The Dragon

Chapter 1
It was in 1624, in June 25. It was evening, Tatiana decided it was time. Parents are long gone to the local festival. She specifically refused to go, citing a headache. The street was warm, and this, it is easily dressed. She went outside and closed the door behind him. Then I went to the appointed place.

Tatiana was a long time, since it was not dipped. The road was sandy, and feet sinking into the sand. Tatiana agreed to remove the sandals, but as they had no place to put, she decided to throw them away, you still have the old ones. It took a long time and sometimes it seemed to her that she would never get to the mountains. Suddenly she was not with no reason at all rushed. A warm wind blew in her face. Her hair fluttering in the wind. She was a beautiful blonde, her eyes were Kars, lush breasts, beautiful hips and slim figure. She bylo18 years.

She heard voices ahead and decided that it is better, if it no one saw. She carefully hid in the bushes, so that it no one noticed. Tatiana listened and realized that this was clearly a cart. Suddenly, she saw a light that came from an oil lamp. After some time she drove past a cart drawn by 2 horses.

When all was quiet, she crawled out of the bushes and brushed herself off. She walked for some distance, and saw in front of a mountain. She gladly ran to the hill, stumbling over scattered rocks.

I learned it about this place not so long ago. When her Uncle Fred drove to his farm, he told Tatiana that in the mountain lives a dragon. (Of course you know that it is the world of fantasy). Dragons were not so divom, they were not-so-large, not to hurt anyone, they are not guarded by any treasure, not steal nor any princesses, they just lived like any other creature.

Tatiana approached the cave. From there, the wind was blowing cool, and it was dark. Just at the entrance of light penetrated into the interior. She went to the cave and looked around, she saw a light in the distance. She went there. It turned out that on top of the cave was a hole through which the light and penetrated. Suddenly, she heard a rustling in the darkness began to move something.

Tatiana came here (not in order of what you think). She came here in the hope that the dragon will eat it. She came to the decision to commit suicide, after her best friend Michael had betrayed her. He was her best friend, until such time as not raped her. After a hideous oversight, it lost the meaning of life, she stopped believing in these men (of this, many women suffer). She decided that life is boring, and it has no place here. But because she was afraid she kill herself, she decided it would be not a bad dinner for the dragon.

Despite these facts, she was frightened and backed away. The creature crawled to her. For a moment it seemed to her that she changed her mind. But no, it is a spirit, and stood. Come what may.

Chapter 2
Out of the darkness, into the light coming out of a hole in the ceiling, it seemed to most that there is not a dragon. It was green, the breast was yellow. The size of it was little more than a horse. Huge, translucent wings protruding from his back. Side could be seen a chic ponytail. The dragon was elegant, though massive. He stared at her, she looked at him. Suddenly he opened his mouth and there seemed forked tongue. His teeth seemed so big and sharp, she became ill. For a moment, Tanya thought that now it will end, but she soon realized that was wrong. Dragon patiently stood and looked at her. She decided that if she will not do anything, it will not achieve anything. She overcame the fear and slightly closer to the beast. Not a reaction: She continued to go .: But when she was quite close, he stood up on his hind legs. And then she realized that it really was "he". Between the hind legs could be seen a huge dick (huge it is, figuratively speaking, really, he was just about how the horse).

Obviously, the dragon was excited. Tatiana was standing in front of him, but for some reason he did not do anything. He looked at her, and she looked straight at his penis. In appearance he was a smooth and gentle, he was pale pink. Looking at him, Tatiana excited, suddenly she remembered Michael, this treacherous bastard. Him "cucumber curve"Would not compare this .: Suddenly she wanted to touch a member, she still had nothing to risk.

She raised her hand, when the dragon jerked back. Tatiana got up on my knees and crawled to him. Then she touched the penis, it was cool and moist. As soon as she touched him, he began to grow .: And here he was huge, not only in the thickness, but in length. The diameter was twenty-five centimeters and a length of under half a meter. Not bad! Tatiana instinctively began to stroke his belly, it was pleasant to the touch. Tatiana strongly excited, but she did not understand why he did not eat. She decided that she had nothing to lose and will entertain for and one of death.

She lifted her face to his cock and took it into his mouth, the dragon jerked slightly, but Tanya did not pay attention to it. His cock was as pleasant to the taste, like to the touch. She had sent greedily suck the head and hands to drive the trunk. She heard a slight growl, she knew it was not a threat but a delight. She did so, until then, until you come across the huge hands "balloons". She stopped and took out a member of his mouth. She touched his testicles, they were huge.

Tatiana excited to the limit, she began to throw off his clothes, so long until it became completely naked. Meanwhile, it was already dark, but the moon was shining in full force, and through the hole on the still faint light penetrated. She came to him, little dragon flapped its wings. She hugged him and pressed her face against his powerful chest, as above did not reach, he was too tall. She was a nice touch to it with your whole body. Her labia has long expired moisture. She felt his cock hand and introduced himself in the crotch, though she could not imagine how this Bandurina fit in it. He entered her ten centimeters, when it "lit fire". Ten centimeters of flesh seemed now break it. A dragon like this and waited. He cupped her front paws and easy movement drove her another fifteen centimeters. She felt excruciating pain for a few seconds. She felt a huge sexual organ and cool dragon.

Chapter 3
Obviously, he was uncomfortable in that position :. He stood polurakom (for him it was a normal posture) and leaned his forehead against the wall. Thus, he was standing in the half-bent position, front paws clutching Tatiana. She wrapped her lover all the forces, arms and legs. After a moment, the dragon began to push, driving his cock like a piston. Tatiana has a few seconds to feel pain, and then .: And then she thought, what is, I fucked * t dragon, but the feelings were harassing emotions. She felt a cool huge cock. She felt beautiful dragon with his whole body. He was so hard, but carefully kept her front paws, she could not hold on to it. He slid his cock at a sufficiently low speed, which significantly prolong the pleasure .... He seemed to understand that it will break, and therefore introduced only half of his huge penis. He did it so slowly and pleasantly :. Tatiana liked dragons as creatures, but to sex, this she could not even think. Tatyana "flowed"For her, it was such an honor to do it with a dragon. She considered him his master, man. The passion she kissed and licked his chest. She screamed .: Yes! Tr * hi to me! Yes! Deeper, deeper! She screamed so loud that it seemed to her that she heard on the road. But she did not care, she even want to be seen and envied:

For her, Michael was nothing compared to her current boyfriend, and even more so in terms of sex. This son of a gun just tr * Hal with her dog fast as a wild animal. But the dragon did his job, slowly and so softly, like no other. Who would have thought that such a whopper: She wanted her favorite dragon killed Michael. She clutched the dragon in every way, but its power was nothing compared to his. She could never have thought that dragon .: All her thoughts distort.

In the end it slightly accelerated pace. She experienced multiple orgasms until he had finished, convulsion brought his body, and she felt a cool stream of sperm, which is so nice to cool it from the inside. Dragon sperm is poured and poured .: It was the best day in the life of Tatiana.

His cock began to decrease in front of her vagina, he began to relax the front paws, as if hinting that it was time slazit, but Tatiana was not paying attention. When he was quite relaxed legs, Tatiana slipped from a member (as it has already dropped enough) and blurted out in a puddle of sperm.

Ten minutes later, Tatiana woke up and looked around. It was all in the semen, and the dragon brought himself up. Thank God, this morning was rain, and through a hole in the cave suffused small puddle. Tatiana went to the pool and began to rinse your body ...

Chapter 4
Suddenly, Tatiana suddenly remembered why she had come here, but after such ... she would not commit suicide. After that, her life seems to have begun again. Her "future" in the flesh, standing in front of her. She was not going to stop there, it would be foolish not to go and see here, after all that happened. The only consequence is a little aching vagina. But it was worth it, besides it is in fact the first time .: After the first time such a large object, of course, will ache.

Tatiana dressed, good-bye kiss a handsome dragon in his pretty attractive face and went home. She went home and thought what she would say to parents ...