Beer in the company

For the first time in my memory all postponed to the last detail.
I, a hefty (for growth), an eighth-grader, already sprouting a mustache, and a friend of mine, walk a couple of lessons, drinking beer. It happened in the glorious seventies, so the table was a standard capacity - three-liter jar. So here we sit for a conversation about that, about this, about different things, beautiful, and suddenly the doorbell. It was somewhere in 12 hours, so parents home from work, I did not expect, but the banks we are still hidden, and I went to open it. Lena stood there, a neighbor from the flat below, a student-diplomnitsa.
-Hi, can call on you? - Smiling cheerfully, she said.
-Yes, for God's sake - I said, numb from one of its kind.
Lena was in the home dressing-gown, pretty old and small for her, which, judging by the unbuttoned to the navel buttons, categorically did not want dosluzhivat his term. In the lumen of the robe was white Lenkin nice tummy.
As she squatted to shake down with someone exam date, and the opportunity to use abstracts, I looked at her from behind. Lenka was a pretty, slightly plump blonde who was very fond of all sorts of drinking-spree, dancing and other fun pastime, and in the summer, with the windows open, I had heard a rhythmic creaking and voluptuous groans rising up from below, imagining in all colors as fuck Lenka, often presenting themselves in place of the one who was with her. Bras she always wore a size smaller than you need, so it jumps out of their chest, I have always been a subject of my secret desires.
-What are you doing? - Lena asked, putting down the receiver and stood up.
-Beer drinker - I humbly said, having noted, in the context of his robe flashed seductive-looking thighs.
-If you want, go to the kitchen, there is still left.
-I'm actually getting ready, I set off tomorrow - hesitantly handed Lenka.
-And I'm not alone, with a girlfriend, Tatiana.
-Let's come together, I am also not one, I along with a friend, Oleg - I blurted out and stopped. What I said, it sounded like something in two ways. But Lenka, without realizing it, shaking his golden mane, said firmly:
-I persuaded now for Tanya similar.
Will fly to the kitchen, I hissed, Oleg:
-aunt come now, quickly remove the scraps.
-What aunt? - Frantically bustled with cleaning Oleg. - Ma come?
-A neighbor, do you remember when I said I below Lenka, a student, Mamkina girlfriend lives, and no one will come and with a girlfriend.
-Kaif !!! - Oleg shouted. - My Girlfriend!
I also began to slightly shake - in spite of all their stories about how I was famously slammed last year his cousin aunt, I was still a virgin, and even drinking beer in the company of such delicious girls like my roommate, was for me an event .
Girlfriend Tanya was a tiny red-haired girl with a surprisingly large breasts. Seeing her, Oleg shone like polished nickle, and began to flood the nightingale, that he knew how to do perfectly. I did not depart from it, and our joint drinking alcohol quickly went smoothly. The four young throats beer disappeared instantly. Money is neither students nor the students were not, and the onset of action of alcohol required its continuation.
-Listen, - I said. - My spirit is Mamani, she wears it to work, a good spirit, they nauchnikov wash their devices, do experiments. Maybe it dissolve?
A little broken, the girls agreed, and even ran down to him, for sausage for an appetizer. After a moment I was meeting, as the most knowledgeable, the kitchen was diluted alcohol, and all the others went into the room to listen to music. Soon Lena came back.
-They're dancing, and I have nothing to do, - she said. - Let me get you something to do help.
-Stir this mixture - I pointed to the bank, standing at the sink, in a saucepan with cold water, which was already diluted alcohol. - It is necessary to cool it from the reaction warmed up.
-Not stupid, remember - snorted Lena, and began to stir the mixture of a large spoon. On the uniform motion of her hips and breasts gently swayed, causing my cock instantly took up a position "for 12 hours"And dry mouth.
-Look, Len, why in fact we only plow, though they now will work - I suggested - and we go dance?
-Let's go - instantly agreed Lenka.
Oleg Tatyana especially not resist and went to finish our infernal mix.
We danced beneath something slow and soft Lenkina hips in my hands pissed me off more than the beer. Feeling his standing trunk, I tried to move away from Lenka, but I have turned bad, which is why a couple of times I came across her serious questioning look. The moment was awkward - we both were silent as guerrillas. But then, to my happiness, the music ended, and with a couple of dishes called us to taste the product. The product turned out to be high-quality, degree was a killer, so after an hour we danced under the wildly screaming "Boney M". Bathrobe Lenka treacherously opened another button, and in the lumen could see her little white panties. This has not gone past the limelight, and Oleg and Tanya, announcing a slow dance, suddenly utantsevali in another room, carefully closing the door behind him.
I gently hugged Lenka waist numb from the piquancy of the situation, but did not dare to get down to business.
-Let's change the music, I want to merry - said Lenka suddenly, and leaned over to the tape recorder.
Feeling that she can leave now and that everything could collapse before it began, expecting instant rebuff, I carefully covered the one hand Lenkina chest with the other hand held on its ass.
Instead of the expected perturbations I heard a muffled laugh, Lena turned around and threw my neck with his hands. Encouraged by this reception in the blink of an eye, I managed to undo all the buttons of her robe, and even unfasten the clasp of her bra, the blessing she was in the front. From opened its spilled white bra, a little droopy breasts with beautiful pink nipples. Lenka hot whispered in my ear:
-Let's go to bed.
We sat down, and immediately lay down. I'm getting tangled in his pants, ripped off his shirt and tights, and Lenka promptly got rid of panties and robe.
I stroked and kissed her body, passing ruffling her mohnatenky mound. Lenka lower jaw swelled in my eyes, and inside it was already very wet, it tasted my fingers. Lenka whispered:
-Come on, come here - and dragged me by my dick closer to her.
Burning with shame, I began to clumsily knock her overgrown mound, and Lenka, guessing hot breath whispered:
-Are you the first time? Do not worry, I'll help.
She opened her fingers, her lips and put my cock in her cunt. In one motion, I entered her. I moved to a furious pace, and Lena tried podmahivat me, moving his ass to meet me. Her eyes were closed, her nipples hardened and stood ... like hemp. Feeling unearthly buzz, I groaned:
-Le-ee-nka! Le enochka!
I finished, and rapidly for a long time splashing in it my accumulated for a long time youthful sperm, and fell off at the edge of the couch, breathing like a steam engine.
Lenka turned on her side and held out in surprise:
-And he'll have a healthy! And such a strange, all in their veins!
She took my hand in the trunk and began to move the hand up and down, opening and closing the head.
-Wow! - She said a minute later - and you have also a lot of forces!
-Yes, really, - I whispered and tried to bury it in the back.
-No, come on in a different way, - Lena whispered.
She turned around and got on all fours, turning to me his plump popochkoy. I did not wait, and fell in behind and began rhythmically to drive his cock in her mokrenkaya of sperm hole. Lenka hot breathing in time with my movements, stroking my thigh hand. Her breasts gently swaying, trembling ass and in my brain struggled only one thought: " I fuck !!!!"
-Well, well, that's enough - suddenly pushed me Lenka - do not!
-Flax, Helen, I still want want want want !!! - I blurted out.
-Wait - Lenka said, got up and left.
I was lying and waiting began to stroke his cock himself, anticipating the pleasure.
Suddenly I heard the slap of bare feet, and turning round, was stunned: me naked Tanya bent and behind her I saw Lenka back, hiding in a room, where he remained for Oleg.
-Change? - Fun and smiling drunkenly, she said.
-Do not be afraid, do not bite. It is true that the first time you?
I nodded sheepishly. UMF Hardy's eyes sparkled:
-I want you!
With these words she took in her hand my cock and straddled me, one deft movement sending it to yourself. Continuing to move smoothly up and down her ass, she took my hand and placed it on his chest. Her breasts with large nipples and areola brownish-pink color, proved to be very resilient. Tanya moaned, eyes closed. With one hand she podrachivala her clit and the other stroked my chest. I rolled on the waves of pleasure. Tanya was a very experienced woman, she then squeezed and relaxed muscles of the vagina, and I finished a couple of minutes with a groan. Tanya also moaned and jerked convulsively, exhausted fell on my chest.
-Well, who among us is better? - She asked, breathless.
-You, of course, you! - I whispered to her, biting her ear. Tanya laughed pretty.
-Come on, let's see what they do there - cold with their own arrogance, I suggested.
-Let's go to! - Tanya readily agreed.
We crept up, and quietly opened the door. My eyes had the luxury picture: eyes closed, biting her lip in bed lying Oleg and Lena, standing on all fours, sucking his end. She was so absorbed in his work that he did not notice two of our curious faces. The sight was so fascinating that I felt like my dick again was ready for battle. I looked at my friend. It is with great interest looked at the couple lying.
-Tan, I beg you, I beg you, - I cried - I do as well.
-Okay, but then you, too, caressed me - a smile, Tanya said.
We settled back on the couch. Tanya sat down, and I stood in front of her. She gently took my cock lips and tongue began treating the head, occasionally swallowing it deep in the throat. I was in seventh heaven. When I began to finish, Tanya did not pull away, and took the whole stream of my sperm into her mouth, swallowed, and said:
-And now you!
She lay on her back, legs outstretched and eyes closed, head thrown back on the pillow. I knelt down and began to break through the language through its lush growth, biting her lips and sucking on her clit. Tanya bent on pleasure, and began twisting her nipples. I worked furiously tongue, then delving into her, stroking the clitoris and lips. Tanya moaned already in full voice, and pulled, fell silent.
From the next room came a voice:
-Hey, there, on the couch! Tanya, come on, get ready, we still have to go for abstracts.
Tanya smiled and shouted:
-Lenka, my stuff in the bathroom grab!
She jumped up, kissed me on the cheek and walked away, shaking his hips tantalizingly. From the next room came Lena, winked at me, and also hopped into the bathroom. I pulled clothes, Oleg came from the next room.
-Well, how? - I asked.
-Baldezh full Otpad !!! - Oleg rolled his eyes.
From the bathroom came out Lenka with Tanya, and quickly smacking both of us in turn, left, saying that tomorrow will drop, and now the beer for them.
"Like this!"I thought. "Now I'm a real man!"