After graduating from medical institute, I was sent to work on the distribution of one of the regional centers. Just before the distribution, I broke up with his girlfriend, the daughter of the rector of the institute, and in his anger and hatred towards me honored me with this honor. But resigned and courage, I stepped into a new life devoid of normal medical welfare and comfort to me for three years. Arriving in the village, I realized that I am losing not only comfort, but also sexual life of these same three goda.Domoy get on weekends or holidays away, and in the village itself although the general population are women, but they are quite mature. The men were in the village, but it's mostly Granddaddy years under 80, and a few patients who remained alive from the fact that, according to their health could not drink the potion of local production, where it flowed a river, exceeding milk production.
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On arrival I was given the office and it is converted from a storage room. Houses in the village was empty for a hundred, but to live, they were not good, and make repairs to me did not want to, as I have already tenth in this position in a row. I got acquainted with them for one day .Uznav that new doctor, they called me, swam in the stream reception in the morning arrived, and literally the next day, except cleaners Mary's office no one came. Maria is large, about forty-five woman living without a husband, one of her .Sestra Natalia too lonely woman in her fifties, is also quite large t¸tka.Eto some of the young residents of the village and the main school of ladies over sixty years.
Passed month of my new life. Maria came in the morning to clean my office, when I still luxuriated in bed watching her work through the open door of my room. As in the morning, I woke up from the noise of moving things. B office light was on, and Mary rearranged the chairs, slid the couch, did everything to start washing polov.V my room was dark and I could easily watch her work. Thrusting floors dresses under your belt, it would be not to wet it bared their feet before the hips. I have after this abstinence-zhivote.Moi boiled eggs in pursing member and twitching, and began to swell. Lying in bed with desire to fuck, I did not notice her age. Maria soaked rag, and shl¸nula it on the floor, then bent down and began to drag her in the floor Referring once she turned back to me, I was stunned .Before I was her naked ass and pussy her hairy crotch. Seeing this, I could no longer restrain himself and began to masturbate while lying in bed. While she was mopping the floor I came in the towel, which had eaten rip gryadushki bed. Then I waited for the arrival of her and watched her. I jerked off on her, even when she was in shorts. It survived until the new year. I myself covered the table, and turning on the television greeted the new year 19 .......
Then I came in the snowy village and decided to go .All many homes were burned svet.Pobrodiv noisy and the streets, I went back to the hospital. On the threshold he saw two figures .Uvidav me they wail -"Where do you go? We are tired of waiting and was about to leave. We know you are alone, that you have come to have fun." On the threshold was Mary and her sister, and pretty on the fun they brought with them and eat and drink. We went to the cabinet and began to celebrate the come god.Vypiv we went out into the yard .They grabbed me and threw me into the snow as if resisting and accidentally grabbed their breasts and popki.Vyvalivshis in the snow ran into the office became more celebrate until Natalia fell asleep ul¸gshis on the couch. Turn gray a couple of hours, Maria is also settled on the couch standing in the other side of the cabinet. I'm adding more pile in honor of the holiday lay down in his bed without undressing. How to fall asleep I do not remember, but just an hour later woke up because I am someone stroking the eggs and nadrachival my already erect cock. I am pro-Sony realized that it was Maria.
I also began stroking her between her legs pulling her off her panties. Hairy Pussy was with hard hairs and burning desire. As soon as I pulled off her panties, she quickly climbed on top of me sitting .Zapravila their pussy my cock beginning to it and sits up, and I'm at this point took off her bra and began to suck her nipples huge breasts. Ten minutes later, a horse race, she groaned, trotted and fell on me. I tried more pod¸rgatsya under her, but she was too heavy for such action and I'm not pulling its fighters hugged her close to him. After a while she got up again and continued to jump. But drunk made itself felt, I threw her on the bed, climbing on top and it continued to fuck. She supported his legs, under their knees, and I fucked her bouncing as on an air mattress. As soon she began to moan again, and in my time with the start of a pop me even more then clamped her pussy so that, I felt like she grabbed my cock-issued long-drawn howl. I'm not waiting for the rest of her orgasm, she jumped out of her overturned by putting it on all fours, and his wet cock began to push through her in her anus.
He would not let me in yourself, I stroked it, still trying to stick to the inside of his fighter. A little bait head, I slowly began to enter it deeper and deeper, but just tucked him-until the end, I felt a surge in their eggs and vystrelnul a liquid in its passage. Perhaps I was so run down and did not even fuck her in the ass as it should. Pulling his character, I fell on the bed and fell asleep. I woke up when it was light in the room, but no one was there. I got washed, drank some more, ate and dressed gone on the farm to think about what happened that night. Third January Mary went to work and began to clean up my office in silence. Then out into the corridor and continued to wash there. I did not understand her attitude, and left her sledom.Mariya what's the matter? 'Asked YV answer empty silence. I went in to my room and lay down in bed, not knowing anything. After half an hour, she slammed the door and flushed Mary flew into the room .Well you and you give -in anger she screamed. What I give? -I Then you lick the floors, fertilize,
and you fucked my sister. -How Sister? I -udivilsya. Yeah that's what she told me the catfish you her New Year's Eve entertained in bed while I slept. Maria, I was not to blame, it was dark and drunk, and I thought it was you. She looked for a moment at me, then went to shut the door and came back addicted to me on the bed. In this case, 'she said to me in the climbs shtany- "You must correct his mistake." I corrects his mistake until the morning. She came, rested and fucking going on. She lifted my tired cock and stroking and sucking it and jump started again until complete exhaustion, I satisfy every whim of this because of the starving woman. After I fucked her in the ass and my dick is no longer able to get up, I was licking her pussy licking her all of her juices and brought it to a mad orgasm. In the morning we went to sleep. A few days later he came to her sister, and it all started on a new, so all the three years I lived with two widows appease their needs, and they have not left unattended. He was always on-washed and fed.