Nicole closed the door, turned around and cheerfully asked again: "How are you? All is well?" She slipped into the room and bent over her bag in the corner. Light summer skirt outlined her round ass and panties edge. I swallowed. Nicole has just come out "popudrit spout"And I clearly realized that that's literally just that she took off her panties and lifted up the this sweet skirt very close to me.
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I looked at her legs in elegant summer sandals. Slender long legs - so rare for a French girl. It was all very nice, and never more French classes not seemed so pleasant. We were engaged Wednesday in the French school, and on Sundays in my office, there is the benefit of the weekend there was no one.
Today just was Sunday, and around the office, we were alone. Nicole sat down in front of me, we quickly leafed through my homework and went to the grammar of speech. Nicole put her in front of a piece of paper:
-- Tell me the differences between French and American measures of lengths and weights?
I drew from memory the names of all the French American pounds and inches, which knew, and even tried to remember the conversion factors. With the French system it was much easier, because there are the same meters and kilograms, and that worldwide.
-- American girls specially invented himself pounds that speak "I lost weight by as much as three pounds" and enjoy it. - Nicole smiled. - And there is only a kilogram more than impossible.
-- Yeah, fat Americans do not compare with thin French women, - I said.
-- Thin? - Nicole raised her eyebrows. -- This is not the way to say it. Come on, as you correctly tell the girl that she "thin"?
-- Mmm ... - it was not easy, I'm not a little thought. - You are slender. You are exquisite. How else?
-- It's all? And how "you elegant". "You are attractive". "tempting you"?
-- This is not the same as that "you slim"- I said.
-- Does not matter. Think of all the French-ka compliments that you know.
Remembering compliments turned suddenly surprisingly easy because the charming girl was sitting right in front of me. I caught her eye and began to speak quite frankly, looking her straight in the eye:
-- You are attractive, you are charming, you are amazingly beautiful, you perfection, your skirt so you are talking, your eyes are beautiful, your pens are exquisite, your legs are great, you are so sweet and charming!
It seemed to me that Nicole blushed a little. She thought for a moment and said:
-- In addition, you can say you appetizing, you're pretty, you "sexy".
-- "Sexy" - Is not a French word. - I said with a smile. Nicole laughed:
-- With the accent on the last syllable of a very French. Sexy-and-and-and.
When she said it a long and, her lips stretched into a beautiful smile. I was hot.
-- Tell me what it is - "sexy"?
-- Uh, I think it's a girl, that causes the sexual desire, it looks tempting. From the word "temptation".
In saying this, I almost pulled his feet under the table and suddenly came into contact with her legs. I was wearing open sandals and our feet touched like naked, without shoes. I felt her delicate skin, and stood for a moment, unable to remove the legs. Nicole hesitated, but a moment later pushed her leg from the mine and continued:
-- And how should look like a girl, to be "sexy"?
I began to talk about clothes and makeup. My thoughts were still confused because of the touch, and vocabulary in terms of make-up and clothes left much to be desired. Nicole had to prompt me half the words.
In the meantime, I again touched her foot under the table and happily immersed in the thrill of this touch. Velvet skin legs graceful girl was extremely pleasant to the touch. At this time, Nicole took her leg and continued to talk to me as if nothing had happened.
Suddenly I felt some movement, and in a moment it appeared that Nicole freed one leg of the shoe and put it on my promenade just above the sandal straps. A moment later, a second heel touched my other leg: Nicole sat barefoot, putting their tender feet under the table at my feet.
I lost all sense of reality, put his hand under the table and raised her left and then the right foot for the heels on his lap. Each touch of lovely legs previously inaccessible girls brought great pleasure. I stroked her soft fingers on her feet, ran his hands over the velvet skin almost to the knees. Nicole leaned back slightly in his chair, closed her eyes, and I caressed her legs under the table ...
After a few long moments, I gently put her feet on the floor, got up and walked around the table, coming up to her. Delicate fragrance of her body completely intoxicated me. I walked up to her face, a beautiful, wide-eyed and began to whisper to her as she is beautiful, wonderful, charming, desirable, seductive and unbearably beautiful.
Then I approached more and pressed to her lips. I touched her lips with his slowly, enjoying their cherry tenderness and involving it in the game kiss. Nicole while only slightly pressed to my lips, and then began to gently kiss them back and for a few moments even came in contact with the tip of the elastic tongue with my tongue. I trembled with desire and even more actively began to explore her delicate mouth.
We somehow went unnoticed, and she sat on the edge of the table, not looking up from me a kiss. My hands are themselves infiltrated under her blouse and delicate body trembled in my hands. I caressed her back and tender tummy, groped and unbuttoned buttons of her blouse, and after a few awkward moments blouse slipped off the table. Under the blouse turned pretty white bra with a simple semicircular cups.
I rallied, broke away from this endless buzzing around his head and kiss again whisper all the compliments in French, which he knew, including "sexy". Nicole magically smiled and looked at me very gently. Meanwhile, I undid the clasp of her bra and white cups slid down, exposing at least white, perfectly round hemisphere its beautiful maiden breast.
Pink nipples protruding resiliently framed by neat dark circles ... Lovely girl with disheveled hair and bare-chested in front of me sat on a table in a skirt ... I was drunk with delight and then pressed a kiss to her honeyed lips. My hands slid down her body, wrapped around her waist, found wonderful peaches touch her breasts and began to fondle them with such tenderness, which may only be able to rough male hands.
Nicole shook in my hands. I felt her soft palms under his shirt, right on the chest. She stroked my hot body, I unbutton the shirt and slowly pulls together it with me. When the shirt was on the floor, Nicole again held his hands over my torso and took the belt and jeans.
I helped undo his belt, and she took the initiative and she undid the button and zipper - my jeans slid down. I'm even more excited at the thought of standing in front of tight shorts delightful girl. My cock surged under the cloth and her hands Nicole, meanwhile, stroked me on this bulge and thighs.
Nicole suddenly teased my fingers eraser panties and slowly, gently pulled them down. My erection immediately leapt to freedom. She broke away from the kiss and looked directly at him. Her palms pulled my pants up to the knees, she gently touched the testicles and gently stroked the trunk of my penis. Then she looked at me and smiled:
-- This is the first Russian member, who I see.
-- And what do you think? - I could not resist the question.
-- I like it - it is again caressed his hand, I shook with pleasure and a member of the stiffened even more .... - Beautiful.
Her fingers draw a line on the inside of my thigh, between the testicles and up almost to the head of the penis. Nicole cupped his palm and pulled the skin down, revealing a swollen head. I have in my head dizzy with excitement.
-- Are you the first French woman, which I touch, - I said.
I grabbed her legs under the knees and lowered her back Woman on the table. The skirt rode up and brought my gaze soft white pants, tight-fitting her thighs. I took off with Nicole first skirt, enjoying the way the graceful white legs flashed in front of me, helping me to take off her clothes, and then slowly, with pleasure pulled down her panties.
Under the panties was tidy vertical rim delicate hair, ending at the beginning of the sexual sponges. I devoured the eyes, striped, and all that there is more behind it, continuing to pull her panties. Once freed her legs, I threw them on his shoulders and gently stroked the girl's knees and hips. Kneeling down to the edge of the table, I approached her wonderful intimate flower and kissed her straight through the open petals between her legs.
Intimate sponges Nicole were full of moisture and extremely gentle to the touch. I could not resist and kissed them several times, his tongue played with her clitoris, his tongue between the petals. She let out a barely audible moan ..
I got up, pulled her a little closer to the edge of the table and slowly entered her. Gentle slippery lips parted, swallowed my head burning with excitement, and then a member of the trunk. I felt my flesh pushes the delicate tissues of her body, as if the hot piston moves inside the envelop cool waves. Non-transferable, fully enjoying the feeling. She closed her eyes and slowly sit down on my cock.
I took Nicole stronger hips and began to move vigorously. She was lying in front of me naked, eyes closed, biting her lips, delicate girlish breasts swayed up and down, her stomach fluttered, and long graceful legs involuntarily pressed me tighter. I caressed her hands hips and chest, stroked his knees and kissed the fingers of feet, continuing to vigorously dipped dick in her gentle bosom.
I felt like I was floating on the waves of her body that it was all very fun. I completely lost track of time and enjoyed every movement, every touch of her skin when Nicole suddenly began to moan loudly, stretched her arms down and grabbed me by the hips as tightly as she could get, trying to squeeze my thighs to her even stronger. Her foot slipped off my shoulders and hugged me on the sides, with the force of pressing and will drive me to her body.
I felt that her vagina tightened elastic ring around my trunk, every movement has brought me twice as much fun, but Nicole squirmed and moaned loudly. I entered with force in her, massaged her breasts, fingering pink buds and delight looked at her beautiful, distorted face flour fun. She suddenly screamed, hugged me even harder, froze for a few seconds and relax.
I stopped ... My cock was deep in her flushed bosom, and it seemed to me that I felt her body pulsing around him. Nicole sighed, opened her eyes and patted me on the arm, pointing, they say, go. Flushed with her pleasure, I took Nicole hips and continued movement, immersing and taking out the trunk in its expiring juices vagina.
After a few movements I planted it as deep as possible in the member and was poured into her body. She squeezed my cock some internal muscle and I distinctly felt a few hot jets, rapidly escaping from me into her defenseless womb. My legs buckled and I barely had time to pull myself together again and gather strength.
Passed, probably a minute before our bodies are separated. Nicole sat down on the edge of the table, I hugged her waist and gently kissed her gratefully. He stroked the soft curves of her body, to help her jump on the floor and get dressed, and dressed himself.
-- We continue the lesson of the French?
- -Oh, no, sir, - she said with a laugh. - Your time is up. The next lesson the next time!
And she gently smiled and winked at me.