A game. Part 4: Home Again

Four months after their first arrival in the "resort" they're back there. The yard is the beginning of August 1993, and in front of them at least three months, or even six months. Naturally much time total freedom demanded not comic training. It was therefore decided not to postpone the much otezdom.Andrey repeatedly hit the road to Moscow and bought clothes for Yulka right things, underwear, belts, vibrators, handcuffs, chains, whips, etc. etc. In his absence, for Yulkinym behavior Slavka looked after, and behind it, in turn, Dimka. Sasha also looked after all. Dimka reported to Andrei and Sasha by virtue of its status is not reported to not to kem.Vse that buying Andrew, was hidden in their dens. Julia's lair would not let four months, and if someone of the boys wanted to use it, it was withdrawn away from the house and banged on the street. It was the most terrible test for Yulka for every stay of their home, her frightened any crunching branches, it seemed to her that they have seen more than once, and someday it will end badly. Julia asked me not to do it so openly, though standing naked in some dubious position she was very excited, but she did not listen, and she had no choice but to follow orders - it was their rabyney.Odnazhdy almost caught Yulkina neighbor, and only some incredible luck allowed them to avoid razoblacheniya.Delo was. Andrew once again went to Moscow on the pretext of putting documents in the guest house and buy the necessary things to get for Yulka and boys. Julia and her ccompanied boys returning from the dance classes from a neighboring town. The last bus was almost empty, except for them rode two aunts - Yulkiny neighbor. All the passengers came to the ring. Dimka sleeve pulled Julia to the desert trail. Julia understood why. They moved a little into the interior, and making sure that no one goes after him, ostanovilis.Slavka Yulkino unbuttoned coat. It was evening, and the days were cool. Only T-shirt and yubka.- Glory wore under it, so let's do - asked Julia - come without razdevaniy.- You again for her - the evil he murmured and began to undress devochku.Yulka blushed, heart pounding in his chest. Julia listened to the rustling around. It was quiet, but her own heart beating in gorle.Slavka already habitual movements, slowly, undressed her. Julia was shaking like a fever, but treacherously syrelo between the legs. Slavka enjoyed her fear. He did not hurry, take off every thing, and only when Julia was standing in front of him completely naked, put on his knees, ordering her to suck. Julia doing blowjob very well, perhaps most of all the guys liked to use her mouth. When he had finished, Julia drank all his cum. Slavka knelt beside her and kissed her, licking her lips with his spermu.V this time Dima joined the company. If at this time kto-to walked along the path, his eyes appeared to very erotic kartina.Na knees with wide spread legs and protruding ass was a thirteen year old girl (though she looked on all fifteen, probably due to almost daily sex), and next with her two of her same age had her. Julia profusely flowed and moaned loudly. All her fear receded before the desire to be satisfied, and yet they could never satisfy ee.Oni often did so. At this point, it was a female, whose only thought was pohot.Snachala her mouth finished Slavka, then simultaneously with Dima, beating her insatiable pussy, cum itself Julia. She was smiling, face and legs flowed isolation and sperma.- Arise, - told her to Dima - lie down on the trunk and fuck with nim.Yulka already done so. She had to lean his whole body to tell it to the object and move it like sexual intercourse until he reaches orgasm. Orgasm is not always, and sometimes after a few tens of minutes stale Julia ordered to stop, and then raped her in a circle. Although indeed, raped her, regardless of orgasm. This time on the level of the clitoris turned out the mote, which Julia and tried nasaditsya.Cherez while seizures passed through the body, and Julia huddled in orgasm. Without giving her a break, it immediately became a tree Slavka, and within a few minutes Julia cried out from his grave frictions. For Slava entered Dimka. His cock was thicker, and therefore increased inconvenience. Julia moaned and Dima left completely on purpose, and then with all his strength drove a member of the most eggs. Finally I finished and it. Julia, exhausted, fell to the ground. The boys pushed her feet and finding females thicker, stuffed into a hole. In Yulka suffered another orgazm.I suddenly they heard footsteps on the path. Dima found the first. He made, was startled, Julia lay, covered her with a coat, and he and Slavka hid behind fallen trees. Julia almost gone crazy with fear, lying naked just off the trail with a branch in the oozing hole. But it was already dark, and was walking on the footpath man not only noticed ee.Kak figure disappeared, and Julia moved, another powerful orgasm covered her. For a moment, Julia has lost control and screamed. Here all scared. But what if a person returns to cry! But no, had passed, there was no one. She was forced to suck more at once, and then tired trio trudged domoy.Doma Julia learned that the path was their neighbor who has forgotten the bus a sack of potatoes. The neighbor was so frightened screaming with fear that came up with a story about a maniac, hunted in their city. Our heroes just laughed! This incident occurred on the eve of their departure, so it was decided to no longer take risks and not to touch Julia pereezda.Spustya week before all was ready for the move, Julia and the boys sat in the "Lada" moved away from home.