Bass. Part 4: The Witch

I stand at the door of the temple Meritari. He's great! Among the dirty streets before us stands a jewel of architecture. Squeezed between gray peeling houses palace. Donjon, under which there are gates, hanging over their heads. Sami gates ultramarine color with gold leaf. And next to the figure of blackened bronze - strange girl in the life-size sitting on the heels, knees apart and girls are seen skillfully made sex lips. Bronze girls very sexy body, breast - right girlish roundness, thin waist, womanly hips. Sculpture makes a strange impression - the author is clearly embellished - and the waist is too thin, and too proper posture and chest too rounded. But most importantly - the head. The head is not quite human - more like a slightly elongated snout ennobled animal, or squirrel, or cat - a little bow mouth with lips, nose - rather a continuation of the muzzle, large eyes, pointed ears almost on top. And the tail, graceful bend your knees apart laid before, too, could not belong to a human girl. At the tip of the tail a slight thickening, like rattlesnakes. Under the statue an inscription in several languages: "niyu touch, and you will receive the blessing Meritari". H yes, it is clear that the blessing of abuse: in contrast to the rest of the dark surface of the crotch and breasts rubbed the girl to glare.
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I squandered translate view from the statue at the gate, almost unable to breathe. Heart beating frantically, his head empty.
Garcia, standing nearby, clearly distressed, but tries not to show the form. I also desperately do not want to part with him, but Meritari waiting for me! Today should be filled with something that I wanted to all along. I am guilty, and gently took him by the hand, and, unable to withstand his pleading eyes, look away to the other pair.
Mali sobbing on the shoulder Luzio. Well, at least one of the four of us are not saddened. Hand cap absently pats on the ass of Mali, and the eyes with a distinct twinkle in depth feels sculpture.
I sigh and a decisive step towards the gate.
The door opens, and before us is a pretty young woman. I am happy to look around her figure and sexy blue robe - a sort of tunic, with a high neckline. On each side of the fabric is not available, the two cemented ties - on the thighs and armpits. Folds clothe flowing wave of female charms, pulling on his chest, and it looks rather naked than dressed. But she, not at all embarrassed, smiled sweetly at us:
- What travelers should be respected in our humble abode?
- Obitel- what can and humble, - I hear back sniff Luzio - but inmates - quite the contrary!
I look sorry and confused outlines what, in fact, it took me. Priestess with attentive and a little indifferent smile listens to me. However, everything changes when I mention tattoos on our bodies. Its elegant eyebrow as if in thought creeps up:
- Well, well, pass! I - the high priestess of the temple Miritari. Here you will find what you were looking for.
Mali sobbed pass me, but I still lingered, as if unable to believe what is happening - I really found what I was looking for, something to strive for?
Inside the temple it seems to be much, much larger than the outside. No wonder, taking it for granted that the goddess is subject to space itself. Even Mali stops sobbing and fascinated looks around the grand hall, decorated with dark green stone. Huge columns ascend upward at the edges of the hall to the transparent ceiling, and it seems - they keep the sky itself. Before the basis of columns in artistic disarray scattered elegant sofa. I wonder - priestess recline on them during molenya? I do not have time to turn to our escort - from opened doors for columns flocks suddenly rushed the girl. They were dressed in the same way as the first priestess. Coats gleaming in the background is strictly dark stone raznotsvetem colors, and slender legs - sexuality.
Girls surround us with Mali and carried away in different directions, giving opomnitsya.Ya find myself in a spacious room, a sparkling white and gold. Several graceful hands are made to undress me. I shyly covers her hands, but gently, but persistently withdrawn. At the moment kakoe- cheerful chirping ceases - girls discover tattoo Vutsi. In an open mouth and eyes wide open in amazement - awe. And I, almost purring, nezhus in their view, fully naked, enjoying the excitement.
From the ceiling suddenly starts to pour thin jets of water. And I and the girls instantly become wet. Chitons others become wet and very clearly clothe slender figures. I threw back her wet hair enjoying the warm water flowing through the body. Despite the flow of water, my attention was caught by one of the girls. Here it is elegant motion throws back the wet hair. Her soaked blue tunic tightly outlines waving large roundness, not hiding large, almost black, grapes nipples. Between the feminine hips blue cloth rests fold so that it can be seen the brown folds of sexual sponges. I immediately thought of Asiel, a slave in the house of lords ... And the fact that she got up with me in the pool. Her body just stuck to the coat ... and I felt a certain desire between the legs. Perhaps I would not mind if the girl in a blue tunic caressed me. We made eye contact. Cute girl and a little mockingly smiled and stepped toward me. Now our swollen nipples almost touching each other. It draws their magnet. Well, what are you waiting for? - I wanted to cry, but I was confused and just looked down at her questioning look. But as soon as my eyelashes fell, I felt like my breasts flattened on her big balls as my lips soft and gentle touch of her lips. I was desperate to kiss a little light, but I just opened her mouth. A girl's tongue immediately took advantage and entered between my teeth. I felt the gentle touch of her hands, sliding on my wet skin. At the same time I began to wash - some sponges walked back, ass. My hands are raised, are not leaving without touching. M m-th ... It was not bad - to wash this way. On the one hand I caressed the girl in the blue, her delicate fingers were chosen closer to the pubis, and the tongue gently sought a meeting with mine. Our breasts rubbed, crawl into each other ... I'm scared like to see these full-fledged elastic balls were exposed, I feel their own nipples silky ... On the other hand I thoroughly but gently, wash.
I have not opened my eyes, enjoying the delicious sensations. I wandered into nirvana, surrendering caresses. Gentle touch sponges and hand to the bare skin, too, were a kind of affection. Especially when they pass on the ass when one or the other leg lifted the gentle hands, and began washing the inside of the thighs, under the knees ... sometimes made its way through the enjoyment of unruly thought - and how they will be washed between my legs?
I received the answer, when my body was picked up a lot of hands. I was in the air, and my feet gently but inexorably apart. My lashes momentarily opened to my eyes stray depicted as my crotch girl leaning head in blue. I groaned when moistened soft petals touched, all the same tender lips. Nimble ran my tongue folds, then parted them to touch the clitoris. From a quick caress breath, but the tongue already licking petals. I took a breath, but not for long. Sensual lips began to grab my petals, gently sucking and tongue, make a sudden strong and hard, persistently slid into the top corner of the pussy. A trickle of water running down my body shudders, only reinforced my feelings. Sensual pleasure is only slightly tempered by the fact that mature a little thought in me: I want more of something soon. It is unlikely that I want a finger in pussy, I ... may need a hot cock invading me softly and gently or rudely and imperiously. But - so it was a man with a firm, a living member. I have even thought to suspend itself is breathtaking washing, especially between the legs of my body effort girl in blue was the cleanest.
I still hated to stop the girls when suddenly the water ceased to flow. There was a melodious voice, and to my great chagrin nimble tongue stopped its sweet game. I found myself on my feet, trying to keep an eye on the naughty man standing colo entrance.
Ltd! It was niya! I immediately realized this as soon as my eyes focused. Opened his mouth and throwing open his eyes in astonishment, I considered being that all parameters could be called a woman or girl. Niyi's body was covered in kakuyu- the elastic uzorno- spotted fabric, tight it so perfectly round breasts that seemed dressed separately. Generally niya seemed more naked than dressed. In the shape I was struck by two things. First, the author of the sculpture did not misinterpret the proportions Niyi body - her waist was so slender that even I could easily obhvait her hands, legs were slender and long, so that even for a moment I envied .. Secondly, it face - such charm was hidden in it, this vulnerability was read in the eyes and at the same time they were so vicious, fucking ... Even I, not being a man suddenly felt that I stood up. I abruptly shook his head, dispelling the absurd, completely delusional thoughts. Gods, well, where I have a penis? Fancy a bit asleep, but my excitement, instigated from just a very unusual shower, it started at a gallop. It even occurred to me that I could do without men, if this crazy sexual being will make with me all these things that just doing me a normal girl.
However, niya, it seems, was not set up to rush into my arms. She just looked at me sarcastically, making me blush and feel unscrupulous whore who lives for his own lust. I was overwhelmed at niyyu anger - how dare she look SO ?! You do not want me, just turn around and leave!
Around me, the girl began to sink to his knees. I was surprised to see tears in their eyes and emotions of remorse. This is what, not only am I subjected to? ... What have been ??? The head suddenly came that niya simply mocks me and the other girls, some way making us feel guilty. I think this is called the mental influence ... Well, no, to me it will not work!
The tips of my fingers moved, I felt that they began to form a red-hot sparks. At the same time my whole being has begun to fight the obsession of my head just started to break out streams of mental strength, enveloping me pluck strands emanating from Niyi.
Nij suddenly flashed a mischievous eyes and giggled:
- And you are much stronger girlfriend! And all the others - no one can resist my hypnosis.
Obsession was asleep, and I realized that niya - gates in general the ordinary girl, just very unusual. H yes ... These are the paradoxes come to mind when you stand naked, wet, on shaky legs from the previous voltage.
- You need to relax after a mental shock. - The tip of the tail with a thickening Niyi darted forward, as if pointing. - See: ordinary people are asleep.
I was surprised to look around. The bodies of the girls who've just washed, littered the bathroom floor in beautiful poses. They seem to have fallen asleep at the same time as niya weakened his mental impact.
- Come to the chapel when you come to the senses.
Niya turned without waiting for my answer, and left, shaking her curvy buttocks elastic under the thin cloth. The sight was breathtaking and without hypnosis. A little spoiled impression tail ... Or did not spoil? ..
In a small waiting room, I put on the first got the coat, becoming indistinguishable from other girls. Almost immediately, I came to meet me high priestess. Grumble about Niyi mischief, she clapped her hands and ordered the girl appeared to carry on sleeping rooms. At the same time it turned out that Mali is also sleeping. I was asked to climb into the apartment allocated to me, which took away my friend.
Honestly, I did not understand what was going on with me. It seems that I have found Miritari temple was in the safety and comfort. However, to spend time in prayer, in the domestic concerns of ANY KIND, occasionally indulging in lesbian love, just do not attract me. No, of course you can stay here to tempt niyyu. Hmm, sounds interesting ... What else? Maybe there are any sources of information from which to me is still open, what are we to Mali? High Priestess did not hinted that we Mali somehow different from other girls. Well, tattoo ... Well, occupy a position approximate to the high priestess ... I need it?
I refused to climb into the apartment and asked where the chapel. It turned out that all the girls pray in the main hall of the temple, but there is a separate chapel - there niya alternately praying and High Priestess. I was graciously allowed to visit a separate chapel.
When I entered the cozy room niya was already there. She stood in front of the opposite wall, which shone slightly are any signs.
- Take off your clothes, you need to pray completely naked. - Blabbed niya, without turning around.
I shrugged. Anyway in this hitonchike I like naked. Heaton fell on the floor, next to the sandals, I stepped onto the lukewarm smooth stone. The chapel was small, decorated stone, similar to the one that was in the main hall, only red-black color with silver veins. The room lay in semi-darkness, lit by a strange light emanating from the runes adorning the walls. In the far corner, almost in the dark was a couch, twin of those that we have seen, when were in the temple.
Niyi body, which played a crimson glare, it was a beautiful, mysterious and irresistibly sensual. Maybe I was now not so predisposed to homosexual love, but do not recognize the sexuality I could not feminine curves: because of the elegant shoulder beckoned his supple roundness of the breast; conical nipple is visible in the "profile" sharpened like a chest; straight slender legs with a gently contoured muscles under the silky skin; round ass, with a thin waist like an inverted heart ... And the tail, spiral wound around the long legs ... Hmm, but the tip is still wearing cheholchik of spotted fabric.
I stood next to niyey:
- You're not all clothing removed!
- What? And you're about it?
The tail is unwound and before the tips of my breasts swayed thickening of tissue. Niya mischievous smile:
- In principle, I can take off and it, but let it be a surprise for you. Look - niya shifted my attention to the wall - I understand that koe. Here and here refers to the passage to the most Miritari ... This is exactly here, in the temple. But where? Another said that the passage opens when the orgasm ...
- Everything is so simple? So please me and we get to heaven! - Therefore I am a man slapped niyu backside. Smack made niyu podrygnut.
She turned to me and suddenly I was attracted to him. Our breasts flattened against each other, I felt hot breath on his lips.
- Not so fast, silly! Do you think we have experimented with a few orgasms?
Her hands squeezed my buttocks, too, not with the female force.
- H-huh? So how do you "pray"?
- Is not it a good idea to finish, knowing that it brings you closer to Miritari? - With these words niya strongly pushed me to the side of the couch on which I vzvizganem and landed. At the same moment strong slender body found itself on top. Niyi mouth covered mine, and we kissed any time.
- Are you sure it's me now it is necessary? - I asked, out of breath, when I managed to get rid of the tongue, Therefore prudently wielded in my mouth.
- And where you get to ...? - Passionately cooed niya, kissing my neck, pulling her nipples and fingers making their way to the crotch.
- Are you going to rape me? - I smiled, clutching the hips to playful fingers got to pussy. I giggled: - You do not even have nothing to do!
- You'll be surprised - full lips touched enigmatic smile, and niya again resumed their affection.
I pointedly turned away from her greedy lips, smiling coquettishly and substituting neck. Hip I was a little weakened, allowing to caress his chest, wincing slightly when the claws or teeth of my extraordinary partner were closing on the nipple. However, I immediately tightly meshed feet, almost playful hands down to the lower abdomen. I missed the moment when niya has got one arm behind his back, and in a corner flew cheholchik. Or rather, I did not pay attention to it, as in a triumphant smile radiating passion radiant huge eyes.
My hips are slightly open, and then burst into my pussy something huge and hot. I cried constricted, doomed feeling in me tossing and turning hard cock. Member? What kind of garbage ??? Where a man here? And I have a very natural fucked. I looked at niyyu and saw in her face triumph and jubilation. Tail! Niya had me thickening the tail! And it is her great pleasure. With her lips became bogged down rapid breathing, turning into moans, his face contorted with passion.
Then I went out and slender body arched Niyi cramp. Niya closed her eyes, and her mouth fell open on the contrary, baring white teeth strip. At any time my partner had forgotten about me. Yes, she fucks herself! Again, I missed the moment when Niya stopped its advanced masturbation and literally stuck his thing in me.
My body arched, his eyes widened, and Niyi lips were at my ear:
- Now you're a good girl?
- Da-da ... - I moaned, feeling her tail unceremoniously disposes of me between the spaced legs.
- Then we have to work!
Once again, I left the tail suddenly leaned over his shoulder Niyi and swayed in front of me a tip, all brilliant in the glow of the mine and its juices. He looked very much like a man's penis, even the hole in the pommel present only was absolutely symmetrical and smoother. Understanding what is required of me, I opened her mouth, and the conical head slipped between my lips. Niya openly enjoyed my manipulations, my lips and tongue. Sometimes she took away the end I accepted and suck in itself. And sometimes I put her tail across my mouth and my lips pressed against his lips. And then pommel slipped between our mouths. Niyi Breathing became more and more hot, almost moans turned into screams. Finally, having played my mouth enough, niya tail removed from my face, to plunge it between my thighs. I could not help but moan, arching toward me was spreading hot flesh. We finished almost simultaneously, huddled one on the other, eagerly devouring his lips on the lips, and hands - only what will get. I suck her breasts, I squeezed and squeezed them, shaking in orgasm, yet niya, quickly came to himself, not freed them from the grip of my fingers.
Niya straightened me with a sly smile, and looked at the reddish spots dotting her round breasts:
- And you - hot stuff! - It vorohnula tail in me, why my body was the last sweet spasm.
We sat on the couch facing each other, looking at the shimmering runes.
- We can now read ... - I began.
- What is the transition at the end of the main hall ... - continued niya.
- And an orgasm need to feel there ...
- On the sacrificial altar!
I'm shivering shrugged, making my breasts swayed:
- Something I do not like the term "sacrificial altar"!
Niya, caught my movement, eagerly looked at my breasts, licked her nimble tongue sensual lips and said:
- We continue to pray, to be able to read the entire text, not only to understand the meaning of ...
I reached out gracefully, teasing niyyu views elastic chest rising:
- I'll be ready for your attack.
- Well, then, I'll wait when you sozreesh itself - niya mischievous tongue at me.
I have not had time to say anything, because in the chapel broke chief priestess.
Looking around our happy little faces, she frowned:
- I have around the temple looking for, and you are ... pray! Niya! I warned you that public prayer should only occur in the evening! In addition, girls will grumble that you break all!
Niya casually moved her tail, indicating that she did not care.
- Bass! There, at the entrance, is the gang ANY KIND nobles and need you! At the head of the kakoy- Knavtsy.
- What???
To say that I was scared, so do not say anything.
- How did he find me?
- With him the magician, probably, he tracked you. You should talk to him - with people my girls right, but the magician can become an unsolvable problem.
I stuck the nails in his hands:
- He came to kill me!
- Oh, gods, what more of a problem ???
Suddenly our conversation intervened niya:
- In a foreign country, they will not dare to act too brazenly. Let the Bass and Mali go through the passage, while I distract the attention of strangers. When they see that there is no Bass here, they are gone. You're able to deliver a simple defense, Bess? And the magician lose you.
- Yes, I think I can ... Yes, I can. - I suddenly felt like I relate to thread a search spell. - No problem, right now!
I effortlessly broke the spell.
- We must wake Mali. I'll be in the main hall - I turned to the High Priestess. - Niya, you hold them at any time?
- For an orgasm? - Niya smiled and stepped toward me. Any time we looked into each other's eyes, then niya gently touched my lips with his. - Good-bye, Bess, you're a wonderful girl!
At this point in the chapel broke young priestess:
- Mistress, the magician threw the wall of the temple fireball! Require you!
- He felt that the spell destroyed! - I cried. - All fled!
And here I am in the corner of the main hall. Pass must be here somewhere! Next to me, puzzled and offended sniffs Mali has not yet awakened to the end. Scraping nails, I'm trying to otkovyrnut stone slabs. Devol, well, where is the door ??? I hear the cries of the doors of the hall seems to argue.
Suddenly, one of the plates under my leg loud clicks and opens the door in the wall.
- Rather, Mali! - I grab anything not to understand the girl's hand and pull the open passage.
We are met by a dark corridor, dimly lit runes, similar to those that were in the chapel. Mali pulls me by the arm:
- Bass!
- Then, Mali! Not now!
I am a die sluggish Mali abutting the corridor. It's cold and chilly. Our lungs hitonchiki does not protect against dampness and cold. Under his feet squelching slimy mud, but I'm not up to it. Yes, this fool, Mali, constantly pulls me by the arm.
After 10 minutes we are out of breath, we jump out of the cave. Devol, how cold!
- Bass!
- Well, what do you?
- You forgot to close the door!
- What???
Oh, gods, I for the dura- this ??? Now we have no time at all - if the servants Knavtsy finds a secret passage, he will want to make sure that his former concubine not run through it!
I frantically looked around. A small cave, which ended with the passage, had no more inputs and outputs. And this is probably the altar. In the middle of the cave was located a strange stone structure, vaguely resembling a flower. In the center of the flower was bulbous, which stretches four short "petals". In turn, each petal in the middle of the curved like a saddle. From the saddle stuck two oblong protrusion sticking very close to each other - one 15 cm and the other a little shorter - 10 cm.
I turned to Mali:
- Take off your clothes!
Sponges Mali offended puffed ... and trembled:
- What for?
- We need to have an orgasm in order to open a passage to our goddess!
- We'll make love? Here???
Devol, I myself felt chilled to the bone, the legs were spattered with mud almost to the knees, legs and fingers so numb at all.
- Oh, look, - sobbing Mali pointed to the altar.
I turned. The air shimmered above the stone runes. I tensed and, trying to moderate the feverish excitement, try to understand what is at stake. Gradually the meaning of phrases inscribed in the air began to reach me. I opened my mouth and a puzzled gaze on the altar.
I snapped her fingers and pulled Mali to the Altar. Forcing her to throw her leg over the "saddle", so that her vagina was over stone nodules, I pressed his hands on her shoulders.
- You're crazy, Bass! - I yelled Mali. - I do not want to do this!
- We have to finish - I hissed, feeling the hole girlfriend and directing it to the stone bars. - Knavtsy not spare me, nor you, this is our only chance. Please Mali!
Mali has ceased to resist, and her lips touched more of the projections. I strongly pressed on his shoulders, Mali screamed, how to cut, but I felt a hand that both tabs found their burrows - one ruthlessly penetrated the vagina, and the second - to the utmost stretched ass.
I very quickly settled down in the second, "saddle". His knees felt cold smooth stone stuck beneath me as cold nodules. Oh, gods, how can we finish with these pieces inside ??? Biting her lip, I gradually began to sit down on the stone members. The tip of the big tops entered me easily. However, with less difficulties arose - it was too far away, I could not have planted on his ass. I tossed and turned on one, give me only discomfort, but I could not let a second. Finally, I managed to pierce themselves with two growths. I wheezed, and plant them until the end, then he began moaning podmahivat, trying to get a little bit of fun. Near writhing Mali, but to my dismay most suffering was written on her face than even the shadow of pleasure.
Oddly enough, going stone members through any time in my hole began to give pleasure ... But the orgasm was still very far from where deep backdoor flashed lights torches. I twitched her ass in emergency mode, but then running from the throat to me darted kakaya- shadow. I was struck, with a wet stone members chpokanem tear out of me, and I rolled on the stone floor, putting his head hurt.
Oh, Devol, apparently, I was knocked gargoyle! I felt on my skin his claws. They held me tight, I did not even have to move out of fear that they proporyut skin.
- So so so! - I heard a voice Knavtsiya and gritted her teeth. It's great to be a gargoyle, smeared with mud. Moreover, judging by the feeling cloth tunic burst, and I lie to a general review with a bare ass and rastrahannymi stone holes to the outside.
Well, I'll show you! My hands clenched to collect too much destructive energy ... But instead of energy in my hands was only liquid mud! Mage! It blocks my energy channels! From powerlessness and humiliation from his eyes welled with tears.
- What is involved here ... oh! .. Engaged in such pretty girls? Beth, what you lack?
I moaned, choking with sobs and trying to turn away from climbing into the mouth of mud. I was terrified by the icy rage in his voice of my former lover.
- What are you exchanged Palace and the status of the favorite concubine of Caesar? Until then you sunk? Before felting in the mud and fucking with a stone? Look at you, whore! You gave state criminals, guard. For this you would simply executed ... But now I see what you traded me! On the dirt and stone! Servants, she - yours. When you're done, just rip it! And I want to see how this slut will enjoy!
I squealed when gargoyle, slamming the wings lifted me up. I was able to look around. Mali still sitting on the stone Member presses down the aisle another gargoyle. I pulled out a sigh of relief - though it is not threatened. But where are the servants Knavtsiya? Besides himself and a bald man in black in the cave were only gargoyles. Gargoyles? Oh no!!!
As if in response to the gargoyle who held me, predatory hissed and threw stones. I dropped down on all fours, and in my ass immediately sank claws. I screamed, but it was too late - the gargoyle dick stuck into me, almost without breaking in half.
Gargoyle began to fuck me in the ass clinging claws. I could feel her thighs flowed trickles of blood, but was unable to interrupt the rape. I could not even move - gargoyle flapped its wings and took off almost his victim in the claws. His cock went into me shaking, slapping the sides of the wings, butt was almost torn off. But I remembered that I had just come. Maybe it does not help - the runes were talking about the altar, but it's a chance ...
But how to do that? Gargoyle had me absolutely ruthless, absolutely not worrying about any consequences, it does not even care what flows through my ass dirt streaks between the buttocks ... But ...
I slipped my hand between her thighs and began to fondle himself.
- Whore! - I heard the roar of Knavtsiya. - Her fuck gargoyle and she masturbates!
- Fuck you .. - I whispered, touching the corner of pussy, the clitoris, gradually echo the sweet sensations. Sometimes my fingers touched hillocky rod, walking in me unceremoniously Expander poor scarred lips. But I'm moaning in time with the movements. Now, a little more chut ... I screamed, grabbed the gargoyle behind overgrown with coarse hair and pulled the eggs themselves, at the same time deep-deep nasazhivayas on hard cock. And gargoyle began to finish, squealed and letting me flows badly smelling sperm. And I, too, huddled under the wings whip me writhing in the mud ...
Any time, nothing happened, but then somewhere at the top there was a melodious voice:
- Who's hurting my girls?
- Miritari! - Breathed lifted Mali.
In the next instant, he brushed silver band Knavtsiya head like a blade of grass, then squealed again gargoyle, flying with me. I was still planted on his dick, why is my long-suffering ass raised, and then slipped. It washed over me blood and I crashed to the stone, losing consciousness.
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Continued: Bass. Part 3: The Witch