Sex repair

Go to the call I did not want. The day came to an end, but at home waiting for a computer with a new igruhoy. But money is also needed, so we had to reluctantly stomp teeth.
All as always - a woman well beyond 40, even more likely, 50, does not understand the technology, explain clearly what happened to teledrugom clearly not able to, "went out the screen light is off, right." Although television is not bad, "Sonya" is not very old and obviously the Japanese assembly - treatable pretty quickly. So I'm pleased, receiving royalties, I was about to return home.
And then the landlady, were quite good-looking for his age, offered tea. And though there was a lack of time, did not give up, the heat had exhausted completely.
- Tea is already on the table - I heard the voice of the hostess.
Well, zapem success. Passing the woman remarked - "a good, devil!" Was a pretty good shape for his age. At least, chest and stuck out from under his short robe frivolous, and Polly would cause envy of many young girls, tall, tight ...
Damn, and I have sex with recently strained: his wife knife, went to his mother missus. Two weeks without a woman - is too much. And here is, though twice her age, but no worse than my peers wonder.
And is not embarrassed by undressing look, she studied with an easy smile provokes. Here is a bitch!

- Well, like it?
- What? - Licked suddenly dry lips I.
- And all. Look how to examine.
- Yeah, like that.
- Oh, look, the guy is already half a year to anyone nothing was thrown over because - get! It is safe!
- So I do not mind, but very even! - Finally I found a hero.
- Well then, let's go - drew a fairy somewhere in another room, obviously, in the bedroom - we people are adults, then pull?

Indeed, bedroom. What to do something, blah? As a boy - a virgin feel. But the fairy stand long as Telepen not allowed, and turned and glared kiss. My mother was a woman! Yes, from that kiss my "friend", to stand at "attention" has increased, perhaps even twice. Although I think this is basically impossible.
And then, and felt a gentle stroking fingers on it, it turns out, the sorceress managed to unbutton his pants and underwear to climb ... God! From blowjob such feelings did not get!
But the continuation of the banquet has gone a different scenario. Kudesnitsa gracefully turned and, throwing off his robe went to bed. To get, and yet underneath luxurious body, without a hint of grease or disproportionate. The lack of underwear made it possible to take a view of everything, though, and from the back.

- Well, are you going, boy? - She half turned languidly. This elegantly down on the bed.
You ask! Clothing and flew with me in different directions. Member menacingly staring at the naked goddess.
- Wow! Well go soon, I expect.
I do not have to repeat twice. The rubble nearby, began to kiss her lips, the face with a few wrinkles, and going down below, and chest, which turned out really quite large and elastic. In this age!
But the nymph stopped me:
- Come on already - she breathed. He plunged his hand into her slit, felt that really - expires juices, and probably for a long time.
And thrust his cock, felt the trembling of the body, increases range of motion, increased trembling again, and finally, after a few more jolts arched with dilated eyes in ecstasy, fell silent.
But I was not all! Although, after a couple of frictions, also I go down next to the pillow.
- What is the name something you queen?
- Valentina. Hmm, even Queen? ...