The only time my mother

Can you be willing to Mamaku? Subconsciously, all the boys are willing and otyat this, except that hide their desire deep inside. While standing beside her mother, seeing something forbidden, that the mother of everyday life, accustomed to the fact that her child is small, unwittingly demonstrates. And in our family besides themselves, and not hiding.

Mom could be washed away in the kitchen, sitting over a basin, and not interrupt this lesson when I went into the kitchen, she could shuganut me. Even in my fourteen years I could pull my pants and consider my cock, twisting it in his fingers. More recently, less than a year ago. putting us to sleep, I could kiss my pisyun, saying that he grew big and the joy of the girls mother. At home, she went without panties, as well as a sister, as her sister, my aunt.

Aunt soon got used to our customs and did not consider it necessary to hide under clothing. Often it simply bandaging his ass with a towel and so went around the house. She dressed only when the house was his father, and even then, only the dress. Dad often paw ass aunt, mother hissed, then got used. I have almost completed a course of initial sexual education and in my practice have been my relatives - cousins, and sister, and random girls and women.

But my mother I wanted to. Passionately. Sometimes, when my mother came home strongly in the fun and went to bed, I was looking at her pussy, masturbate, imagining how it vsunu your pisunok. One some days, Mother, klyuknuv with a neighbor, came home, lay down to sleep. Having waited until she razospitsya and knowing that then it does not raise the gun, I again sneaked into the room and took mamainu accustomed place at her mother's priests. She lay on her side, putting one foot along the body, and the other bent and pulled almost to his stomach.

Mom's treasure was parted and I, pulling with ebya briefs, which went home, perched closer to her ass, began to masturbate. I drove head on hers, squeezing slightly inward, to a depth of just this very head. Suddenly Mom sighed. I froze, and she leaned back and ass my cock completely disappeared in her Picea. For a long time I lay motionless, and then grew bolder and began to gently move backwards.

It vozbzhdenie and soon I had finished. Mama did not wake up. I was ashamed and pleased at the same time. I was ready to kiss her mother's pussy and did not do it only because he was afraid to wake her up. After retiring to his room, I repeatedly experienced these moments.

More on my mother, I do not masturbate and even close up to her as she slept. And then I began to give my aunt and I coped with their problems. But no one ever told about what happened. now there is no mother, no longer the boy, but still can not understand, I have committed a sin or not then.