The case in the elevator

I returned once home from school with me and the guy walked into the elevator. Let's go. And he says that if you do not do what I say, then kill. I was scared, I think the money he wants. And he stopped the elevator and says: - Share pisun.Ya very confused, I think, will cut. I say, anything, but not this. In short, he says: - If you do not, kill, and if you show, you do nothing bolno.Ya afraid, unbuttoned pants. He squatted down and touched. He undid my pants at all, pulled the panties. He asks: - And you stood And I was 10, I did not know about masturbation?. In short, it opens the head and begins to suck. I think it just would not bitten off. Well, in short, he pulls a skin, licking dick and squeezes the testicles. I calmed down a bit. And he does not stop. And then I started to get up. It was a pleasure, it tickles. He almost stopped, said: - Beautiful and you have bolshoy.Potom continued to lick my pussy. Oh, and I am pleased. I've calmed down. And then like an electric shock! He thought polosonul knife. I even crouched. Then I did not know about orgasm, but it was great the first time. Look - nothing. He pulled my pants, buckled belt. He says: - It was nice I type da.- Just do not tell anyone?. Go domoy.Bolshe me he did not do anything. I came home (at home while no one was) just rented pants, considering everything was in order, only the skin is reddish on the proboscis. I decided not to tell anyone. But I started to masturbate in a week. When I remember that it was in the elevator, so it arises. Well, I'm like, peel back and forth chasing - cool. Now I do not regret that it happened, although it was unpleasant at first.