Trains I have to travel frequently. As a rule, there is nothing unusual in the way, and the details of these visits gradually fall out of memory. But here is one journey that I predpriyanyala in February last year, probably forever be remembered by me too interesting and exciting it was.

I apologize in advance for the use of profanity, but without it convey the taste of the forbidden fruit that tasted me and my companions, impossible. And my story is focused on the audience, which is over 18 years old.

My train was leaving from Moscow, from Yaroslavsky Station. In a way he was to stay for two days, my destination was the terminus.

In the compartment, except for me, a slender 19-year-old student, blonde, gathered a couple of newlyweds texture Benjamin and Anna and wiry, bald old man Stepanych.Ego name I learned later, the direction of travel. As for the family couples, the talkative Benjamin immediately blurted out his and his wife's name and the general hubbub incessantly than seems confused his proud wife and a few scruples.

we learned skorenko Thanks to Benjamin that they got married a week ago that the birthdays they fall on a single number (forgot which, on the number of bad memory) and is now going to visit his favorite aunt, who due to illness was unable to be at the wedding. The interest here, it seems, was not only related, but purely material, it can be understood from the proud nephew hints loving the fact that relatives are not only moolah, but also rich in real estate:
- Two hotels in the Crimea, the villa in Italy! But strict, he likes everything to be on it.

Anna awkwardly smiled, pulled her husband's sleeve, but it seems that only whet his:
- Yes you! She gave us a wedding apartment at the Volgograd prospectus. You want to show a photo?

I threw a glance at Anna clearly confused. Blond hair braided in rich braid, green eyes boundless with white sails and feathers lips and bloodshot ripe as early cherries, veiled lightest park morning dew.

But the skin is not flawless, on the forehead and cheek-zapudrennye acne. I sat and tihnko elated by this observation. Although, of course, Something Wicked. My face something worse than will be!

However, I had to admit that, in general, concede fellow traveler in beauty. Yet as soon as she took off her robe, I could envy her long legs with broad bdrami, narrow waist, beautiful, well-groomed hands with perfectly polished nails. But to anyone and I would never admit it.

With regard Stepanovich, it was, apparently, an amoral type, with darting under the gray eyebrows small, bleary-eyed, often and somehow plotoyano licks and generally behaves so hideously, as though in a compartment with him there was no one Referring ferret in a henhouse.

That alone was worth it estimates some attitudes and habits in detail to consider travel, fixing their physical shortcomings. Such steadfast examination were subjected to all. Anna old man considered the longest, with his eyes butter very much.

Faced with the grandfather's eyes, she immediately looked away, flushed and took haughty posture. Stepanych heheknul satisfaction.

And in me, apparently, our awkward traveling companion could not see anything interesting. The way I did not direct marafet and put on the lens. In general, gray mouse, jeans, sweater, scarf, sunglasses. While many consider me a beautiful, despite the fact that I'm not very tall, with narrow hips (though shapely legs), almost not developed "boyish" breast, but with big, strong nipples.

As one fan of my rejected "wiry, like a bitch".

The old man was silent at first looked like a "canny" listening to the chatter of Benjamin. Then busily unpacked his bag, took out a bottle of cognac:
- Throw on, Venka, for glasses, Wait will drink. This means dorgu while away. The road we have length-innaya interesting.

Benjamin looked at his wife.
- Do not you dare, do you hear, -szhala that his hand.
- Do not tushuytes you lovebirds. Grandfather in the north 40 years ottrubil stoker. Now came "on demobilization", Food closer to the south, to settle in a little house. And there is moolah. Zapadlo not drink for Grandpa!

Then, as luck, the conductor looked into the compartment.
- Oh, beauty, bring us cups, bottle -Show Stepanovich.
- And that, of Stakna brandy to drink? -udivilas Plump woman -Generally something in the car you can not ... Well, Wait, -lukavo winked at the old man and she soon returned with four wine glasses.
- Special branded for you, out of a sense of deep respect! She winked again a grandfather, as if he had the authority in her eyes.
- With us you drink?
- At the service does not have the right.

She walked away, wagging her hips defiantly.
- What is it? -provodil Her bewildered gaze Benjamin.
- Feels bitch dog - knows what satisfaction "sang" an elderly fireman.

I broke the cork and poured the fragrant alcohol into the glasses.
- Well, let's good for my health! Or do you need a special invitation?

Young looked at each other.
- Wait, I have chocolate, -podygrala I got out of the road to your favorite package "Alenushka".
- ! Ah, well done, devonka -zasuetilsya old man - and I somehow never thought of a snack, so evident sclerosis. What's your name, then you?
- Oksana.
- Well, I Stepanovitch, began to be. Come on, Oksanochka by little until the two of them playing tselok.

We drank. So well done inside, as if the world has found a wonderful, kind, gentle essence.

Santa came. On the table, accidentally or on purpose, she left her purse. Large, unusually bellied, with old-fashioned clasp. Navenyaka decided to boast old son of a gun of his purse. See supposedly greenhorns chicks, which have experienced people are found denzhischi!
- We now go to the conductor and require another compartment! -vzvilas Anna -dalshe go with this boor, I can not.
- Of course, the cat, we of course - began to resent her husband cheeked, -one thinks if a lot of money, so all you can. Let him then and went to the NE. But no, I leaned on in the compartment.

I wonder how much money in the purse - looked at me intrigued Benjamin.

I shrugged.
- Perhaps there is not the money, and so, for the Pontian.
- Do not you dare, do you hear! Anna is again pulled down her husband. But he had already skhvailsya of the bomb with the money.
- Yes, I just have a look and all. I do not steal, I'm going.

And then the door slid rapidly, revealing to us gloating Stepanovich, I even did not have time to flinch.
- What Venka, stealing even think? And do not you ashamed? The old man wanted to rob, a pensioner with a meager pension-he snatched the purse from the hands of a fellow traveler, I began to count greedily krupnyuschie bills.
- Who will tell the conductor to the station caused the cops. On koshelechke something your prints, say that you stole money from me. Their grandfather was a direct and go, my friend, on stage. Godochkov five woods will bring down in the forest. And in the bucket - sick, and in tayge- scary.
- What do you mean, Stepanych -rasteryalsya Benjamin - I just wanted to see.

He rushed to his grandfather, intending to take the purse.

But the stoker even though he was much smaller guy, one flick of the wrist somewhere in the solar plexus instantly nytralizoval hijacker, sat on the shelf.
- What do you allow yourself -zaorala Anna, stroking the back of his crooked hubby - you know yourself that it took nothing.
- You say it's rubbish, when they are with purse "fingers" will be removed. And let's not make a noise, the Queen. Not in your best interest to raise the noise.
- Well, we also have a witness - "queen" I had in mind.
- And this witness will not say anything - Stepanych winked conspiratorially. I shrugged to continue this proud Anna at me did not count. I was already interested. It seems bigger idiot than the bot Venia I never met in my life.
- What are we to do? -vzmolilsya "thief" and as if in mourning his wife raspyalil lips.

"Present" man, I thought. And such thaw manage to marry beauties.
- Well, here you are, Ventka, and swam, - the old man relented.
- I'm not going to knock anywhere. Let's drink to the world for me, you, your little wife, and go little world-LadKom as good neighbors. We Oksanka with top shelf, you-bottom. All the good and the beautiful. Only a purse with otpechatochkami give the conductor to maintain, so it will be more reliable, suddenly kicking would like ...
- Brock, -proshipela Anna.Kochegar pretended not to hear.
- Pourable, Broom, our Oksoy with glasses until I get your some have long been waiting for you. Wait a koala Bring your polnehonkuyu. Not a bit did not say.

... Hardly seated at stlikom, the train pulled into the station. The coupe looked two policemen. Inquisitive eyes searched "interior":
- You all right? -pointeresovalsya One that was lower.
- All in openwork, Head, -uspokoil Stepanych.Stranno, but the cops did not even make us remark about alcohol. It seems our mysterious fireman case were seized all the way. from this "staging" Benjamin almost became ill. Glass in his hands heaving, he reached for her lips and could not catch.

They drank. we are pleased with Stepanitch, Venia-for courage, Anna disgust immaculate little finger sticking out. She barely "shoved" the contents of a glass. Girl almost throwing up.
- Well done! - Good-naturedly podhvalil "toaster"When a fellow traveler taken away from your mouth misted glass - a real courtesan!
- That strife - he gave her a piece of chocolate, -Now zahorosheet, raskrasneeshsya, razduharilsya, we chat about everything with ease, as their own people. We're friends now forever, yes, Broom ?!
- Stepanovich, we have apples, -zakashlyalsya one.
- It's good. Come and apples. I say they are under knyak at the time.
- A Th you have a woman so proud? In acne. At my acne was gone.
- Why Stepanovich?
- I fought them regularly because. It is to them a very big favor. You Anka something you fight?
- And what do you know, sexual giant?
- Giant.
- So everyone says.
- I bet my dick in standing "this much" centimeters ?!

I do not remember when or shock, do not hear much, still regret.

I was having so much fun that I burst out laughing uncontrollably. Benjamin blushed, and Anna poured herself a glass of their own and, closing his eyes and drank.
- Well, I bet - Venka again confused - but what?
- Yes, at least for a good bottle of konyachello!

Outside the window is rapidly flown some small station with an incredibly large caretaker in a scarf, standing at the fabric. This supervisor seemed more of their station.
- A measure than we? We do not have a ruler, - this Venka.
- I have a match. The box contains exactly five centimeters - this is Stepanovich.
- And it you get up?

The old man thought for a moment.
- But it will help me - he nodded at me - Oksanka bout girl, bared before grandpa? Grandpa is not terrible.

I nodded. I was gripped by the excitement:
- Only, mind you, not for a long time - I wagged a finger.
- Show me a pussy, that's all. Just undress completely.

Kachegar threw on the table matches. Efficiently locked the door. Standing to face her began to undress. It was only in socks and slippers and turned to us. His circumcised penis, thickly twined script zheltl-green veins, hanging almost to the knee, vigorous prick was once like a twisted like a fish head raspertymi gills.

The old man collapsed on the farming on a shelf, leaning back against the wall, legs spread wide, surpassing Venu.

Not taking his eyes off his Priapus, I quickly jumped out of the clothes, folded the glasses and sat across from him, too, is widely legs apart, we were almost touching knees.
- Come on, strike a girl-hooliganism!

Father stared at me a very serious look. His cock came alive, raised, and then he went into shock, and three push he got completely zagnuvshis somewhere above the navel vigorous bagel.

Stepanych blissfully closed his eyes. But a member did not touch. The presence of two purebred, well-groomed female with polyphonic voices aroused old male, sweet joy filled his heart, tickling the nostrils dilated. It seemed he did not suffer, and gently and neigh-ho-ho!

The compartment was stuffy and hot, smelled of brandy, naked bodies, hovered finest fragrances women's cosmetics and perfume, and I also started to get excited. Nipples filled with petrified and almost painfully. In the vagina lubrication gone, I involuntarily closed his hand.
- Do not you dare! - Woke Stepanovich - go I'll kiss you.

Beside myself, I merged with it in a passionate kiss. He launched his slick hot tongue deep into my mouth and greedily fondled them my imperiously lapaya while my buttocks.

We kissed long and shamelessly. My erect nipples rubbed against coarse hair on his chest. From this spread throughout the body some unbearable, but pleasant itching. Goosebumps ran even on the soles and the top. Unbearably wanted to scratch, scratching himself all over, comb the blood. Finally, he roughly pushed me away. I flew on my shelf.
- Come on, took it for! -vypyatil Old his farm.
- Venia shaking hands, took the box.
- Do not you have your wife.
- No, no, I will not, -ochnulas Anna, she just did was frightened.
- Will. Something my purse in conductors! Al forgotten?

Struggling to preserve the remnants of pride, she took the measure, sat beside his grandfather.
- Nah, you give me kolenochki, closer to it, so we will udbnee.

Anna awkwardly located at the old man's knee, and, trying to touch the chlenukak less fashionable, became applies boxes. One, two, three ... Finally the last.
- Yes, "this much"! -nazvala Flushed intoxicated Anna the same number, which I forgot.
- Well, Venka, run to the dining car for a brandy while we are here with your beautiful ozhizni povorkuem.

Monotone, but why it is so nice and hopefully knock the wheels on the joints. In the setting sun hung, says little about the deserted snowy plains and hilly woods where roamed the evil and scary hungry wolves.

The train was going south-east ...

Continued: Stepanovich. Part 2