Appeased sperm. Descent two

Hello, dear reader! This second descent.
If you have not read my first story, I quickly remind you that in seventeen years, thanks to a clever one mentor, and maybe coincidence, to the music of your friend Deep Purple band, orgasm began to come to me during oral sex with men. And you know, at the same time I just fucked in the mouth, that is, when I humbly sucking dick, I attended the full orgasmic satisfaction. Well, you know, obviously, what it is. This may be compared with the feeling when you are reunited with perfect bliss, when no cell in your body does not remain indifferent to what the soul feels. Forgive me, dear reader, the doorbell rang and I had to open it.
I'm sorry, darling readers, but today maybe I do not tell you about the second descent. Well, judge for yourself. Everything that I write is happening in real time, so now I am very perevozbudilas, because literally before your eyes was ottrahanoy.
Imagine: I'm sitting at the computer, and you poured out his soul, when suddenly the door bell rings. You know what happened? Came plumber named Basil (no it's really real name).
- Bob, what are you come, I is not broke? - I'm talking about. (Vasily already fifty years and it is not quite good, although secretly I assure you that he has an impressive dick).
- Duck, Rita, brought to you partner to meet your mother - tells me fitter.
What could I do, dear? After Basil I changed all the plumbing, which has always proceeded from the Soviet era. I think you remember the days of the Soviet Union.
- Okay, Bob, come to the kitchen, we will learn, - I suggest. But she only one terry robe over his naked body. You know, when you write sex stories, no, no yes and pulled the hand to play with her clit. So in fact it is written pleasant.
- Rita, pour, - says Basil, a brash, in general, man.
I climb on the shelf, get the brandy, and he, a bastard, my paw for the ass and says:
- Well, you're a bitch, as always without panties - laughs. I do not know - whether I resent felts take everything as a joke. We have to do the second.
They drank a hundred, had a snack. Probably, it is appropriate to talk about the weather, or about anything else. And he told me:
- You Ritka, zaebato suck! Show me Kolyanu as you work.
- Vasily Ivanovich, - then I was indignant. - Even though you and namesake of the famous red Chapaya commander, but such impudence, I will not stand in his own house!
- Come on, come on, do not be offended, I'm in a mental - when he begins to unbutton his pants with a belt and fly.
Everything is of course to take is possible, but not to the same degree! Then I told him, and say, well, let's Absolutely Fabulous, and Let's go into the room.
Ten minutes later, when I was naked on the bed in the cancer muzhnenoy bedroom, Vasily Ivanovich me fucking pussy in, confessed to Nicholas that gave me suck not washed Member:
- Good whore, but forty-five years, and the bitch looks at the body of the thirty.
- Yes, zaebato sucks - confirmed Kohl. - Ivanovich, how did you know that it is a whore?
- Duck, called me six months ago menyat hose in the toilet. I did everything. I was standing. Dai, I think will test. Well, in short, I stand SSA, and the door to the latrine bucket're not covered, and then Rita looked, asked, saying that everything is already repaired? But she had to dick zybit directly illuminates the whole. Then I think: "Our maid, or ours? It was was not". And I say to her:
- What to watch? Come meet my boyfriend. So, they say so - while Ivanovich stepped on the back, noisily slapping my buttocks. - Duck got it on my knees and began to suck me, bitch! Eggs sucked, kissed his feet, in the dick all zatselovali space left. And best of all, when I pulled her mouth, swallowed it all and still suck every last drop. She also did not ask to speak, but the ass licking fun! Well, you already said. Yes, fuck it, Kolya, fuck her, she likes! Kolyan three times drove my dick on the tonsils with a flourish. I began to choke, released member and coughed.
- What a bitch, a young member no longer holds, - Vasily clearly abused. You know, dear reader, but if at the age of dick is not so hard, and then the men, scoundrels, begin to mock. As bud is we women are to blame, that they are not worth it.
- So that Vassilich, sucked? - When Kolya said this, I felt even more strained his penis clamped my lips. (He gave me a cough and began to fuck in the mouth with more force.) You know, reader, almost always I feel a member of the voltage when the man finish.
- Enough bullshit guys! - My voice acted on them. - Go, Nick, fuck off me well in the pussy, and I am a veteran'll bite his tail clumsy! The men laughed, but it began to carry out my command went swapped. Kohl fucking great. Well two hands squeezing the ass, drives the dick with pleasure. Knock, knock, more kick. You know, dear reader, in this case a lot of playing rhythm. Well, when the fuck rhythm. Clap, clap, clap. Monotone and rhythmically: - Horoshoooo! Horoshooo! - I began to cry, because Kolya drives the fine. Vasily Ivanovich masturbate in front of my face, but it did not work. I looked up and saw a distorted grimace on his face namesake Chapaev. I realized: "Though he Fingering struggling, but it is not necessary, because the woman moans on a thick young dick standing rigidly that her fuck and fuck!" I even felt sorry for Vasily Ivanovich, but let the reader, relax! I take control in their hands.
- Nick, darling, lie on your back, I'll jump, - confidence in the woman's voice often suppresses the power of men. However, I have to be suppressed. And so I changed tactics and invited its partners:
- Let us first, I will be your slave, I'll go, and you sit down and top's fuck me in the mouth at once together.
You know how it is? This is the chick who is married to a wealthy man, and I will give to the children who are treated plumbing. But this is the class for me! I do not want to command! As well, when a simple man - a plumber, with unwashed Rukmi just give you a great sucking his dick! After all, the penis - it is so beautiful! I important penis and a good attitude to me! Dick - it is so beautiful! Humiliation creates a very pleasant feeling of suppression simple peasants with hard hands and they fuck like men!
The men willingly climbed. Kolyan as younger, had to stay with their buttocks on my tits, and Basil "Chapaev" He perched on the other hand, clapping his sluggish by a dick me on the forehead. Fuck!!! I, the reader, like this! I think that had any woman can not rape if she takes the correct position. That's what I'll tell you later. But today I would like to have me fucked. You know, to tell you honestly that the young stand-dick liked me more. Here I can not help it.
The men who are over forty, to be honest, no offense: well of course you relax, you know all the erogenous zones and points, including G. You're doing very well, very well, and everything is nice. But the enthusiasm of the young, youthful energy, standing, standing very ... hard dick, which so want to feel in my pussy. Sometimes it is not enough.
Tomorrow I'll tell you about it at last: "Syrian once said that he could finish only when the will to fuck me in the ass. Other Arabs agreed. Who does not mind, so this is my husband, who was sleeping drunk sleeping in the next room".
"You know how you can win Afghanistan? It can be a very long time bomb, as it is now does NATO. But the Afghans can win love. I sucked dicks Mujahideen and they said that the greatest weapon of the Soviet troops in Afghanistan - this is love, they would long ago have escaped us, if you would give us - women power. Do not fight, they will lie in front of us when we put them all cancer in the worship of our love".
The last wish, my dear reader! It has become very fashionable to talk about Afghan companies (see Company 9). I wanted to talk about how we were simple medical sisters in Afghanistan. Even then there was another time ..