Traitor (Part Two)

After a while two policeman brought into the room a red cropped Woman. Marina knew it, it was Valentine Lobanov. They learned from the Marina to the same school. Valya was an avid zealous pioneer and Komsomol. She was of medium height with a good, ugly face, covered with freckles. Now it was easy to dress and canvas sneakers. Valentine put in the middle of the room. Her hands were cuffed behind his back buttoned.
Marta, sitting at a table, carefully looked at the girl. Germany's has continued to watch her, not uttering a sound, putting her long, slender legs, shod in tall, elegantly tailored, calf boots on the edge of the table. Between the boots and skirt Marina, who stared at Martha, I saw a thin black stockings, through which skin slim thigh was visible. The black garrison cap was pushed to his forehead and set off carefully combed white hair, collected a lump on his head.
The pause lasted about 5 minutes, and then went into the room, Major. March jumped from his chair and stretched out in front of the chief, raising his right hand in salute. Mayor said that the March in German and sat down on a chair. German woman lowered her hand and stood beside him. Vasili and Aleksei too stretched and stood against the wall. Major said, looking at Valentine, Martha translated.
-Frau Lobanov, where did you come from a grenade found you during the test?
-So I've told the officer, Shaw found them in a grove, mushrooms sbiralsya code!
Marina somewhat surprised talk and idiotic smile Wali. She realized that she plays, and listened tensely to dialogue.
-Who do you carry it?
-So to you and carried Schaub pass, and that God knows, sho can happen.
-But you arrested when you went in the opposite direction.
-You are confusing, Frau officer, I went to the office!
-And what a woman came up to you, before you stopped the patrol, and what did you say?
-Yes sho you talking about Frau officer, there was no such!
Major once said something to Martha, but she did not translate or anything, but only came to the table and pulled out from the box, put your hands on the elegant black kid gloves. Approaching Valentine, Martha, on otmash struck her in the face.
-For Shaw, Frau officer !? I absolutely true to you, and you fight lyzite!
March hit a girl again. And he nodded Basil with Alexei. The executioners immediately responded, and unbuttoned handcuffs, began to undress Valya. She began to fight back and scream, but Basil sharply hit her in the solar plexus, and then she hung up. The men stripped her, tearing the dress and panties. Valya was not wearing a bra because her breasts were quite small. After that, it was put and fixed on the bench, as well as before Alexander.
Marina shrank together into a ball. The closet was very hot, and it was all drenched. She closed her eyes that would not see the spanking again. She also wanted to plug his ears, but the handcuffs prevented. The legs were shaking from fatigue.
Came Frau Ulrich and Valya brought to life. She makes her injections in the shoulder and left. March leaned over the girl's head.
-Well, my beauty, tell us the truth, or you will be hurt?
-I told everything, Frau officer.
Vale's voice was hoarse, heavy breathing.
-Frau First Lieutenant, and secondly you have the house found a box of grenades, in the third there find the floor plan of Staff, in the fourth woman to whom you said, like a charwoman from the headquarters Nina Lykov!
-Fifth, fuck you bitch fascist!
Having said that Val, spat in the direction of Martha and got her perfectly ironed, tunic and boots. Martha's face was white, his eyes narrowed.
-Who brought thee grenades, and to whom you should give them?
In response, followed by another spitting, which hit on a perfectly polished boots. March pulled out a handkerchief, but here it jumped Alex and wiped the spittle with his hand. She nodded Basil. The executioner walked over to the rack, carefully examined her, took off his whip, woven together from two leather belts, and went to the bench. He stood up so that the major and lieutenant saw the girl.
Marina involuntarily opened her eyes and watched everything going on with bated breath. Despite the closeness, her skin covered "gooseflesh".
Basil swung and struck Valya back in the shoulder blades. In place of the strike appeared livid scar. She flinched, but did not utter a sound. Bald smacked her striking parallel to each other. The skin on his back was covered with welts. On each shot, Val shuddered, clenched and unclenched his fingers and toes, biting his lips, but no sound issued. Spanking lasted ten minutes. On the black, wide shirt Basil tread trace of sweat. He had several times walked back Vlentiny from the shoulders to the waist, leather seats and broke his back was bleeding. Vasily stopped, took off his shirt, put on his leather apron and went. Ten minutes later, she began to moan loudly, and twist the head. The skin on his back was almost all torn off whip. March looked with disgust on his back, she hated blood.
-Vasily rubber buttocks, calves Alex tree! Frau Ulrich! - Commanded March.
Mayor stood up, said something to the lieutenant and left. Basil stood and walked to the hanger. He took a rubber stick, which beat Alexander heels and stood at the buttocks of Valentina. Alex stood up with a wooden stick on the shin level. Near the head stood a bottle of Frau Ulrich in one hand and a cotton swab in the other.
-Well, are you going to talk?
-Fuck you!
Valentine rasped. March executioners nodded and came to the table, took off his jacket, cap and tie. He left in a white shirt, skirt and boots.
Honey. sister brought the girl to the ball sal ammoniac to face, rubbed her temples and then poured the contents of the vial back. The room resounded with heart-rending, plangent cry Wali. She whirled head and twitched all over. When the cry of verse, Frau Ulrich, with a beatific smile, rubbed the liquid on the back interrogated, causing a new scream. Basil started beating on the buttocks, and Alex, swinging, hit with a wooden stick in the middle of the calf. Valya pulled feet as a dancer and a heart-rending yelled again. The girl was beaten twenty minutes. Marta, periodically stopped beating and asking questions. Bringing back just shakes his head. Finally, question fell into a dead faint. Buttocks thighs and shins were a solid black eye and a bloody mess back.
While Frau Ulrich led Man to life and made shots, the executioners drank water. Bald took off his apron and bared his powerful, muscular, hairy chest and a strong back. He was all covered with sweat. March came to Vasili behind and licked his back, licking the sweat. Basil turned to the lieutenant, and unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt, squeezed her breasts. March moaned, and they have merged in a long kiss.
Marina watched everything going on, sincerely admire the courage of Vali.
-Now bastinado! - Martha said, and walked to the soles of the Wali.
Alex tied the feet as well as ... Alexandra and taking a wooden stick got on against bald, who also picked up a wooden stick. March leaned over and held his hand on the soles. Feet Valya were 37 size, accurate, high-rise, with round pink heels, long thin fingers. The first fingers were shorter than the second. The skin is thin and delicate. March looked at the feet, then bent down and took a deep breath nose. Climbing, Martha nodded executioners and execution continued. Vasili and Aleksei Valya beaten with sticks on the soles of his feet for fifteen minutes. The girl screamed loudly. Small heel turned purple. She was sweating and hoarse. March changed torture. Valya turned to face upward. Vasily beat the soles of his feet, the fingers on the rise and a thin skin of the foot arch. Alex beat a stick on the front surface of the thighs, and Martha took the rod and flogged chest. The torture lasted for almost an hour more. The girl screamed hysterically. Four times she lost consciousness and dip. When she again lost consciousness, Martha called Frau Ulrich and ordered the lame untie Valya. Breasts were covered with crimson stripes, bleeding nipples, thighs and feet were purple. Honey sister tried to bring the girl to his senses, but it was deep swoon. March called security and told to carry out the office of the Valia Frau Ulrich.
- Ulrich Listen, if she dies, I'll have you put in its place!
Marina watched everything, almost losing consciousness from what he saw, and fatigue. She experienced a wild fear when March went to the closet and opened the door. His lips were white and trembling girl, facial perspiration. Legs became cotton.