Professional provocateurs (Part 2)

Leave a comment below the video son Counsellor of Justice of the Russian Federation Prosecutor General's Office, I waited until the follow at least some response. Often I slipped doubt that he is somehow to react, and that, perhaps, we can not cope with this task. We knew that the object: a spoiled idiot, wimp and a pervert, he expresses it only virtually on the Internet, and that he was very much afraid that all this can be found by his father, who tries to shove too significant public office. Many alarms in connection with this task ran through my stomach, I felt that in these games we are clearly unnecessary, and that there is a force that can protect us, if one of them is very much offended at us.
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My parents were not home, so I allowed myself to undress and walk naked through the apartment. Walking naked in the mirror, I first really appreciated that truly perfect and truly stand to be a girlfriend for Sasha. Sneakers, tomfoolery, manner of communication and all of our endless fun does not fit into the concept of this gorgeous body, because the first time I began to realize its true value. I knew I could no longer remain silent, and that deserves much more than getting from him. Going into his room, I picked up the phone and dialed the number Sashka, lit.
"Hey Ya!"
"What are you doing?"
"In the poker game .."
"Hmm, I see! Listen, can you come today? "
"What for? "
There was a pause. I stalled because for so many years of friendship, we do not even have thoughts that something may be more.
"Well just.."
"You entertain no one?"
"No .. just a little bit nervous," I said, trying to immediately translate the theme.
"Why get nervous?"
"You know, Sasha, it is not our level .. After all, if they want to then get rid of us, then we have nothing to save! Nothing, you know? "
"I see. We do this job, we get a million dollars, and will return to the verification service "
"Come on now stop? There is still a chance to say "no" .. Just refund advance and everything "

"I said, and let us do."
"You do not stop! Where a million, there are two! "
"I promise you"
"How's your freak?"
"Silent until"
While we corresponded with Sasha, to my friends Add some pervert, without a single picture on the page with the offer to become his mistress. I was about to send his three funny characters, suddenly inside me sneaking suspicion.
"Madam! I want to be your slave! "
"HM interesting! So what?"
"Well .. you can?"
"I do not know! And why do you tell me? "
"I want you tied me and forced to lick your heels"
"Assign and lick the heels! Yes, of course! Such coincidences can not be! ", I thought, knowing that most likely the one who need.
"Have you seen my heels?"
"Yes Milady! They are great .. "
"You jerk off to my photos? Quickly tell me! "
"Yes Milady!"
"Jerking off quickly again!"
"Yes Milady!"
"Look only to my heels!"
"Yes Milady!"
"Stop! Get your hands on a member! "
"Quickly make a photo where you stand with cancer and pushes the butt!"
"Very good!"
So I got the first photo of his anus, then I am forced to take a photo in the stockings, then with a cucumber in the anus, and finally I decided to go for broke.
"I wonder, what if your dad finds out about all this?"
"In terms of?"
"Well, if my father finds out what you're doing and these photos?"
"He will kill me!"
"If you are Serge will do whatever I tell you, no one knows anything. I got it? "
"How do you know my name?"
"I know everything about you, Sergei"
"Yes I understand. Just do not do anything! I beg you!"
I noticed that I was a little excited, as I have it now and how I can fuck, and as I was sitting naked in front of a laptop on the bed, I was not long and masturbate, and continue to be a pervert.
"So, Serge! Now do 5 photos and videos. I got it? "
"Yes, what ????"

"Make one photo where you were naked and standing at full height, the second photo you have to handle with the inscription leaf ... You have five minutes!"
After 3 minutes to your e-mail I received the most scandalous, the most shocking pictures which could only be in the form of compromising.
"So, well done! And now a video where you have yourself in the ass cucumber while pronouncing .... "
It was absolute victory. Next we hyped this video over the internet and from their positions were fired and the father and son. Sasha, too, was well done. He came up as an original method to throw from his post this girl, even my role on the Lady originality rests.
Everything was brilliant and simple. To lose this girl with a competing position, he took tehnoprankom. If you do not know something, simply put, Tehnoprank - is when one record, cut with the help of recording the program and scroll others.
He called the girl on the phone and began scrolling known all over the internet slicing record keepers various military offices, who claimed that the head of the second branch is necessary to arrive at the 314 th office, then he hooked cutting Cancer entries Spidovuyu, Santa ITC, Valentina Petrovna, Oleg and many others. In general, on the third day, he was able to bring the girl to a white heat. Of course, like most victims of Prank, she had not even realized that communicates with incisions record, because Sasha is so skillfully substituted a desired entry in dialogue with it, that it did not cause any suspicions drop.
For the first time this girl start swearing when she ticked off alternately Oleg and Spidovaya.
"Nina, investigators ..", said the voice Spidovoy
"What the investigators? What do you carry, your mother? I have already the fifth time I say that I am an employee of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and not the investigative committee. Refer to if you need investigators! "
Then, standard phrases were cut "Yes", "No", "Hello" and those who are full of negative emotions, "What you carry, your mother?"
After this call to the Deputy Attorney General was made, where the role of Anastasia Nikolaevna played computer.
"Hello! And who is it?"
"It Mishina"
"And .. Nastya, hello! How are you doing? Then a scandal Nikolaev, you hear? General furious! But Sergei Ivanovich, we had a candidate for the position for which you are applying too now .. "
"Hi-pidorastvuyte once again!"
"I'm sorry, what?"
"What a fool you turn on, you have to again, you moron?"
"To me? Anastasia Petrovna! It you do me a call! And why are you talking to? "
"What you said? You know who to talk to, anyway? "
"A? Anastasia Petrovna, you feel bad? "
"I'm a fool?"
"I'm not saying that you are a fool! You are drunk?"
"So why call in this state?"
"I Went to the h ...!"

Later, Anastasia Petrovna argued that not called vulnerable to the Deputy Attorney General, asserting that nothing like this could not be. But as in the Attorney General's Office, all calls are recorded, is easily within the framework of a showdown, took out a record of incoming calls to the Deputy Attorney General and made an examination on the authenticity of the voice of Anastasia Nikolaevna, she immediately lost her job in the prosecutor's office. As decided by the expert, zamu General called Anastasia Nikolaevna. More precisely, it was her voice, but from then on did not understand.
We got a million dollars for work performed. It was a fairy tale. Newbie Ferrari elite clubs instead of the Moscow State University dormitory. We really had a taste of one million dollars. Having arranged a vacation for a month, we feel that this is truly paradise.
When he returned to the business, we have learned that over the past month, we have a lot of new orders.
"What we have with the orders?" Asked Sasha, it is important perched in a chair General Director of our company, who he actually was.
"So, then, look .. We have several standard orders from one club, fast food, cafes, restaurants, etc. There is also a non-standard orders from one of the club's interests, the ruling party and the military office .. "
"The ruling party? A?"
"Somehow I thought you'd ask first about the draft board .."
"What with the ruling party?"
"Yes, it's simple! Saturday is going to rally on Pushkin Square, which moves along Tverskaya in the direction of the Kremlin, cutting all the way "
"What is required of us?"
"We need to make sure that this meeting is not reached the Okhotny, but since he authorized, then, of course, no OMON batons and can not be. Therefore, we need .. "
"Any ideas?"
"Perhaps a greater concentration of provocateurs-screamers are mixed into the crowd and destroy the rally from the inside?"
"No, it does not help. How would our provokers there ogrebli "
"Then I hear your ideas!"
"What is blue?"
"Saturday will be a parade of blue!"
"Yes, actually, no .. it seems like there should be only ..."
"And I say Saturday will be a parade of blue .."
"I do not understand.."
"We face the rally going with them to the meeting parade of blue! You will need permission to hold a parade on Saturday blue, which will be held from Okhotny Ryad to Pushkin at the same time. The permit shall be issued for an hour, but we are ready to advance "
"You are a genius!"
"How much do they get paid for their work? All the expenses they incur, and clean for half a million dollars to work "
"Freebie. And what about the military enlistment office? "
"Yes, there are generally very interesting. We need our people to various hospitals as patients'
"As a patient?"
"Yes. The cost of military ID in Moscow is 180.000. There are many thousands of people who are trying to hang on really existing illnesses. Naturally, to confirm they are sent to different hospitals and other medical institutions. In each department of each hospital should always be one of our person, whose main job will be in the form of a patient, and get acquainted with other "Scythe" "
"That in the smoking room and a game of cards to convince them that the military card they will receive 180,000 rubles without, right?"
"Yes, but there are a number of issues not resolved"
"Master. As they see this? How to push for a year to get our man, due to the fact that there lay no more than 2 weeks? How to make so as not to arouse suspicion? "
"Well, then. Let say that are already in the 12 th time, and that will push the military enlistment office in the hospital as long as you do not pay. And they are already resigned to his fate and paid. And lawyers are asked to 210,000, so it's easier to pay for clean voennik. Of course, let go of their floor, get acquainted with the other recruits, constantly go to the smoking room and all the talk about 12-times. "

"And what to do with two weeks?"
"Timing? And let them replace hospitals and departments, and then not have to break any of the rules "
"That is, I rested two weeks in the same hospital, and written out to another, on another issue?"
"That's right! Thus, no one would raise suspicions. And let lie for one week, and then will be replaced by "
"Why one?"
"Because then one shift Scythe can catch two provocateurs, one of which is, say, like 8 times, and the other as if in the 12th."
"How did you come up with?"
"The solution is obvious. What's the price? "
"Ordering a test. For one month. Here is a list of hospitals and offices that we need .. "I said," handing a sachet A4 paper, "The amount of $ 50,000 already in our account"
"What conditions? What we need to do is to continue to work with us? "
"From merchantability tickets. If they want war leap sold tickets and the cost we pay off, they will continue to use our services .. "
"Okay. The last thing? "
"This is the fun part! I met the man, and put him into his Mercedes .. "
"You sat down at the stranger in the Mercedes?"
"Do not be angry, Sash! He said that it is about an order .. "
"Okay .. then?"
"In general, this kind of political trick, but we have to make a very serious work .."
"What kind of job?"
"I dont know. Once associated with Caucasians. I said that only you decide the question of consent "
"Caucasians? Public dancing lezginka? "
"I do not know, Sash! I do not know."
"What kind of work though? Though about what you remember? "
"Ready, what event. Something grand .. I do not know exactly what it is! "
"What kind of event? We must do something to provoke? "
"Well, I guess .. They said they will contact you!"
"It's all? You do not remember anything else? "
"No. I just said that it is all about you! Oh yes! Here's another! It does not matter, of course, but what is being prepared, to be called "black December" "
"Black December?"
"Yes, he said," Black December ""