My beloved woman

My name is Elena teacher, I first drew attention to it in the ninth grade when he moved to a new school. This is a very beautiful woman to her 39 years, she has short dark hair, a beautiful and very sexy ass and long legs. The pants she almost did not go, perhaps she herself knew what to hide such senseless legs. But in order to even further enhance the beauty of her legs she always wore hairpins, whether sexual attraction winter boots or shoes bosonozhki.Nu summer and now directly to the story. It was the end of the year. When I came to school in the morning and saw her my cock almost exploded .On it was beige pin with a long, sharp nose and backless so I could see her pink heels through the nylon, red silk skirt, side slit that reached almost to the gum her black stockings, her skirt was visible through the outline of her lace panties, and her beautiful breasts squeezed thin almost transparent blouse, which clearly could see it sosochki.Ves day she flitted around the school like a queen, all the individuals of the male did not take off her look. During the break I was sitting in her office because there was no one and copied something in mathematics when my eyes caught the picture: Lena came into the room where I was sitting and began to look for something in her closet with her skirt so taut that her curvy ass was clearly visible, was seen every lace on her panties. My cock jumped nearly breaking my pants, and in the meantime took some book and went in my direction, she noticed a bump on my pants and smiled as she leaned over to me, from her wonderfully smelling, and told me to come to her after school and rewrote control. This appointment, I looked forward to all den.Nakonets ended the last lesson I all say goodbye and headed to her office. I went to the door but it was zakryta.Ya was about to leave, but suddenly in her office that something fell, I went to the door and knocked, the familiar female voice asked after a few seconds: - Victor, you're the answer of course was yes!. Then I heard the lock click, and a little vzeroshennuyu Lena, skirt was casually stretched and ridden on the left leg baring almost stocking gum, hair slightly disheveled. Upon entering the office, I saw her on the table a small falloemmitator on which shone its allocation. I realized what worked, my favorite teacher, in a hurry, even forgetting to remove the source of his pleasure, then she glanced to his desk and saw a member of the flushed face that gave her more beauty. She asked me to anybody not to tell, and in return she said that it will fulfill any my request. I told her that a long time ago want it and love as any woman in the world, she replied that, too, fell in love with me at first sight and each night caressed herself introducing me to fuck her like a whore, and studs and stockings to wear a for me, knowing that I like to look at her legs. Quite strange to hear such words from her teacher. After these words, I locked the door, went to my favorite woman and began to kiss her, it was the most passionate kiss in my life, at what time in as our tongues caressed each other our hands caressed our bodies. When we stopped kissing she asked me if I wanted to caress her legs, it was my dream since our first meeting. Then she sat down on the desk, and I sat down on my knees began to kiss her feet, I licked the sharp tip of her shoes, and then took off her shoe with her graceful legs and kissed her legs in stockings which still have the smell of her leather studs, I began to lick her fingers , painted cherry with lacquer, it was little well-groomed fingers, I greedily sucked them, then I started to lick the pink pyatochku, a few minutes later Lena came, her body crawl, I felt this is the tip of the tongue. But my cock was ready to burst, then I took it and touched her foot, she saw him clearly even more excited, she kicked off her second pin and pushed me in the chest fell to the floor. I obeyed her initiative. Then she put her foot on my dick pressed it to his stomach, and let go, and he jumped up with renewed vigor, she squeezed his feet, and then she began to drive his fingers on the back, it was quite unusual as the rough nylon gently caressed my dick. And Lena is afforded no less pleasure than me, she threw her head back and breathed intermittently sometimes moaning and arching. After a few minutes of this sweet torture my cock exploded and flew sperm on her feet, and on her sexual attraction shpilki.Ya relaxed and sprawled on the floor, when I looked up I saw Lena licked the sperm from one of the pins, and then copiously lubricated tip shoes saliva began to fuck himself. She was excited until her lips were just huge, and from her womb oozing clear liquid which is already covered the entire inside of the thighs. She looked at me and said fuck me, darling, I long ago you want I got up and came toward her changed his shoe with his hand, my cock stood up again I would fuck her more than ever, we gradually gathered momentum she moaned and finished probably in the millions! times when my cock shot her new batch of sperm, I tried to get it but she said that she wanted to keep our love juice left in her, she said that she wanted the child to me. Arriving a few minutes to myself, she asked to fuck her in the ass. So I clung to her ass and started abundantly lubricated with saliva, is gradually starting to get first one finger, then two, three, soon my whole hand was in her ass while she had such orgasms almost fainted. She shouted at the passing moans: Fuck me, fuck your uchitelnitsu.Zatem taking out his hand, I replaced it with a member, we finished almost simultaneously. Then she licked my cock, she did it very well seems to know a good judge. Then we have merged in a long kiss, I licked her pink lips. Then she said that now we can meet, and it will become my slave woman, and only do we all have to do secretly Then, we started to get dressed, she pulled the stockings, put on his studs straightened her skirt and pulled her blouse. In memory of our first sex she gave me her red lace thong panties with traces of her selections, which I still possess. We kissed again, she said that I was the best lover in her life, and she was very good, and I passed a test for five-plus, and we went home, I took her to the subway, we kissed again and rasstalis.Cherez two weeks we learned that we have a baby !!! 2.
The second sex was with us two days later, when I left the parents came to me Lena. I asked her to bring a few pairs of pins. She came in a mink coat down to the ankles, her feet were black suede boots with a pattern of colors on high heels. She was carrying a dark bag, and later it turned out that she had bought for me three pairs of shoes sexuality, but it pozzhe.Prodolzhu, when I began to take off her coat, I was stunned, on it was nothing other than bodily stockings with lace elastic and boots, her nipples were playfully. My cock began to rise slowly, we walked into the room and it just sucked me, running his hand in his pants and stroking my cock. I understood it as a call to action, I dropped the pants and threw her on the sofa drove a steel member, the benefit she was all wet, apparently it flowed for several hours. Letting ... your entire stock of it, I was tired and lay down a few minutes later came the turn of watching gifts that she brought. Then I took the package in her eyes there was a desire, perhaps she too was not indifferent to the shoe heels. The first I took the classic black patent leather studs with a sharp nose, which is not much brought me the following, I got silver sandals pearl color with a strap at the ankle, and three thin straps in the fingers, my cock began to rise, and finally I got it why both of our eyes lit up demonic lights, it was pink studs backless with stripes around the finger and air-bow in the form of a flower. I tutzhe brought them to his mouth, his nose hit the smell of new leather shoes, I licked them lick and nose and the tip of the stud, Lena at this time wanker hairpin pearl sandals, fingering clit arm and firing pin in his divine cat, looking as I lick pink shoes. Meanwhile, I began to fuck them, I fucked them in a hole where you can see the fingers it was small and pleasant squeezed my huische, after a few minutes I came straight into the shoes. Lena asked her I wore on foot gathered all the drops of his feet and lifted painted in cherry color fingers foot to his mouth with pleasure the beginning of their sucking through a stocking, with her silk was so wide open that I decided to take advantage of the situation and to drive his cock in her completely. Prior to this, wearing pearl shoes themselves. I leaned on it and drove his dick completely, taking up her uterus. I furiously began to gouge her womb, she could not hold back and began a heart-rending groan, without releasing his foot from his mouth. Soon I had finished, I felt as a powerful pulses beat in her womb her face contorted and she also finished squeezing my dick inside .Izliv all the seed into it, I fell on a chair stood behind me, she lay down on me and we merged in a kiss and fell asleep. I woke up because she licked my penis stretched with him stocking, massaging his anus hand. Apparently she liked how I fucked her back for the first time and she wanted more. When my cock hardened I got came up behind her in the meantime laid the chest on a chair and his hands spread her narrow hole. I'm not taking off a stocking with a member inserted into it, it was incredibly nice, nylon in the hole it gives us both an indescribable pleasure, I finished almost immediately it was delicious, then I sat her in a chair and brought the language to orgazma.My had exhausted all our sweat and secretions, and decided to take a shower together. In her heart she said that would leave our child, and I asked her after I get married will do, with your current husband she wanted a divorce for a long time because he does not share her views and feteshistskih did not satisfy her in bed. To which she agreed and kissed me hard. Then vymav each other we got dressed, I walked her home, fuck her again in the stairwell of lifting the hem of her coat and we parted. And since my parents left for a vacation for a month, I invited her to stay with me, which she gladly agreed, and her husband said that he was going to school in the camp, but that's another story.