My birthday

You probably will not believe that this story is true, to be honest, it seems to me very improbable, but it actually happened to me, and I need to someone to share.
My name is Sergey, I live in Voronezh, I'm 18 years old. I live with my parents and my brother, he was 12. Father, 45, mother 43.
Recently it was my birthday and I want to tell you about my present. I woke up at 7 o'clock my mother, father and brother, they decided to congratulate me until all the house, because it was a weekday, and all had to be at work or school. In the morning I was presented with every little thing, clothes, etc. And I did not expect that I will give anything else. I went back to sleep in his sleep I heard my father left, then brother, soon had to leave my mother. But then I heard the words of my mother
-Sergey Come at me one more present for you.
I was delighted and jumped out of bed ran into the hall. Entering, I saw my mother standing in a business suit, it is around the waist and shoulder were bandaged large pink ribbon. I began to rummage look around the room looking for a gift but did not see anything. Mom stood and smiled.
-Well like? She asked
-What exactly?
-And where he?
-Stupid in front of you.
She stood and smiled, and then I began to understand, but I do not believe that's true.
I approached her and gently put his arm around his back., It was evident that she was embarrassed, but my mother did not pull away. I did not know what to do next. And here I thought was was not, and began to lower his hand on her ass. Mom just stood there, I began to stroke and then knead her buns. Second hand I began to squeeze her breasts. She's in her small, slightly saggy. Polapat her and seeing that she was unresisting, I began to unbutton her blouse. She smiled and watched the eyes of my shaking hands.
His head spun, it was my mother, and I should not do this, but my cock was already standing, and these thoughts retreated into the background. Taking off her jacket, I took up her skirt and tights. A minute later, my mother was in her bra and panties. I undid her bra from behind and he fell off her, exposing her lovely breasts. Two big brown nipples looked at me. I took her breasts in his hands and began to knead them, tugging at her nipples. Then I put my hand into her panties and said,
-We can take them.
-As you want.
I pulled them down and now standing before me completely naked mother. E-shaven pubis was short, but it could see the hairs. Through these hairs I saw my mother's crack. I pulled her to the sofa.
-Well, you give my son, I let a little, but you have to fuck me pull, did not expect from you takogo- she said smiling.
-Well, you own:
-Yes I joke went.
I took off his pants and sat down on the sofa, my cock staring at the ceiling. Mom went to her purse and pulled out a condom.
-On the dress.
I pulled on it, and she climbed on me picked up my cock sent him to her pussy and sat down. I was in it. At this point, all spun, I could not believe that my penis is now to my mother. She started to sit up and sit down again, her breasts touched my face, I helped her lifting her hips.
-Well nravitsja she asked.
-Yes very best.
All modesty flew with her, she was at ease. So she jumped on me for five minutes, but then I noticed a hundred and she was tired, and said,
-If you want to let's change the posture.
-Come on, how you want.
-Come back.
She got off me, my cock slipped out of her pussy. She got on all fours, it was wide and soft ass, I knocked and the reason for its member in front of me, then stuck it in and started to fuck when my hip hit on her ass, the glow on her shaking. I fucked her with all his might, so nice Hip strikes the soft ass. A few minutes later I had finished. Nearly exhausted, we lay side by side. When he had finished, I regained the ability to think. My mother lay beside all sweaty and panting, but smiling.
-Mom, we've just, engaged in incest.
-I do not think so. If we had sex without a condom, yes, and we believe rubbed on the gum and the actual incest was not, this is my opinion.
-You have just a theory.
-Well go take off the condom and pomoysya nezabud his wash.
I went to the bathroom and when she came to the Ball already dressed.

The next day, the same morning I went to her, she was dressed, I started to hug her
-Sergei then you
-The same as yesterday.
-Yesterday it was a gift and that's what today.
I'm just taken aback. And she continued to dress.
-And what we will never do it.
-Well, I did not say that, if you do something good, I will reward you.
And she flirtatious wagging her hips went into the bathroom. I went after her.
-For example that good.
-Well, hand over the five exam.
-And then?
-And then you get me, and now I must go.
I looked at her ass and recalled how yesterday I rammed it with full force, I definitely wanted to do it again.
- Okay.
For three days I was prepared, but managed to pass only 4.
I came home my father was already home. Mom cooking in the kitchen.
-Well that passed she asked, smiling.
Looking at her, I almost said through tears
-On four.
-Well do not worry, I saw you tried, so I will reward you, and she smiled.
I walked over to her and put his arm around my hands themselves have got under her clothes.
-Why are you not here, not now, tomorrow morning.
All night I was thinking how to get her to agree to have sex more often, and came up. It must itself want it, and for that she needs to finish tomorrow, a few times.
In the morning I woke up in the morning from the fact that I called my mother.
I went into the room she was sitting there in a bathrobe. When she saw me she got up and took off her robe she was wearing nothing. I approached her and kissed her passionately at this time, my hands caressed her breasts, I pushed her to the couch. She sat on it and gently spread her legs. I started to suck and pull the language of her breasts with one hand I caressed her breasts and the other reached into her pussy. She was already wet. I felt her clit and began to pull. Mom start to fidget hips and moaning, in a moment she moaned loudly and came. I watched how she is holding my hand between legs and looking at me.
- Well son you learn quickly.
-Now she caressed me, and I poked a member of her mouth
-Please dress condom.

I pulled on it, and lay down. Mom sat down between my legs and started to suck. Sucking it very skillfully playing language. When she was tired, I put her on the sofa and lay on top. Send members into it, I introduced him looking into her eyes and began to peck her hole. After 10 minutes, a jump, I was ready to come, but waited until the finish mom. And now suffered 4 minute I saw it began to attract me with their feet and loud sigh, her pussy began to decline, and nice to put pressure on member here and I could not resist and finished. My orgasm lasted about 30 seconds, after that I have spent a long time on it, and we were looking at each other, my fallen member was still in it. Then I lay down next to her with one hand, I stroked the hair on her head, and the other on her pussy.
-Well Mom, you like it?
-Do not bad-she said smiling.