Nicaraguan quartet-2

Night was approaching its inevitable end and Oleg Larisa, and Andrey and Oksana sated suddenly coasting rough sex with a new partner, lying on the floor with blankets laid by in an embrace. Already breathed predawn coolness when Oksana, reaching, whispered "I want more" and sliding down, and took a sponge drooping member Oleg. Oleg, feeling the man's strength returned, he turned to his wife and kissed her breasts, Larissa started, nipple nalilsya juice of ripe cherries, her hand went through his chest, and Andrew came down, playing with the neighbor's manhood. And the partners began to lavish each other frantic caresses, lips, hands, and tongues "other" body began to give more and more pleasure tides.
When the first rays of the early sun lit up the room, the girls were on their knees and elbows, and Andrew and Oleg pumped them with all the passion completely taking out his blades and driving them to the end. Andrew occasionally glancing at the neighboring couple, wide hips of his wife gripped his hands Oleg and methodically swung, the pressing, the building on the backside of Oksana. Andrew, accelerating the pace of its inflated to such a speed that Larisa has howled loudly. it was already light in the room, and Andrew felt a rush of fervent lump in the throat at the sight of the wife given to another man. For unexplained reasons, he repeated to himself the same phrase "I, too, fuck your wife, I, too, fuck your wife", Licked his thumb of his left hand and brought him into the ass Larissa to its full length. The woman screamed in a loud voice "Oh my God, what are you doing with me" and I finished, finely shaking all over, and fell on his stomach. Oleg, as accelerate the pace, pulled in Oksana and his wife fell off. Andrew, without giving Oksana posture change, stood behind her and put his penis in her. The wife looked surprised, but Andrew, without giving her a chance to become a powerful move in it. And looking at the lay near exhaustion wife, friend, on the Oleg, a drop of his sperm on his pubis, Andrew, feeling the wild excitement of the night and early morning, from the fact that he takes his faithful, has become a roaring finish and, goading thighs and buttocks wife fell on her back and without removing a member, began to kiss her back, head and neck, trying to caress his chest and abdomen, whispering "You are mine, you hear me, you're my only!".
Well, that was a Saturday morning and did not have to go to work. Exhausted children agreed to meet in the evening at Anton's, and before that to get some sleep. Once Oleg went to Larissa, Andrew went under the flank Oksanka and pulled her to his wife. Oksana did not understand what was going on with her husband, after all sex all night and the morning was enough. And Andrew istseloval her from head to heels, pressed his mouth to her vagina and began licking it furiously, as if scraping from someone else's presence and smell. As soon as his wife ran down and began to moan, Andrew introduced into it, and if a member of a boy of thirteen, who first found himself with a woman, after two or three movements finished. Tears and his face buried in his wife's chest, Andrew fell asleep almost immediately. Oksana institutions did not insist, thinking that your evening will and tucked between the legs of the sheet to male sperm dripping out of the vagina. He rolled over and fell asleep with a surprised smile on his face. In the evening, Andrew woke up singing in the shower wife, Oksana got naked and wiping towel, sang the popular hit.
- "Hey, couch potato, enough wallowing guys waiting" - She shakes her husband. Large cropped her lips were swollen vagina, on the thighs stood out distinct fingerprints. - "Oleg, contagion, gripped stanochek"- Andrei thought. At it again flooded sense of possessive jealousy, he remembered how happy Oksanka sucked a member of another, as podmahivala him to meet his thrusts as drove Oleg into the vagina of his wife a rather strong cock and a fluttering of each stroke the buttocks of his little wife and she with this moaning.
- "Listen, we ventured to this?" he asked his wife. - "Yeah, you were in shock, wear out poor Lariska to death" Oksana replied, pulling her black stockings and delicate buckling zone - "but I'm not jealous, calm down, I do not think all erased?".
- "Yes, but I'm jealous!" -vozmutilsya Andrew. - "Andrew, I eblas that on the side with a stranger man that I pointed the horn you?" - Oksana did surprised eyes. -"But you behaved like the last whore" - Continued the husband. "Andrew, do you want to hurt me? So the word "Damn" it is a literary word, this is the first and the second you have not forgotten how the first gave Lariska head in her mouth and my friend? Or, the best defense is an attack? And remember that you took my girl and all also taught you and you're the first and only my man. And this is all so self-indulgence, but I will not hide from the pepper! So are you coming or not?" Andrew gave up:
"Later, I want to take a shower". Oksana pulled topic, yubchonku straightened, took a bottle of wine from the bar and shaking his hips, went to his bare chest. "Well, we are waiting for you".
Andrew really took a shower and sat down at the computer, he wanted to be alone, mixed feelings rushed into his heart, but jealousy is pressed all the others, even the novelty of sex with Larissa, "Although her mouth charming, and indeed shustrenko", Groin ached when he remembered Larissa squirmed in his arms. But before the eyes again and again rose pattern fucked his wife with Oleg. Then a mosquito net at the entrance, and moved into the room came Andrew, he was in some batches. Oleg clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. - "Oleg, we did not start without you, but the ladies have buzyat!" Oleg dismissed. "Now I send the mail, urgent business". "Well, we'll start without you?"- Andrew asked. "What was it, a card game, about drinking, about dinner? What start without me?" - Oleg realized that it is only about sex and nothing more, but, no questions asked, just nodded his head. Oleg went. "Strange - thought Andrew - "Why not slam the door, neither our nor Anton's?", But then I forgot about it.
Partitions in pre- fabricated"slit" thin house, but Andrew was sitting in the next room at the computer and heard the apartment went Oleg, said something and heard a woman's laughter. And, as it seemed the loudest laugh of his wife Oksana. He leafed through a folder on your computer with wedding photographs and remembered, recalled when his reverie was broken moans and cries Oleg Oksana, they added occasional sobs of Larissa. A few minutes later there was a shriek and a prolonged howl of Oksana and all was quiet. All raged inside Andrew. But I heard someone's footsteps and entered the room Larisa. She was wrapped in a sheet, her eyes shone, and she came to Andrew, spent his cheek hand, whispered: "Why are you not with us?" Andrei squeezed the breath and he swallowed saliva, turned away from the woman. Larissa seeing on the monitor Chernyshevy wedding photo, grabbed the man's head with his hands, turned to him and kissing his face, quickly whispered: "Goosey, you're jealous Oksanka to Oleg?
You do not like that, he fucks her and do you like to fuck me? It's just sex, just fun, because Oksanka only loves you, and I Andryushka. It's an opportunity to learn something new, new lips, new member, new hips, breasts, ass, new affection, a new experience. This is not love, goosey, sex is just sex. No one no one changes, all to be honest". She whispered so earnestly and with such a fuse, as if she were on the scaffold death and defended their right to pleasure and his love for her husband: - "You know how I love Andrew, I never at anyone it would not change, and you have a nice dick" -vdrug she finished. She sat down on his knees to Oleg, the sheet slipped from her body and she was on her knees, Oleg completely naked and only black lace stockings set off her hips. Oleg, realizing that after such a demarche is ... it would be wrong, but I could not help myself, and raising his hands to Larisa, carried her to the bed.
At midnight Larissa standing doggy on the bed with both hands spread her halves and Oleg, realizing what he wants Larissa, having put his thumb in the vagina which hosted his cock dipped his juices women and put it to brown Rozochke anus Larissa. Waiting when the next door vzvoet his Oksanka and hear the roar of Andrew brought his finger over the entire length in the ass Larissa. Larissa screamed in a loud voice, and Oleg, scratching his finger across her crotch his penis into the vagina, stop and shouted: " I, too, fuck your wife, I, too, fuck your wife"!
On Sunday morning Andrew and Oksana returned to the house Chernyshev Oleg and Larisa dryhli without hind legs. Oksanka woke Larissa, and they went to prepare breakfast Antonov. Andrew went to the mini-market for wine. Oleg woke up when the sun broke through the curtains. The room was a crazy sex smell, a mixture of sweat and semen aromas and Larissa smoked menthol cigarettes. The whole bed was crumpled on the sheet clearly stood out traces of last night. On the monitor, the inscription hung "WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!" Taking a shower, Oleg wore shorts, a T-shirt and went to Antonov. Out on the porch, he understood why no doors slammed, in the partition wall between the apartments at the time was the passage that was either boarded up, or made to something, but now the entrance overlapped bright chintz curtains coyly inviting inside.
Inside the girls in bathing suits were busy in the kitchen and greeted him with smiles. Oksana kissed him on the cheek with one hand, and Lariska, not to be outdone, on the other. Oleg, wishing to smooth out yesterday's misunderstanding, patted both of them on the ass, and lingered on Larisinoy, as she was wearing a thong and ass was practically open. Larissa blushed. "Not red, it's OK - girlfriend Oksana cheered when Oleg left the kitchen, - Why are you screaming last night as mad?
- When?
- When Oleg was.
- Yes, he did it again.
- what "this"? Finger in the ass put in?
- Yes. I was just knocks on sensations.
- And you anal sex has never been involved?
- No, Andrew tried again, but fought off the desire to hurt.
- It is out of ignorance and inability.
- Have you tried?
- Secretly tell you, I had one hot guy at the institute, Gurgen. Thanks to him and the girl remained pokayfovat and the glory. He was saving me, she said that the mountains are lucky, and my father will kill there, if not a girl. And not what tricks will not help. And like sex. That taught me blowjob and ass.
- And you love him?
- Lariska, then I was a provincial girl, and of course, do not do it like, but they know how to, mountaineers, look.
- And I Andryukha only.
- Yes, not counting my Oleg.
- Oksana, well, I'm about love.
The conversation was interrupted women entering Andrei Service in their hands. Entrusting them to disassemble the purchase, he went into the room. Greeted with Oleg, they took the conversation does not mean anything.
When breakfast was ready, the women set the table, Andrew poured the wine, and they are not saying a word, drank. And toast Oleg said: "Well, for us"! All, of course, realized what was going on. Oksana, glad that Oleg walked away from yesterday's, began to tell what that anecdote. Everyone laughed, joked. In the air was a common desire to soar. Andrei suddenly suggested: "Damn, I forgot, I also gave the French a new cassette, porn" and I put the tape in the VCR and pressed play. The film is very different from the earlier vision of pornographic materials was high-quality translation, the plot dealt with the two pairs that. In general, a similar situation. In the dim light, the windows shuttered tight curtains, children move on a sofa. Oleg toyed with strands of hair wife's eye and saw a neighbor couple kissing and Andrew, relieving chest Larissa from the top of a bathing suit, thumb caressing her nipple.
Oksana felt for a member of her husband and gently squeezed his hand, then unbuttoned her shorts and pulled out of the heats member and began to caress his hand. Oleg, ducking her head down, stroking her hair, as if to caress her husband asked his mouth. Oksana sucked penis and spun inside the tongue.
Oleg turned to Larissa, pulled her to him and stared into his mouth a long kiss.
(To be continued)