Bill and Monica. Love story.

From the secret recordings of conversations in the Oval Office. Further:
President n-
Monica M
St. John Smith, Adviser to the President
P. Do you like my tool?
M. Oh, yes, it should be represented on hundred dollar bill.
Bill sat in his office and felt a constant burning itching between the legs. His flesh demanded satisfaction, and he was forced to razbirats with some Arab loudmouth. What difference is it to bomb or not to bomb when his dick sticking out the second day. Hillary Bitch makes reference to some problems. What problems can be every day with her?
Suddenly, he remembered the girl, her name seems to Monica. Intern Monica. Not very pretty, but with plump lips and wide ass.
Wide ass in tight white shorts - it's a dream of Bill. Not that thin bitch Hillary. Juicy, Big Ass - to bury her in the face and shout for joy. The stomach is not flat, but a full, three-dimensional. Extensive coal-black hairline between his feet, ah .... Bill flushed from these thoughts.
Bill Smith called. Thick Smith came immediately. Bill started to talk about some kind of political nonsense and once casually asked:
-Do you remember the brunette, trainee?
-Yes, I think Monica. Could you bring it to me, I have a couple of questions for her.
-Of course, Mr. President.
M Bill, you're bombing Iraq?
N- No, of course.
There was a strange smacking sounds.
N- Oh yes, yes, yes.
Bill thought as it were, all the better to arrange. Usually, he did just lured a woman to him and took off in front of her pants. As a rule, they pecked at it. Either kind of dick Bill led them into such a state, or the power of Bill aroused them, but they did what was required of them.
Monica was in Bill's office with a sense of joyful anticipation of the big event. It is not anticipated that the event will be so large. Monica was in love with his young and beautiful president. After boring and nasty old Republicans in the White House there was a real playboy Democrat. It was a dream of generations Jam poor American women. For a president can go for all.
-Hello, Monica.
-Hello, Mr. President.
-For you, Bill, just Bill.
Monica blushed and there was a painful silence. Atmosphere in the Oval Office start to thicken as during the Cuban missile crisis.
-Sit down, Monica.
-Thank you.
Monica sat in a chair, ah, this chair would be to take all the sweet heaviness female grits!
-I would like to ask you a few questions.
-Yes, sir ... Bill.
-How do you feel about (cocksucking-meant Bill) President XXX.
Monica licked her lips before answering.
-I believe that in this situation the most XXX full control of the situation in the AAA, and fully meets our interests in the region.
At that time Bill went for a chair Monica and rastegnul fly. He climbed into his pants, stuck his hand through the donated Hillary pants with his initials and pulled out his executive.
-...The situation in the AAA can remain neutral as we, and our opponents. We look forward to when ...
Monica turned around and saw Bill drochaschego dick.
- Oh, Mr pre .... Bill, myself.
Monica picked up the swollen cock and gently squeezed it. Oh, I cried Bill. She touched prick ring.
Gently massaged him, Monica bent and took in his mouth. Immediately pochuvstvala sour taste. Carefully start to suck, trying to massage in this language. Several times he touches the teeth and Bill screamed. At that time, Bill hands wandered over her head, shoulders and chest. Taking large breasts in his hands and squeezing, he stroked Monica. Monica prodalzhay their difficult and dangerous work. Soon Bill eggs filled with the weight, he straightened up, dick jumped out and tight jet of sperm hit of the swinging member. The bulk of the hit on the face of Monica, she even closed her eyes at the same time, a few drops fell on her dress.
Bill stood in front of a closed bedroom, Hillary, and asked him to let.
-Honey, I love you. Let me in, I want you.
-Go ebis with his intern.
-It was a mistake. Forgive me, I have a few months there was a woman. I ... I have to masturbate in the bathroom.
-Probably jerking off on a photo of this bitch?
-No, my dear, our picture with you where we are with you and Chelsea.
P- John, I have not had a woman for several months. I can no more foreign policy suffers from this.
C How can I help, Mr. President?
N- Take off your pants, John, and cant.