I wanted to leave, but did not work

Hello, this story is based on real events but a little embellished all started with the fact that my girlfriend in front of me severely guilty. My then-Woman caught with others as she sucked with him on the porch. I passed. First I wanted to kill her. But after our conversation, I realized that I can not such a girl well start in order After I told her all about. I drank a little at what could be there drunk as a pig. He came to her entrance. I stand and think how would it lure of the house that her parents would not suspect or anything. Ideas drunken mind goes quickly. So I came up with. I wrote sms to her (I go out in the stairwell get dressed and go out there is something to talk conversation will be long). After 10 minutes she came out. With a fake smile on his face.
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- Th lybu squash? On sucking with the boys today?
- What are you talking about? (That's because even innocent bitch pretends)
- stupid not pretend you've seen! Che does ohuel scum ?!
His eyes dropped down silent. He understands that all fell.
- I just kissed the truth or anything more.
- and that this justifies the creature you ?!
For the first time in my life, alcohol should be taken up by me. Dramatically I raise my hand that was force beat slap or when used not hit girls ... She falls stand at her watch. That is because even when I got a pancake and it looks sexy bitch. Who-Who and its nature is not cheated height 170 breast size 3 feet flat itself is tiny little ass but still there. And the most elegant that I like about her long hair dyed black. Here I stand looking at it and understand well, fucking sexy girl or what not to say. She gets up slowly roars.
- Th noesh? It hurts me, too, and hurt it was to hear.
It throws me hugs. Well, I think right now, all will begin a soap opera.
- baby well, just please not resist truth inadvertently. kitten I
any more when the truth is the truth.
Then either do not understand the words only a few letters and a roar. So it's time to dump and that still will carry the roof. And then she starts to kiss me. Here is the number decided to apologize or something? like it or not have to respond to her kiss is always a thrill. And then I understand that her hands have to unbutton the belt here is a twist. Do not have time to recover, it is already on its knees handle nadrachivat.

I feel starts kissing him. Tongue from the beginning to the end. He begins to swallow quickly starts sucking fast. So as much as heard. Then the tongue with the head plays. That's up to them reached begins to swallow their tongue Shchekotov. Kisses. That's because as it has always known how to suck. Again on the member has passed. All I'm stoned. Hear moves look robe pushed beginning itself pussy massage. - What I do not understand you sorry or you catch a buzz? Hand immediately removed. And I start to suck harder. 5 minutes later, still I can not understand anymore. He pulled out a member of her her mouth and began to cum right in her face. Sperm was a lot I've been fucked her. She stood cheek covered in semen. Lips. A little hair hurt. She's going to start all swallowed. He licks like a cat after milk.
Nestles me starts podrachivat it. My neck whole knows that a weak spot. I'm not talking does not react. He feels that I should again. She whispers in my ear I want to take you.

- Yeah right now oboydeshsya you punished. Banana you, not sex. Or che think suck and all types apologized? I still have not forgiven you.
- I can once again while in the mouth and you'll forgive me?
- no I do not ask you thing fuck with anyone and I forgive you.
She threw me on the legs start her pussy she sits on me. And here and there Fig girl walk. I push her away.
- Fingering, oboydeshsya without sex!
- Well if you want to master. (Makes a docile voice type listen and obey)

He went up from me clung to stenochke legs parted fingers start to caress her pussy. I'm looking at her. At the head of all the floats that's damn well knows how to make. She looks at me kindly and breathes heavily. Watching his fingers have a stick. Other hand squeezes the chest. Yes cool picture-ons to the limit. Watching it starts to twitch ends. Fingers in pussy gets. He begins to lick. Then he comes up to me hugging looks into the eyes
- what else, my lord?
- that slut satisfied? Still want it? (She stood on tiptoe to my eyelet)
- Dad leaves tomorrow for 2 days to get there hours in 11. I'll be all yours. My Lord. Smiles and walks away. Hmm .. and Th do it? I came called part