Yulia. Part 12: A gift from a stranger

Julia was home alone and engaged in cleaning of clothes she was wearing white panties and a white bra, which she was not afraid to get dirty, since it was wearing a short blue apron with two pockets. Julia and Vladimir, when they were alone in the apartment, went only in their underwear or completely naked, they believed that the body needs to rest and extra clothes to him to nothing. She dusted off the shelves when she heard the doorbell. "Is Vladimir returned to work so early? He also got the keys, and he would not have to call, "- she thought, looking at the wall clock and draping over a short blue robe. Looking Julia did not see anyone through the peephole, then it is not called the neighbors, and went out into the common corridor she looked through the peephole leading to an elevator, too, there was no one there. She thought it was a prank, and whose she wanted to go back to the apartment, but an envelope taped to the wall so that it is visible to the eye, drew her attention to it was written in apartment number and the words "for Julia". Julia opened the door and tore the envelope, which probed the subject like the drive to the computer. She wanted to throw an unexpected message in the garbage disposal, but on the other side of the envelope was her picture with the New Year corporate party, where she was in the form of Snow Maiden dancing on the stage in front of colleagues. "Colleagues have decided to make a joke!" - I thought Julia smiled, and returned to the apartment she immediately opened the envelope, in which lay a DVD-ROM.

Throwing a robe over the back of the chair including laptops girl standing on the table by inserting the disc into the drive sent Julia opened its contents, there was a lot of pictures of her performances. After throwing off the apron, she lay down on the bed by putting next to a laptop, and start to view photos. Julia all the photographs was captured, so that could see her red thong under red mini-skirt.

- Whoever made these photos are not particularly bother, - he said with a smile aloud Julia, - any movement of my legs and panties immediately peeked out from under the skirt! But Pauline did not want to wear these costumes - she stopped look at the next photo, where she dances with a pair of his co-worker, who was dressed in blue. - And here boys! - In the following pictures and Julia Pauline danced with guest dancers. - I remember this man so strongly pressed me to her, I could feel his dick Horny! - The girl took off her bra and began to fondle her breasts. - Video? Interesting! - Julia, and the last opened file on the disk, which was video. - It is not possible, there are no cameras! Although there is someone watching us, hiding behind the costumes hanging there! - Outraged woman and even stopped to caress his chest, when I saw that the video was recorded as her fuck two guest dancer in the room for props. - Who could have done it? Alexey? No, what is it. Then who? But it was cool! - Julia smiled remembering the passionate sex with the dancers, whose name she did not even remember, but looking at the screen the girl took off her panties and began to masturbate.

"Everything was so unexpected - start remembering Julia, - I took her clothes and went to the room for props, there to leave immediately costume, dress up and go to the hall to celebrate the holiday with others. I took off my top and I heard footsteps behind him, it was the same guy who danced with me in a pair of his coveted gaze was on my bare chest and hump between his legs gave out his wishes. His muscular torso was wearing only blue vest, which I took off one touch him, and he took me by the hips and put on the table, he kissed on the lips. My mouth turned out to be two languages, and hips were favored by strong hands. I unzipped it to the blue pants and lowered them down, just below his buttocks sports, and felt the vagina, as a member rests on my panties. The guy pushed my panties aside and entered into me, and began to fuck me with his legs wrapped around his waist, so that my heel rested on his buttocks. I periodically closed her eyes and gave herself entirely sensations of pleasure and passion. My vagina tightly bowed male member, which at each movement of the head struck deep into the cervix. Man first fondled my breasts, and then hugging her hips continued to fuck even more quickly, so that my chest was shaking in different directions. I'm not holding back moans, because she thought that next to no one, but the feeling in his chest one more pair of hands, and opened his eyes, I realized that was wrong.

I caressed the second dancer in a red waistcoat, who danced with Pauline, he apparently heard my moans, or maybe they had agreed in advance that the second will join later. I was at that moment anyway, I went back to the table and rested her hands on the wall above his head. The second man continued to caress me, but then stopped, and went in the direction it is completely undressed and looking at his friend fucks me on the table, and began to masturbate. I'm feeling a member of the movement at the vagina and getting pleasure from it, turned her head to the side and looked at the second guy, he masturbates with his right hand and the left hand caressing his testicles. Then the first guy took out my dick and took off my panties and skirt, sat down and began to make me cunnilingus, his tongue slid along my labia penetrate between the inside of the vagina. My clitoris, too, was not deprived of the guy sucking and licking it. I stuck out my tongue and a little play them, then pulled her lips into a tube, as if kissing the second guy from afar, and then took in her mouth index finger of his right hand and began to suck.

I stood up and running a hand through the first guy said he laid bare the hair completely, and he started to do, and she came up to the second boy, kissed him on the lips, and fell to her knees. Tongue I spent the entire length of the member from the underside of the testicles and the bridle, then licked around the head and took her into his mouth. Sucking head I masturbate right hand the rest of the members, and the left caressed the thighs and buttocks of a Man. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the first guy came up and I started to masturbate his penis with his left hand, while continuing to suck dick in the second. After I hand motion made it clear dancers stand opposite each other as closely as possible, and is located between the two took their member in her mouth. And as I understand the guys are having fun, not only from the blowjob, but also from the fact that their members are in contact.

I continued to suck dick first guy on his knees, and the other standing behind me on one knee began to fuck me in the vagina, holding the waist at the hips. Keeping both hands on the man's buttocks, I felt like a member of the slides on my tongue and when driving deep into his head hits the throat. The second guy fucking me from behind with every movement deep into the vagina member pushing my body forward, so that my term in her mouth, too, was moving inland at the same time with him. Strong man's hands gripped my hair and I realized that the guy is now to finish, once sperm hit my throat and I swallowed it, then again and again until the member has not started to relax. The first guy enjoying me, sat down without even thinking of dress, and the other continued fucking me, not even thinking to stop. Then he took me into his penis and summed up to the seated boy, I put her hands on his strong shoulders, and he began to fondle my breasts and kiss on the lips. The second man parted my buttocks and put his cock in my ass, making quick movements member inside me. As I moaned then, if this room was closer to the festive hall, all who were there to hear my moans of pleasure. I felt like a member of the move in fully penetrating into me like an orgasm wave poured over my body, like a guy cums inside me, making a quick and passionate movement. "

- Yes, it was super! - Julia said aloud, and the video ended up on how she and two men dressed and left the room for props. - Ah-ah-ah! - Start to finish girl lying on the bed with wide apart hips and fucking herself fingers into the vagina.

"But who could it shoot? It seems that this is just waiting" - Julia thought, dosmatrivaya video, suddenly stopped and the last frame of the speaker's voice:

- So how did you like it? I've been watching you and I know how you love to fuck! Now check your email! - Voice trailed off.

- This is not funny, - said Julia, but mail is still scanned, it came from an unknown address link, clicking on which she got on a video hosting, where the video was taken, she had just masturbated looking record one of his cheating.

She quickly got up and closed the windows with thick curtains night, she did not like this situation. Julia took a cell phone and dialed the number of Alexei, he was the only one who could help her in this situation.

Continued: Yulia. Part 11: Air passion