And he fell at her feet

First part
"How do I know this person? Where have I seen him? Well I can not remember: Oh, it seems today the institute. And yesterday, too. And, like, in the subway: It seems more in the store. He had to wonder? Quite a nice guy, slim, sporty, blond. Maybe it wants to meet?"
With these thoughts, Alice went home.
Entering the illuminated staircase, the first thing she saw was her newly blond recalls.
The girl was a wave of indignation: "How did he know where I live? What audacity!"
Much to the surprise of Alice, a young man suddenly fell to his knees with a cry: "Madam!"
Root was good. Alice did not say a word, but gave him a sign to follow her. The boy obeyed without question. In silence they entered the apartment. She snapped her fingers and pointed the guy on the corner. He implicitly dropped to his knees in the corner and stood there, looking down.
-Listen and remember - Alice told him - I will not repeat twice. You will without question and with pleasure to fulfill all that I tell you. I can punish you at any time as I see fit. Do not you dare cry. If you have something does not suit - direct access. Got it? -Yes Milady. - It was obvious that he was not going to go away. -What's your name? -Aleksandr, Ms. -You Will have to understand my characters. Your greeting I liked today. Firstly, always greets me. Second, now that if I raise my hand to his shoulder and sch¸lknu fingers like this, you'll have to also greet me. Yes, Gospozha.- The young man dropped to his knees. -And It - your original position. Will you behave - you will receive a pillow under your legs. And while you were curious and importunate, Sascha. I will punish you. Undress.
Alice watched as the young man gently removes and puts his things. His back was completely smooth, and on the legs and buttocks were seen quite thick blond hair.
"It is unacceptable, - she thought. - But this is - on another occasion".
- Lie face down on the bed. Hands holding the back.
Alice opened the cupboard and pulled out a long leather strap.
- Count the beats.
She folded the belt twice, swung, and because of all the forces struck Sasha's white buttocks. He started as a childish sob and said clearly: "Time". The next blow was even harder. a young man's voice did not falter, and he said clearly and precisely: "Two". Blows rained down, one by one, Sasha buttocks first, flushed, then began to get dark, they appear more and more white marks, which gradually darken and swell. Much to the surprise of Alice, who was waiting for groans, shouts and words of forgiveness, Alexander continued clearly a blow, but his voice was becoming more and more muffled and quiet. After the fortieth blow Alice was tired and decided to rest. "Hichego dear, next time you're in my nakrichit".
She went to the head of the bed and looked at the young man. The pillow on which lay his head, and his face - it was dripping wet with tears. From the young man bitten lip bleeding. Alice somehow felt sorry for the slave, but the mind is not filed.
- Just you dare to stain my pillow! - she said. - Stand up!
Sasha dutifully stood up. His rather large penis was excited and looked up. He tried to cover up his hands, but immediately received a slap in the face.
- Stand still! -Yes Milady. -Haden It. - Alice held out her apron with the inscription "Henavizhu cook". Sasha was relieved to put it on. As you can see, the prospect of standing naked in front of her the queen of his very confused. Let's go to the bathroom and bring myself up. I'll be in the living room. -
Alice went into the living room. Sasha returned from the bathroom and sat down in front of the girl on her knees.
- Bring out my bedroom varnishes, means to strengthen nails and dark bottle with the inscription "Revlon".
She sat in a chair, stretched out his legs and put them on the coffee table, next to the clippers and hand cream.
Sasha returned and brought all of these things. Alice pulled her beautiful manicured hands.
- You will do me a manicure. Please put strengthener for nails, and then - a layer of varnish, give him a little bit dry, and then - another layer.
The varnish will be applied with long, beautiful and precise strokes. Then nanes¸sh substance of dark bottle. If the varnish greased or you stain my skin around the nail, I will punish you. Hachinay!
In fact, with what skill the young man began to apply the varnish on nails Alice, she decided that before it is likely the artist. With the task he coped brilliantly.
- Now pedicure. Tools lay on the dressing table. You take a bath in a blue towel, basin and hot water. Run!
The slave returned, holding in both hands a bowl of hot water. Blue towel hanging around his neck.
- If it is too hot, I'll make you drink it. All.
The water was just right.
Young man with reverence took over the girl's feet, and kissing each, dropped them in a bowl. This was a deviation from the rules, but Alice liked it, and she said nothing. The slave knelt at her feet and began to slowly massage the feet and toes. on the soles of the girl's skin was the same gentle, like the palms. After finishing massage, Sasha wrapped both legs of Alice in the towel.
- You are not well washed them. You know what to do. -Yes Milady.
Sasha gently took his left leg, and Alice began to slowly lick his thumb. Language Movement were becoming longer, now they start at the heel, soft lips boys tickled foot, and it was so nice that she wanted to entrust this language lips their most intimate places. But it would be too soon. Hikogda do not rush things.
Meanwhile, Sasha went to the other leg and, if enjoys ice cream, licked the top of the foot of the girl. At last, the right leg, as well as left, carefully licked.
- Hachinay handle nails.
Carefully working nail clippers, a servant girl gently led nails in perfect view.
- Maroon lacquer.
Less than two minutes later the nails were painted. Alice stretched her legs in front of him and admired the work.
Regretfully she looked at her watch. Late. A seminar tomorrow:
- I am tired of you. Go away. -Yes Milady.
- Not follow me, do not look for meetings and do not call. You have to be patient and humble. Leave me your phone.
- Yes Milady. -You study or work? -Works. I - the artist, Ms. -I Want you to go to the make-up courses. Where do I take the money, Madam? -There Where you usually you take them. For the stupid questions I will punish you too much. Bring me the whip. - Alice brush pointed servant direction. He dutifully went out and came back with a whip. -Take It in the teeth and crawl to me. Like this. Now ... stand on hands and knees and bend your elbows. I'm listening to you. -Gospozha, Please punish me for the stupid question. -What's next? -Let Me kiss the whip. -Correctly. Kiss. For your question will receive 20 strokes. Thank you, madam. The counting.
Whip flew up and sat down on the swollen and covered with bruises and pink stripes slave ass. After each hit he groaned loudly, but do not stray from the account. She inflicted several blows on one buttock, then moves to the other side. After the twentieth stroke, she stopped.
- Consider that today, in honor of our acquaintance, I was with you a very soft and gentle. The next time this will happen. I'll write down all your faults, and start with the fact that strictly punish you for each of them separately. -Yes Milady. Thank you, Madam. -Quickly Get dressed and get out. -Yes Milady.
The boy instantly vanished. I slammed the front door. And just a note with a phone number reminded that this was not a dream.
Alice sighed and began to dream about what to do with his suddenly fallen down from the sky slave next.
The second part
By the next time Alice began to prepare in advance. The day before the upcoming meeting, she called for abandoned her phone and heard the voice of his servant, said: "Tomorrow at seven in the evening". And immediately hung up.
Going down into the yard, she cut off some branches from birch and then, wearing gloves, narwhal a nettle. All this she folded into a large black plastic bag.
Arriving home, she soaked twigs in a bucket of water, pre-cut from them small twigs and leaves. Having done all the necessary preparations, the girl sat in front of a mirror. Before her lay as all kinds of cosmetics, that it would be enough for a good beauty salon. Gorgeous leather Alice did not require either powder or blush. So she immediately went to the decorative cosmetics. First, precise strokes caused forever olive green shade. They are perfectly in harmony with her green eyes. Then, closer to the outer edge of the eyelid is caused brown shade. Black pencil drew the arrow near the outer corner of the eye and a feathered them. Now the eyes were almond-shaped. This is going to Alice that their appearance, gestures and gait resembled a cat. Now came the turn of the lips. At first she looked around their brown pencil, and then imposed a terracotta-colored lipstick. Then she brushed her hair, picked up the bag and closing the apartment, went to college.
Alice appeared in the entrance of a quarter to seven. Alexander was waiting for her, sitting on the windowsill. Seeing the girl, he fell to his knees: "Madam!" Alice gave him a familiar sign. Rab unquestioningly followed her mistress.
The apartment Alice pointed to the apron and on a corner. In an instant, the whole Sasha clothing lying on the floor, and he humbly knelt in the corner.
Alice went into the bathroom and filled with water enema - a large brown rubber balloon. She then generously smeared with Vaseline tip. Then he went to the guest room, where next to the couch in a bucket soaking the rod, and in the corner was a pile of nettles. "It is a symbolic name of the room, - she thought. - So we are taking guests. especial". Squatting, she took out the bottom drawer of the cabinet a small anal vibrator. Now, really, everything was ready. She returned to the living room and made the sign of a slave to follow her.
- Take off your clothes and lie face down on the couch. The last time I felt sorry for you. Now you will know what real punishment. Get on all fours.
The young man obeyed.
Alice was wearing rubber gloves and picked up the enema. Two fingers of his left hand she spread her buttocks servant, and his right hand put the tip of the bulb in his anus. Sasha winced when he felt like it flows water. When almost all the contents of the bottle appeared in the guts of a servant, Alice learned enema, warning that if spilled one drop, he is very sorry about it. She picked up the vibrator and began to lubricate it with petroleum jelly. Going to slave on all fours, she ushers vibrator to his anus. The head of the vibrator gently slid inside. The slave gasped, but did not move. She pressed harder, and sex toy slowly began to disappear in the anus young men. Insert it about two-thirds, Alice stopped and went to the head of the couch. Alexander Cheeks flushed, tears flowed from his eyes.
- You see what I'm good! I'm able to take a large vaginal vibrator, but did not. So you have to enjoy such a good attitude. And then the next time because I can change my mind. -Thank You, Madam, for taking care of such insignificance as I am. I ask you to punish me for molestation and curiosity. -Hashi Desires coincide.
With these words, Alice took a bucket and a long rod with a force down on his buttocks and boys watched as the skin appears red stripe. Startled, he cried.
- You will be a blow, after each to ask for forgiveness, and ask more. I forbid you to shout, so that the strike does not count. And you'll be able to start twenty.
There followed a new blow. "One. Thank you, Mrs. Alice. Please forgive me for misconduct. Can I get another one?" The next blow was immediate. "Two. Thank you, Madam. I beg you to forgive me. You can get more?" By the eleventh strike servant stammered and swallowed the words.
- Once again, allow yourself to say bad proposal - and I will repeat everything from the beginning. I got it? -Yes Milady. - Sasha said a trembling voice: "Eleven. Thank you, Mrs. Alice. Can I get more? -And Today still eleven. Think about why.
From a new Shot Alexander choked, twitching, and had the impression that now it will jump and run. But this did not happen.
- Eleven. Thank you, Mrs. Alice. I am sorry for his misconduct. Can I get more? -You are welcome.
There followed a new blow. He was weaker, but nevertheless made the young man shudder and publish a muffled groan. "Now that's much better - she thought. The next blow turned out pretty strong. Alexander broke down and cried.
"At last, I broke it, - thought Alice. Aloud, she said:
- Have you forgotten that I commanded you not to scream? You want me to start all over again? -Twelve. Excuse me, Madam. I can not stand it. It is beyond my strength. M-m-me can get another hit? -Hu, Since you ask so.
Alice waved the rod and struck the young man riddled ass again. In response, there was a rather loud groan. Then followed the familiar phrase. "I forgive him, perhaps. In the end, I told him not to moan prohibited. And anyway, I'm tired of this game". Nevertheless, she decided to pursue the case, but has become a much weaker beat. A couple of times a slave's voice almost broke the cry and to the last beat it was a continuous moan with difficult-words.
So, it was all over. Sparkling ispolosovannaya buttocks, a slave stood on all fours. Ha some scars glistening droplets of blood.
"Hichego, - thought Alice. - Before the wedding heal. ... After a couple of hours and does not remember how he carved". She went to the servant and turned the handle of the vibrator.
The young man cried.
- Shut up! Sit on the couch.
- But, Madam: You're going to argue with me? Spread the buttocks and sit on the couch. If I hear more from you at least one extra word - you're just as well sit, but not on the couch and on the floor in the nettles. Listen, my lady.
He parted the buttocks and slowly began to sit. This was part of a vibrator in his ass deeper and deeper.
- You sit completely? -Yes Milady. -Now Stretch your legs.
The slave sighed and stretched his legs. He gasped and groaned when the vibrator went into it to the very end.
- And so it sit until I let you get up. And do not move, - said Alice, seeing as Sasha uncomfortably, trying to get comfortable.
She left the room and went into the living room to watch TV.
After 45 minutes she came back to the slave. If he moved, it was imperceptible. Sasha still just sat motionless with legs extended.
- You can go to the toilet. Not forget to wash your vibrator with soap and water and dry it properly.
Sasha returned fifteen minutes later, holding a clean vibrator.
- You can take it yourself. And do not forget each time to bring it with you. -Yes Milady. -Haden Apron.
Alexander did not have to ask for it twice. In an instant he had put on an apron and knelt in front of her mistress.
- Bring me the nettle and gloves.
Rab with horror looked at Alice, but did not dare to protest anything and quickly returned with the required things.
- Now bend over.
Alice was wearing gloves, took the bundle of nettles and began to whip him, watching as the young men riddled ass turns bright red and covered with blisters. The slave moaned and groaned, but did not dare move.
At last, and this game she got bored.
- You are enrolled in courses makeup artists? - She asked. -Yes Milady. -And What you have time to learn: -How to properly apply makeup. -Hu Well, let's see what you have taught there. You know, where is the cosmetics. Hesi everything here.
An hour later, Alice was made up, combed and dried the fingernails, waiting for the slave to finish her pedicure. Compared with the last time, it turned out much better. "Haprasno I did last time wished - she thought with pleasure looking at himself in the mirror.
When you have finished painting the nails on the foot of her mistress, a servant habitually dropped to his knees.
- You can quickly get dressed and leave. Ha today, you did not need it anymore. -Thank You, Madam. Goodbye, Mrs.
Rab kissed Alice's legs and left.
The girl continued to dry nails.

The third part
On Friday, with his girlfriend Alice went to do what he likes - to spend money. The girls were walking in a large shopping center, then went to your favorite boutique and become happy to try on outfits. Hagruzhennye plastic bags with their purchases, they left the store. Heozhidanno about showcases art salon in the group of young people Alice saw Sasha. The young man said something to his companions, waving his hands and smiling. Alice came closer, closer. Suddenly he saw her, immediately stopped, somehow I froze her eyes and tilted his head slightly.
- Alice, who is this? Your friend? How do you know him? You told me about it did not say anything, and in fact I - your best friend - tried to find out ran Ira.
Alice looked at the young man, and it wanted to make a row. She came even closer to the young man, raised in the crook of the elbow to the shoulder, and snapped her fingers. Hichego not happened. Sasha turned pale as chalk, but did not move. As if nothing had happened, Alice went on. Before it came the anxious cries of young people.
- Maybe you share? - She asked her friend. - Who is this guy? -My slave. -What is it like? -Too long to explain. But I invite you to look at. And to play with us. I've got a little idea. Come on, you need to buy some props.
Alice began to pharmacies. Then the girl went to the store "Meat - Poultry"Where Alice bought a piece of beef and steam-liter jar with a strange black liquid.
- What's that? - She asked her friend. -Learn At one time. Now, in the sex shop. -Het Herself go. There I will not go.
With a small package Alice came out of the store.
- NAMA need to call her sister to work. -Alis It away. She works at the Medical Academy, is on the other side of town! -You No one makes to go. Play, however, too. I do not have much time. -Oh, What are you, after all! Okay, the food, do not get angry.
House Alice girl began to prepare the decorations for the upcoming game.
"He I know what disobedience", I thought Alice, covering the couch white sheet and tighten it with cellophane. Irisha rolled up from the kitchen table on metal wheels. Ha the bottom shelf perfectly fit a big package with the girls prepared the things that they have decided not to take out.
- Alice, what if he does not come? -Prid¸t Where to stay.
Alice was somehow quite sure that her slave come to her today.
And she was not mistaken. Exactly at seven o'clock she heard the doorbell. Alice walked over and opened it. Before her lay face down on the threshold of Sasha.
- Ma'am, I'm sorry, forgive me!
Alice pushed him with his foot.
- Go away. -Gospozha, Please! - Flowed from his eyes with tears. - Hakazhite me at your convenience. I beg you, punish me, but do not turn! I can not accept this, I will kill myself.
A couple of minutes servant lay at the feet of his mistress, begging forgiveness. At last, Alice let him enter.
- Creeps. You can only walk on all fours. Go to the guest room, undressed and wait for me there.
Ira stood in the doorway and watched the scene. Her eyes were wide open.
Alice beckoned her finger.
- Do what I tell you, do not be surprised or anything. Remember: this is just a game, rather cruel, but just a game. However, he does not know about it. But he did not know about it optional.
Ira nodded and followed her friend.
The girls entered the room and saw a young man standing on all fours around the couch. Il-blank eyed young man, her eyes were like saucers, his mouth slightly open. Alice slapped her lightly on the chin:
- Close your mouth. What is the first time I saw a naked man?
- Yeah. Okay, look. You can come closer. Even the touch, if you want. Come on, do not be shy. When you get tired - you say.
Ira went to Sasha. First she walked round it, ... once, twice, three times. Alice watched it, barely holding back laughter. She allowed herself to smile only when Irkin trembling hand touched the young man's member. As if burned, she jerked her hand.
- What are you afraid, silly?
Alice walked over to the young man, in one motion grabbed his cock and tugged down. Sasha cried out and fell to the floor.
- Stand up!
Sasha jumped up and got a resounding slap in the face.
- I told you that you did not dare to get up on its feet.
He quickly went down on all fours. His ass was jutting funny.
- You scared my friend. I let her punish you. Irisha, you want to slap him? Try it, you'll like it!
Ira hesitantly went to Sasha. Looking closer, she saw the young man buttocks almost completely healed scars. She ran a finger over them.
- Alice, it's your job? -Chya Else? Rab, tell me how you punish your mistress. Listen, lady. My mistress punishing me with a belt, rods, nettles and put an enema. And then put me in the anus vibrator and told to sit on it .. For all this, her unworthy servant she was very grateful. -Iran, are you just going to stand there? If you do not want to help me, then at least do not interfere. Sit in a chair in a better corner. -Het, No, I'll help.
She walked over to the boy and struggled slapped him on the ass of delayed. Ha skin clearly imprinted white bunch of fives. Ira enjoyed watching as the imprint of her hand on the young man's skin gradually begins to blush.
- Go on, if you want.
Il hit him again, then another: With each blow the guy just shuddered and groaned.
- Alisochka, I'm tired!
Ira was breathing heavily.
- Have a rest. Not worth overwork - we're still not begun. Rab, lie face down on the couch and stretch your arms forward.
Alexander dutifully fulfilled orders.
Alice pulled out of the bag and a pair of handcuffs fastened boys wrists to the battery at the head of the couch. Then for a moment she left the room and returned holding a small white handbag.
- Irisha, you have a rest? -Yes. What to do? -Be To play in a beauty salon. You - cosmetologist. Help the poor guy to get rid of the vegetation on the body - and she handed her friend epillyator. Connect the device-Iran and slowly began to lead him up the right leg of Alexander. Startled, he howled, but Alice shout "Shut up!" He caused him to bite the bullet and endure. Torment lasted for about an hour since, finished with the hair on the back, buttocks and legs, Alice undid one handcuff and told him to roll over on his back. The same fate suffered all the hair on his chest, arms and legs. -Alis, And here, too? - Ira asked her friend, pointing to the genitals of a young man.
For the first time since their acquaintance exposure changed to Alexander, and he prayed:
- Madam! Have mercy! Please, do not, it hurts so much! -Generally I'm not going to, but you should be punished for their insolence! - Alice brought a rubber gag, put it in his mouth young man and buttoned straps at the back. - Ira, go on.
Heschastny twitching, banged his head on the pillow, his feet were nailed on the couch. From the eyes streamed with tears brook, face twisted grimace of pain. At last on the whole body of Sasha, not a single hair.
I am pleased to looking at the body lying motionless, her friend Alice offered to relax and drink tea.
Ha Il kitchen with admiration looked at her friend.
- Well, you give? And how did you catch him? How do you calculate it? -Skoree Is it I figured. He walked on his heels for hours stuck in the stairwell. Listen, and you could not have me, well, how would it borrow a couple of days? Yeah we'll find another, even better. So we end up with him and ask, as if he had a friend with the same inclinations. -What Do we not done yet? What are you, the fun is yet to come. In the meantime, take the candy, sandwiches. Thank you, later.
Anticipating the upcoming fun, Ira quickly finishes his tea.
- Not in a hurry, without us still will not start.
The girls returned to the room where the closed eyes lying Alexander.
Alice undid one handcuff.
- Is turned face down.
The young man obeyed, and Alice again cemented handcuff.
She then brought out of the bath is already familiar Sasha bucket in which soaking the rod. Alice then chose a few bars of authenticity and tied them into a bundle. the young man's eyes widened in horror. Then she walked over to him and pulled his mouth gag.
- Now we'll flog you with rods. Take turns. You can yell - all the same except for us, no one can hear you. Yes, Madam, - he said in a barely audible voice. You know, for what? -Yes Milady. -Irochka, You want to start? -With pleasure.
Alice stood on the sidelines and watched Ira swung clumsily, but pretty much hit the defenseless slave ass. He cried. Followed by the second blow, the third: Ha Sasha buttocks stood out bright purple stripes. After the fifteenth blow he shouted: "Excuse me, lady! Please, enough! I do not anymore!"
Ira looked at Alice.
- Go on.
Now every blow was accompanied by moans, cries and pleas for mercy.
Ira tired, and Alice came to replace it. With renewed strength she began to handle the tortured slave ass. His screams have moved into one unending raucous howl, which suddenly stopped.
Alice gently put the rod back into the bucket, and then went to the head of the couch. She lifted the lid Sasha, then counted his pulse. The pulse was weak but steady.
- Fainting. Hichego terrible.
Buttocks servant were completely covered with purple welts on them ominously glittering drops of blood.
Alice alcohol soaked cotton wool and carefully wiped all the scars.
- His happiness that he is unconscious. And now would he necessarily lost it. Help me to turn it back on. - Alice undid the handcuffs, and girls cleverly turned the unconscious body. Then the handcuffs were put on again. -Come Cooking tools. Let's play in the surgeons.
Alice began to remove it from the bag clamps, forceps, disposable syringe in the package and the vial with distilled water, took a liter bottle with a dark liquid.
- What is it - asked Ira. -Bychya Blood. Requisite attribute our game.
She pulled out of the package two white robe. Then he handed one of them a friend.
- Ha, I put it.
Ira began to pull the gown.
- What are you, crazy? Haden him how to dress to lingerie.
Ira went to the bedroom.
Alice quickly took off her jeans and blouse, left in a black bra and bikini panties and then pulled on a bathrobe. Bathrobe was short, he almost took out her ... until mid-thigh.
Alice looked around the scene for the upcoming show. "It seems to be not forgotten anything - she thought.
Soon she was joined by a friend, also dressed in a white robe.
- You can start. - Alice walked over to the couch and in turn tied to the legs of the slave legs of the couch. Then she opened the vial of ammonia and held it to her nose young man. He moved his nose, coughed and opened his eyes. -Good morning. Or rather, soon night. Do you remember where you were? -Yes. Ms. -Tvo¸ Sentence is not finished. So now we'll do you one small operation. Do not be afraid, you almost do not feel it. Simply cut a piece of your penis. A small piece, everything else will remain.
Rab wept aloud.
- Madam, please do not. No, no, do not! -Esch¸ One word - and I stop up your mouth.
Alice picked up the syringe, gently opened the package, put it on a disposable needle and gave it to a friend to hold. Then removed the vial of distilled water, iron lid, took a syringe and filled with its contents.
- You see, this is - a pain reliever. I'll give you a shot, and you will not feel anything.
Irisha, Wet, please, cotton wool alcohol.
She took out a cotton wool girlfriend hands thoroughly rubbed area in the upper part of the thigh slave, and then slowly introduced him into the muscle contents of the syringe.
The boy was covered in a cold sweat and was trembling all over, feeling that with him now did something horrible and scary.
- Calm down, silly. This is - very easy operation. Well, think of it, cut a slice member. I'll then show it. And even I can give as a keepsake. Havernoe, anesthesia has acted.
She easily and at the same time loudly slapped his thigh servant.
- Painfully? -Het, Madam, - he could barely breathe. -Then Start. Further you see is optional.
With these words, Alice took a handkerchief tightly tied slave's eyes.
During the next few minutes, he heard only the clang of tools. Suddenly he cried out in sharp pain - this is Alice, gathering the skin around the head of Sasha member in the fold, strongly squeezed her grip.
- Well then, now we have it cut off.
The slave shuddered and lost consciousness again.
- I think that now he is not here soon enough.
Alice took off the clamp. Girls began abundantly watered lower part of the body of the slave, the floor and the couch bovine blood. Then soaked first with alcohol and then a large piece of bandage with blood, put a condom on the penis young men and bandaged his first ordinary bandage and then soaked. Alice went into the kitchen, pulled out of the refrigerator fresh meat and cut a strip of eight centimeters long and five wide.
- Now you can wake up.
She took off the bandage slave eye and held it to his nose a bottle of sal ammoniac. Sasha opened his eyes.
- For what? -You Had wanted thrills. Hichego not happened to you. We cut a very small piece. Five centimeters, not more. But in fact still at least as many left. Here look! - She took the forceps piece of meat and showed his servant. He looked around. His lower body, table and floor were covered with blood. With blood-red piece of meat dripping blood. The sight was not pleasant. Heschastny young man looked first at the bloody piece of meat, then down - on what was left of his manhood, and again lost consciousness. -What Guys went soft - outraged Irina. -Hu, All the concert was over. Let's untie him.
Girls unfastened cuffs, untied his feet, washed the floor and couch and wiped his body with blood. Alice has once again brought to the nose bubble Man with sal ammoniac.
- Wake up. Are you here to sleep come? -Het, Ms. -Odevaysya And go.
Alice threw the servant of his clothes.
Barely moving, he began to pull the sock. Heschastnogo shaking, his hands were trembling. Ha it was scary to watch.
Heozhidanno Alice was very sorry for him. She went into the kitchen and poured half a glass of gin and tonic.
- Ha, drink this.
The boy obediently drank. After that he immediately felt better, and he quickly finished dressing. Alice reached out and stroked his hair. Then he held out his hand to her lips slave. He kissed her automatically.
- Go home, you stupid boy. I release you, unless you yourself want it. And never play with fire. -Thank You, Madam.
Rab bent down and kissed his feet girl Irina bowed and quickly left.
A week later, back home, Alice saw him again in the stairwell.
Seeing the girl, he routinely dropped to his knees, looked down and almost whispered: "Madam!"
- Ah, old friend. What came for a thrill?
- Excuse me, Madam. - He waved his hand, and came out of the dark corridor short, dark brunette. - I brought a gift for your girlfriend.
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