Anna stood in front of me, our breathing merged into a single whole, everything went as it should. I made the first step and gently touched his lips to hers. Elastic mound of her lower lip twitched at my touch and her mouth, which opened, showering my face with hot moist air. Do not hold back, I too abruptly gasped and clung to her lips. My tongue plunged into her small slit slightly open mouth. Inside her mouth it was warm and humid, even too much. I ran through the tips of her teeth and met back to back with her tongue. I'm as fast as possible around her her tongue, she repeated it. I buried his tongue in her. I ran on the trellis sky, stroked her teeth on the rear side, it is not far behind, and followed me everywhere.
Then I decided to stop and pulled back a little, fleeting kissed her on the lips, she leaned forward over my lips, exhaling softly moan. I went below and gently enveloping his lips to her chin, neck fall below, but immediately stood up and kissed her cheek. He moved on to the ear. Anya moaned softly, interspersed with rapid breathing.
My hands, which were at this time on her waist, came down, like silk enveloping every fold of her dress. Once on the buttocks, I squeezed them slightly. She clung to me breasts, I immediately rushed to her mounds. Clasping her hand bumps, through the clothes I began to stroke them, just picking up, then dropping back and returning the hands on the hills themselves.
Lips I gently kissed her neck, a quiet, barely audible postanyvaniya Ani. Biting his lips her earlobe, I heard a whimper of pleasure coveted. I felt her thigh pressed to my side, and her belly pressed against mine. Chest slightly pulled away, catching my touch. Through the clothes, I felt like a jerk of her hand movements tense nipples. One hand on her left breast and continued to stroke the mound, the other moved down and placed it on his thigh Ani. Held inside it, closer to the crotch - it was all burning with desire. Palm, I felt distant ripple of her pussy.
She pushed her pelvis slightly to one side and now that there are forces clinging to my thigh. Her hands, all the time is on my back slid to his chest and began running from the center to the edges, stroked my body. Crotch pressed stronger throb in my hip, and his mouth began to struggle hushed sobs of pleasure. Chest, clinging to her, I could feel her heart pounding.
Her hands went to the bottom of the blouse that was on it.
Lips, I went down her neck, kissing as many areas of her body can be felt and elastic female body. He kissed her between the clavicle, which she breathed noisily and made me step back a little, lifted her blouse up, removing it through his hands. When a tissue barrier between us has disappeared, I immediately, without giving her time to recover, clung to her lips. Again a long hot kiss.
My hands reached for the bra straps. Lowering them along the shoulders, I unbent bra cup and picked up her breasts with nipples bristled. Without massaging her breasts, I put my hand back on her thigh under her skirt and took it up. Raising her skirt up, I put my hand on her buttocks and gently crushed it with a cloth panties. Further more, I raised my hand up and felt eraser panties and pulled them down, stroking the chest while his other hand came down and his lips to her collarbone.
She helped with the other hand take off her panties. I run a hand back between her legs and feel the scorching heat and a strong surge. Raises his hand back to his chest and looking for some of it back. He felt the bra clasp, I'm bringing your fingers together unbutton him, and he immediately falls between our bellies. Raising his eyes and continued to kiss her body, descending lower and lower, I see her, throwing her head back in a soundless moan opened her mouth.
I continue to kiss, moving lower and lower. Eliminated in the chest and throwing his nipple with his lips, tenderly spend on his tongue, causing it will swing from my movement. Anya quietly, but louder than before moaned. I switched to the other nipple, kissed her on the way between her breasts.
Falls below the stomach and kiss him. At this time, the hand back to his chest, gently stroking them and Anya top covered my hands. I came to the navel, pressing and throwing his dimple ring, immerse in the language of a dimple, abundantly wetting it with saliva.
Going below, hands fall on her buttocks and lift them to the head. From the corner of my eye I notice that she lowered her head and mouth open watching me, still stroking his chest with his hands.
Lips, I felt a small growth hairs, which are closer to the pubis grow longer. I notice that her crotch shaved smooth. Pulled back a little, I press my lower lip to the top razrezik and kissed her pubis. From this she exhales loudly and gave a soft groan. I feel under your fingers as she trembles with excitement.
Then way back, but faster. Hands I pick her hips and light, but strong movement forcing her legs apart. Walking up to her face, I kiss her on the lips and helps to remove his shirt. Her hands immediately begin stroking my torso: the chest, stomach and down to jeans. With trembling hands, undo them. I give her free rein, and he at that time massaging her breasts and kiss passionately.
Jeans, deprived of support, falling down. Hands across the pants feel for my standing member and the tilting edge of cowards removed it outside. Head all wet from the lubricant leaked profusely for all the time of the process. Anya pats the trunk of his hand, and I went down to the end and briefs, stepping, get out of them, leaving lying on the floor together with jeans.
She takes off the table packing with a condom and, with one hand massaging my trunk, the other brings to the mouth and teeth breaks the packaging.
Just sitting down, she pulls it on my trunk, I have at this time to commemorate her buttocks. As she finished with a condom, I lift her legs so that she grabbed my feet and carry her to the bed. On the way, I kiss her on the lips.
In bed, I aim at the head of the vagina and slowly sinking head. Anna made a small squeak and noisy exhalation of pleasure. When accelerating, I go deeper and feel the vaginal wall bows tight barrel. Crotch ceases to pulsate, but only for a moment, while I dive into it. Reaching almost to the end, I stop and begin to slow frictions, Anya begins to moan peacefully. I stop for a moment and feel like herself, podmahivaya pelvis, continuing frictions. I kiss her passionately, to which she answers a deep breath and paralyzing this language. The air coming out of the nose, dousing hot jet of our closed lips.
Anya arches belly towards me, but the pelvis at the same time trying not to remove from my frictions. I slow down and gently take out a member of her, then, almost pulling it, I go back again, repeating this several times, I feel that I will soon end. I pause and squeeze member of the hand at the base. Feeling that orgasm is delayed, I continue.
Again whole Anya on the lips, and pushed him back a little bowl, start twisting them, then entering, then outputting a member at different angles. When finished, just increase the pace and feel like Anya tense and silent, but increasing moan ends. I accelerated and, feeling that he no longer stand it, I press it and shoots first portion of sperm.
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