I started masturbating in 5-6 years, and perhaps earlier. And I already at this tender age to bring the case to an orgasm, although it cost me a lot of effort and I could not catch my breath and recover from masturbation. I often indulged in this occupation, in spite of the strict prohibition of parents, because the pleasure that I received as a result of 10-15 minute sessions of masturbation, is more than compensated discomfort from the beating. I quickly gained experience to hide their antics, and the parents calmed down soon, thinking that repulsed me craving for masturbation and I secretly continued his studies - in the toilet before going to bed at night under a blanket, and just when I was alone at home.

This continued up until my younger sister Sasha did not go to school. I was only 9 years, 7 sister (she was younger than me for 2.5 years). We then for quite a long time played a couple of teachers, and we (perhaps it still when I insisted on vsnesenii this element in our game) According to married life well, could not do without sex. I climbed on top right clothes on, too, dressed and made her sister pelvis movement, simulating sex. Sister, I remember, it's a little like, and it is usually after a couple of minutes, "sex," asked me to get off it. I'm very excited by these games, and immediately after they lay down on the bed next to his sister and was taken to masturbate, does it not hesitating (and what I was shy - we grew up together and show the genitals of each other have not a bit embarrassed) .
Sister initially did not pay much attention to my studies, but soon, probably in imitation of me, she also began to massage the fingers themselves pussy, stimulating the clitoris and taking pleasure (of course, she herself to orgasm is not an argument). So we have, and happened - we masturbated together, often even in the same bed. Sister usually it took less time than me - she had wore shorts and waiting until I finish. She often hurried me with words like "Yes, enough already" - because she did not know that I'm hard I bring myself to orgasm, and will not give up until it is received (the sperm at the time I was not there, and my sister did not see, so to speak, "logical conclusion" in the form of spray of the seed). So we masturbated together about as long until I was 11, and Masha - 9 years.
In my children's company was a guy who was a year older than all of us, 2-3. His name was Sergei. As I realized later, he's a little behind from their peers in intellectual development and therefore was driven us youngsters. He had a sister, 5 years older than him.
And once he told us his secret (he later renounced his words) - several times he fucked my sister! Seryoga could not describe my feelings, but it was very interesting. The only thing he said - a real sex drive is much steeper than the pelt. For me, that was enough, I hit on the idea, and on the same day offered Sasha "have sex for real." Sasha was the first against (I told her honestly say that for the first time will hurt), but pretty quickly I persuaded her - because she took my proposal as a new game using our Pisek. I promised that once brought forth member of the vagina sister, if she could not bear the pain. Soon Sasha was lying on his bed legs apart, and I set up on her, trying to enter his penis into her vagina, but it was not so easy. Finally, with your fingers sister that sent the penis where it is necessary, I felt my pussy start to sink into the pussy Sasha.
The matter has been slow and tight, I closed my eyes and focused on the process of merging our genitals. I just stepped up the pressure, and then a member of the unexpectedly sharp slid into the interior, and in that moment, sister groaned. I anxiously looked at her and saw that her face was frowning clearly not by pleasant sensations. He waited until she wakes up, I started to slow motion and tried proanalizirovatsvoi feeling - it was something exciting in the fact that my pussy - in pussy sisters, is that our sexual organs so perfect for each other. It lasted three minutes our first sexual intercourse - sister said that she was very sick and I got off it was never going to end. We were unpleasantly surprised by the blood, which is abundantly natekla of pussy Sasha on the bed sheet and soaked. We are first of all washed their genitals, and then the rest of the day washing their bed linen.
The first time did not bring us anything except for a set of problems, and because my sister for a long time did not want to renew our sexual experience, thinking that it will hurt again and will again be flowing blood, but I finally prevailed upon her, and somewhere in a week after the first time I again he climbed onto his sister. We decided to play it safe and put under the oilcloth on the sister case of bleeding, but this time everything worked out and I got orgasm propotev 40 minutes with short breaks. When I get tired (and I was a skinny kid) is not taking out a member of the Sisters, I just stopped moving and lay on her breath, and rested renewed frictions (was such that during the rest member went, and I had it razdrachivat and only then, when he got up, I re-introduced it in his sister). 13-14 years ago (about as long as I have not appeared sperm), I very rarely reached orgasm is not resting on its way to him at least once, we often completed the interrupted intercourse and started masturbating. So, our second sexual intercourse took place normally and sister told me afterwards, that feeling like it - orgasm she had certainly not received, but it was obviously nice when my cock was moving in it - I saw it myself on her face. The blood did not flow over, which we were very pleased. It was the beginning of our long-term sexual relationships.
The first time we had sex quite regularly - could not fuck week could fuck every day, prisleduya with only one purpose - to have fun rather than stress relief. Basically, I proposed "to rub" (as we called it then) and sister rarely was against. We did this afternoon, when the parents were at work - just somewhere a year after the first time we are so brazen that they began to fuck the night in his room, when parents are asleep. Several times we even fucked a school toilet when it was absolutely unbearable. We very quickly learned minimalno noisy sex - on the new no creaking (unlike my own, which we avoided) bed sisters, no sounds, and trying to quiet breathing at night is that there is not any sort of sounds we steles on the floor mattress and making love On him. Everything happened in the classic pose - I was on top of his sister. Pretty soon, we switched to a daily regime, and only at the weekend we did not, "Turley", sometimes allowing himself to it at night. We absolutely did not think of the moral and ethical side of our relationship - copulating we enjoy and that was what we thought. However, quite a few times we tried to throw a fuck, because it is very afraid that parents have somehow will catch this process, but every time frustrated after a week or two when bored to masturbate. Parents never have and have not been caught, they are not even aware until now! Until then, until I came sperm, we do not birth control, then they began to use cheaper Chinese condoms that are often torn. Constantly it happened that prezikov was not at home and go after them was broke, and I finished right in her sister, but she did not become pregnant. Gradually we moved back to unprotected sex and have 4 years, we are not protected at all. We think that one of us is fruitless (and maybe both), probably affected much too early sexual activity. The mother found out that her sister was not a virgin when only
Sasha studied at the 8th grade, she was told the results of the medical examination. The sister then said that she only tried once, when resting in a pioneer camp, and her mother believed her. Oral sex we started just after 4 years after first sexual intercourse, but starting so we loved these classes, that somewhere about three months we have just been doing, sometimes fucking is normal. We do not really love me pose, I was almost always on top, but we are sometimes interchanged. Perhaps it is from the fact that we attached great importance to visual contact - during sex, we almost always look each other in the eye, so for some reason a child has become a tradition.
We soon developed a persistent habit - though, to be sure we had to have sex every 2-3 days, otherwise a growing feeling some discomfort. I when he could not see with Sasha (in the pioneer camp, where he had gone without a sister) relieves tension masturbation, sister of the same without me could not be satisfied with masturbation, she wanted more - she cleaned the cucumber peel, get into it condom and used as a dildo. She even several times changed me (said she) to relieve sexual tension, when we have not had a chance to have sex, but when I'm at home it will never I will not change - with this experience behind him, only I know her so well that I can give her the present udovolsvie.
I've never cheated on her. Frankly speaking, I do not pull on the other girls, I most love my sister and part-time - the mistress. Now we live in another, is not that where the parents live, the city (we're both of learning), where they shoot us an apartment for two. We live here in fact, as a husband and wife and really uncollectible part. Why? Probably just attached to each other for 9.5 years of sexual life.
Why did I write all this? I wanted to pour out his heart anonymous, so to speak, means. It's hard to keep a confidence, but in fact in the face druzm not tell me what I am 11 years of sleeping with his sister. And the Internet can be everything.