Unfinished history

One day he met a look,
Silently we understand one
We want to be together, just next
Even if we were not meant to be.

Ah, to be deceived, I was so happy,
So that even for a moment to relax and get away
Shut up. Do not say a word. No, it does not.
We both know - we are not on the way ...

But intoxicated with narcotic passion
All spend the evening together.
For the first time entirely in men's power I -
I felt in his subconscious.

And looking around at us with envy
When You picked me up,
I took away from the office, without taking his eyes.
And the next sound of applause swept.

Where are we going? - However, vseravno,
And on the speedometer 170 - nonsense,
What city and hid behind dark outside,
Who He is - I do not know - it does not matter ...

He is so sure! That is beautiful,
And I obey Him all I have without reserve,
A look ..? At the same time proud and playful,
And in anticipation of paradise body aches sweetly.

A decent house, opened the door and no one.
With you I do not touch the ground.
All the while the music and words - no,
What for? After all, everything the eye could tell.

Not dropping hands, he brought in a huge hall
And put on the table in front of a fireplace,
He opened the bottle and handed Shardane glass ...
But something stirs in a gesture that innocent.

And you, as a proud lion, ease and easily
It removes all the clothes that conceal the body,
Breath froze, his mind somewhere far away,
You come as a host, safely.

Beautiful and embossed silhouette!
Play muscles, reflecting the glitter of candles ..!
And in the whole world no poet
Do not pick up by the time the description of the speeches!

Only prikasnuvshis, hand trembled,
And from the chest don¸ssya low moan of desire,
gossamer so easily from kissing,
But completely separates the body from the consciousness!

My clothes are thrown at the feet,
Your fury is brought to the Pats,
Here as well, according to legend, Anat and Balaam,
In love descend to the sinful earth.

Prilyudiya itself was like a wonderful dream,
And the night raced in the ethereal bliss
And sex - he is like an angel
What takes the soul in the sky ..!

As if waking up, going back to this world,
Again I hear the sounds of music around,
And in the house all the states that had a love feast,
A bed of love, my mysterious sleeping "friend".

Let everything remain as it is. I'm leaving,
Without our Silence ...
At the bus stop waiting for a taxi from the cold shivering,
My scarf was you at the head.

That's the car. The driver - a young boy,
All the way neumolkaya says something.
One only remember what's called - Bear ...
And the city is my favorite long ago does not sleep.

We arrived to the house, where my family lives,
The soul is full of the sweet secret,
But what is it? His car I see ..?
So our meeting was not accidental? !!!