Perfect girl

Katya, I spotted a long time, and how it might not have noticed - a tall, muscular brunette in tight sports tights, sportswear same adidasovskoy skirt and black tank top has attracted the attention of the gym. She seriously work hard in training, unlike most girls who are nothing more than exercise bikes and treadmills, have not seen. I myself laid out in training on all 200%, but at the same time to enjoy Katya's body until it performed regular exercise, good, our training match both by day and by time of day.

Frankly, I went to the gym, not only to be strong and beautiful. Just I have long dreamed about having sex with some pumped up male because women stopped me start, and give in the ass a dead fag after several similar cases I no longer wanted, especially since I myself was athletic, with a slim muscular legs and supple and delicious ass inflated, which enjoyed similar popularity and the girls and the guys. I am a homosexual himself did not think the same way I like to fuck with the guys and the girls. I myself went to a black tight-fitting sports tights and T-shirt to emphasize his attractive body and pump up the ass, but then the usual business communication is not reached. Katya made me doubt my desires. Anyway, the last few weeks I regularly represented her in her dreams, nadrachivaya his penis at night.

In the evening the people in the room was not enough. Kate, as usual, was engaged in the slaughter, I liked to watch as she squats with a barbell, exposing tempting ass on the joy of present peasants. To it especially nobody came, apparently afraid of a fight, the women, especially since facial features she had a little rough. I periodically looked at her, not forgetting to do their exercises. And then, after another approach, I put the dumbbells beside him on the floor and suddenly heard behind a little hoarse, but a pleasant female voice:

- Handsome, dumbbells when released?

I turned around. Before me stood Katya, smiling all its white teeth. I even opened his mouth at first, but quickly mastered himself.

- If you want - we can do at a time - I said. - While I rest - use.

- Oh, spasibki if you do not mind, I'll do podhodik - Katya was delighted.

She was doing lunges with dumbbells, and I look insolent literally undressed her. She had never been so close to me. I could hear her perfume and a girl overheated body. I swallowed hard and went on to do. We met the rest of the training and have spent together, cute talking, helping each other and sharing experiences. I was sorry that the training is over, but nothing to do - I had to go home. Katya and I went to their locker rooms.

From the locker room, I went out a little overexcited - the thought of Kate did not give me rest. And then in the locker room I saw her - in a nice sports jacket cut and little white hat, in which she looked stunning.

- Here we met again, - she smiled. - Home?

- Yeah, - a steady voice, I said, smiling as much as possible.

- I have a car. You in what direction?

I told her my address. It turned out that we live close to each other, and she offered to give me a lift. On the way we talked about sports nutrition. She boasted that her friend had brought some new superfood protein, which she began to drink, and the results began to grow by leaps and bounds. In response to my question, where can I get it quietly invited me to her. I was confused, and began to say that the type of uncomfortable and Kate only laughed and taxied to his house.

Her apartment was cozy. Kate immediately offered to go to the kitchen and have some tea. I dutifully agreed, unable to take his eyes off her ass, is now covered with no sports, and the usual leggings, which she walked down the street. I sat down on a chair, and Kate was the host in the kitchen, cute cooing and wiggling ass like inviting me. I could not tolerate more, and when she got back to me, jumped up from his chair, rushed up to her and hugged her, grabbing for the wonderful chest, which is not very large in size, but always attracted to him no less than the priest.

- What are you doing, stop it! - Katya exclaimed in surprise. - What are you doing this?

- I can not more like you! - I said, kiss her on the neck.

She tried to pull away, but I grabbed her tighter, causing Kate cried.

- Do not pull, the sun, and will not hurt - I whispered. - You want this!

- Yes, - Kate closed her eyes. - I want you for a long time, I did not know how to approach.

From these words, I really grew bolder. I stroked and caressed her breasts, hidden T-shirt, neck and kissed her lips, and she sweetly moaning and stroking my thighs. My cock literally burst briefs and, in the end, Kate broke down, I broke away from my arms, pushed me and pulled off my jeans with shorts, revealing a standing member of the stake.

- Oh God, what he'll have a big one! And so beautiful! - Katya's eyes lit up with desire.

My cock was quite large, women have always been delighted. In addition, he was circumcised, which gave them a lot more fun. Kate sat on his haunches in front of me began to cover my dick soft kisses and slightly podrachivat it. I groaned, her every movement gave me a heavenly pleasure. Katya swallowing my cock almost the most eggs, he sucked his inspiration, smacking relish - it was clearly a pro in this business, even though we could compete with it. It is accelerated, then slowed the pace, bringing me little pleasure to the top, but time stopping. Eggs Katia is also not left unattended - carefully licking and swallowing them whole. I groaned loudly, help her by moving your hips toward her lips, and she dug her claws into my buttocks, and sent me. Finally my patience ran out and I finished profusely loud growl Kate in her mouth. She carefully swallowed all the sperm and gratefully licked my dick sucked from his sperm leftovers.

- It's your turn, pretty boy - Kate winked at me. - Only go to the bathroom.

We went into the room holding hands. I took off my clothes and lay down on the remains of a sofa. Kate took off her clothes, standing with his back to me. When she turned around, I was stunned - between her muscular pretty slim legs surged member. Small, neat, trimmed, but, nevertheless, a real man's penis. So that's what it was! That's why sports top tight leggings she always wore a short skirt! That's where this musculature and rough facial features! In shock, I sat up on my elbows, but Katia (Katia?) Came up to me and pushed back on the sofa.

- What is it, my sweet? Are you scared?

- No, - I mumbled. - Just like something unexpected. I do not want...

She covered my mouth with his hand.

- Have you been bad, my dear? Why doubt it? Relax, you'll like it. I've been waiting for this!

With these words, Kate began to kiss me. I'm incredibly excited, my cock had already begun to rise again. We eagerly sucked her, I felt her segment, it is nice about rubbing my stomach. Hands I fondled Katya, pushing her curvy buns, squeezed them, why she was moaning loudly and dug in my lips even more. And she flipped her onto her back and kissed her delicious breasts, licking her protruding nipples and playing with their tongue. Katya writhing beneath me, fingernails scratching my back, but it was even pleasant. I covered with kisses her gorgeous cubes press, and finally made it to the member. Slowly I licked his tongue, and, unable to endure, swallowed a miracle. Kate moaned drawl, and I slowly and carefully began to suck it. I always liked to do blowjob like to swallow sperm, but such a buzz I have not yet received. Segments from Katya was small, so I have no problems swallow it whole, licking balls, trying nothing to give my little girl, I wanted to give her the same pleasure, which she gave me. A few minutes later I was doing a blowjob to her until Kate, finally pushed me.

- I want you in the ass - she whispered softly. - And you're a pro, cute. Are you gay?

- No, I'm bi, - I said.

- It's all about what you can dream - Katya said admiringly.

I got cancer and gracefully arched his back, legs spread wider. Kate came to the liking of my posture, she stroked my bread, and then I felt her hot breath near the anus and now her tongue carefully licked my hole, sometimes penetrating into it. I moaned with pleasure and began to wag her ass, helping Kate, she grabbed my buttocks and accelerated pace, penetrating his nimble tongue deeper and deeper. I have literally squealed from the buzz when Kate stepped back several times with a force slapped me on the ass. The pain and pleasure at the same time I cried, and she has repeatedly spanked me so my buns ached. Finally, Kate knelt behind me, moistened with saliva your segment and slowly began to enter it into my anus. I gritted my teeth to keep from crying out in pain and suffered, because he knew that behind the pain will be a paradise. Katin member penetrated deeper and deeper, and here she stopped and stood still so that we can get used to new sensations. I always liked to feel his cock in the ass, and the fact that now I have fucked the girl wound up even more. And Katya started to move slowly back and forth, and gradually expanded my anus for its size. It was pretty easy because my ass took members of much larger dimensions. But here it was different. Katia was moving rhythmically inside me, a member of the planting to the end, I sweetly moaning, moving her ass to meet its members. She squeezed my waist force, gradually increasing the tempo to an incredibly high speed, and I put my head on the pillow, arching her back even more tempting, and already, do not hesitate to shout.

- Yes! Yes! Yes! Pretty! I am yours! Fuck me!

Katya started up even more. Movement became even faster, she had me as a real whore. Suddenly I felt like a member of her throbbed within me, and a strong flow of sperm filled my anus! It's a unique feeling when you end up in! Katia was moving a little more in me and finally took its segment.

- Lie down on your back, honey! - She ordered.

I obeyed. Then Katya sat on my chest and began to suck my cock. Her ass was in front of my face, and I am happy to become a licking cum from its members and carefully lick her anus. So we were 5 minutes Katia masturbate my dick and made me a blowjob, I prepared his tongue her sweet hole for the invasion of his penis.

Finally Kate got off me and, effectively otklyachila ass and called me:

- Come on, my ass wants your thick cock!

I fell in behind and began to gently introduce your sickly tool Katya in point. The pain she cried, and I gradually got into her deeper and deeper. Taking a break, so she got used to my cock inside, but she leaned imperiously ass back:

- Fuck me, do not wait! Hurt me, my good, Tear my ass! - She asked.

From these words, I went round the head. I began to furiously fuck Katja in the ass on the entire length of his penis, which is surprisingly placed in her ass completely. Frankly, I never let anyone fucked in the ass and now realized how much I lost. Our bodies with slaps fought against each other, Kate screamed in pain and pleasure, I quickened the pace. Her body, her scent drove me crazy for me no longer existed nothing but her anus. I slapped her on the buttocks, tightly clutching her hips and planted deeper and deeper. Katya has already wept, but was moving towards me. We fucked like animals, when my cock stiffened even more and I finished with a loud roar in the ass Katya. I was moving a little within it, giving us both calm down. As soon as I pulled out a member, Kate turned to me and carefully licked the remnants of sperm to the last drop. Exhausted, we collapsed on the sofa. I turned to her, hugged her and we merged in a gentle kiss. I stroked her gorgeous body is trained, she moaned in my strong arms and stroked my muscles. We enjoyed each other, unable to say a word. I felt that I fall in love every minute directly from stronger.

For some time we lay there, arms around each other, and then went into the shower, where once again able to enjoy their bodies. Then we drank tea and went into the room. We are waiting for the hot is night ...