The first trip to the car, but what ....

Hello, my name is Igor. I am 19 years old and this story happened to me about a year ago when I passed on the driver's license and was about to go into town to **** her friend for a wedding. The road was long and had to go to the more winter in his car.
Around the evening I had to pull off the road, because there are road repairs and to go on a terrible detour. About an hour later, I noticed that the traffic cops go after me and I stopped. In the window I knocked the young lieutenant of twenty-five and said that I exceeded the speed limit on this section of the route. I immediately apologized and asked what we will do.
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He told me that for speeding in this area a fine of 3000 rubles. Since I still do not earn, I may be asked for another can smooth over the situation. He said that it will have to go into the car. There turned out to be one more policeman. We sat in the back seat, and they sat down, too, on the sides of the back. One said that if I can not pay the money, you have to like it on another and put his hand on his penis. I immediately understood everything and tried to escape, but did not, because I was hit from behind baton. I woke up about an hour later completely naked and handcuffed hitched to the rear door handles. I for some reason earlier flashed the thought - how in such a small road with no settlements were suddenly the police. When I started looking around I saw that they drove my car to the nearest forest plantations.

Apparently they first brought me and then drove my car. A few minutes later one came and said to the other that I woke up. I started to tell them that I can pay, but they replied that they had before, but now will have to work the body. And if I do not obey, they beat me with batons and put in remand prison under pretext that I was drunk. They explained that in jail I would be much worse than them, so I agreed. Next thing unfolded so. They sat next to me on either side, and began to undress.
- Now bend over and you suck my dick as long as I did not finish it, and that would not squeak one was not, and then you know how we can get revenge. Do it right and you will go on ..
I did not understand, and I leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. Then I felt that the one that began back something to poke me in the ass. I tried to say something but he threatened and put this thing sharply further, I just groaned. A few minutes later, I felt that the first cop began to move sharply and realized that he ends. Teck happened - my mouth was full of sperm, and he ordered her to swallow. I barely made it.
- I flexed it enough - said the second and we all got out.

Then, the second cop sat on the hood of the car and told me to suck his cock, while the first and came back sharply shoved into me his huge machine about 21 centimeters in length and began to fuck me. After a while, the pain began to disappear and pleasure appeared. We finished about the same time and they have departed from me. Then, 15 minutes later they again fucked me in different positions so that ass I was sick for rabid. Then let go and give some money on gasoline. We asked the same phone that would be like that again, but I refused and went further along its way.