack.
-Hey Eugene! - Said a hoarse voice. - Decided to still buy a doll?
-Not at all, my dear, - I smiled. - I have one girl. I would like to make a doll out of it.
-Uh ... the legend is needed? - Asked Camilla.
-Be sure! - I said. - But then, I'll help. In the meantime came the twins, let them proceed.
-All this will cost you a pretty penny, even with discounts - Camilla sighed. - Yes, and the twins.
-Nothing stand, - I replied. - By the way, mind you, two weeks time, and even more. When waiting for the twins?
-Two hours, - Camilla said. - Are you crazy soyd¸sh, Eugene. Well, who is she?
I dictated the details and added:
-Yes, let it accustom to the name of Madeleine. I hope that today we meet?
-Meet you can, - Camilla said, - but no more. I have a girlfriend too jealous.
-I, too, is not free - I smiled. - I'll meet you and talk. Till!
The wheel spun. Now begin to ask questions about the stepmother Natasha dokapyvayas to the smallest details of her life. And find out the score and to present and have to pay for it. Well, let. Then my Madeleine reimburse all. Putting the phone in your pocket, I returned to the bedroom. Gloomy Natasha was sitting on the bed and looked at the evil stepmother.
-Something happened? - I was surprised.
-As soon as you come out, she refused to lick and began to demand that I released her, and even called me in every one - complained to Natasha.
-And the whip?
-She just hisses, winces and mother.
-Well, I was right - I did not yell, scream and fight. - I agreed that we're going for two weeks in the sanatorium "Rose Garden". We will rest, but to raise it. Two hours later podedut twins. Let Madeleine lie down here, - I said, silencing the blonde gag - and we'll go into the hall.
-Who! - Natasha did not understand.
-Your stepmother. Now it will be called Madeleine.